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Maricopa County Justice Courts, State of Arizona

Plaintiff(s) Name / Address

Defendant(s) Name / Address

Attorney for Plaintiff(s) Name / Address

Attorney for Defendant(s) Name / Address

AFFIDAVIT FOR RENEWAL OF JUDGMENT The Judgment Creditor is the plaintiff the defendant an assignee I am the Judgment Creditor in this matter, or I am authorized by the judgment creditor to make this affidavit. The following statements are true. All computations made are validated by the included worksheet. (date of judgment) Judgment Creditor recovered judgment against the above named 1. On debtor for the sum stated on the judgment, plus interest. 2. No execution is anywhere outstanding or unreturned upon the judgment. 3. Any setoffs are stated below: $ $ $ $ $ Original judgment Accrued interest from date of judgment Accrued court costs Less setoffs, if any Total sum due

4. All computations have been made as set forth on the attached worksheet. I state under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct.

Plaintiff Defendant Assignee

NOTICE OF RENEWAL OF JUDGMENT On judgment creditor herein. the court received and docketed an Affidavit of Renewal of Judgment by the

The judgment has been renewed for a period of 5 (five) additional years. The expiration date of this renewal is 5 years from the date of docketing (ARS 12-1613). The expiration date is:

Date: Justice of the Peace I CERTIFY that I mailed a copy of this NOTICE OF RENEWAL OF JUDGMENT to: Judgment Creditor at the above address Date:
8150-139 R:3-05-2007


Plaintiffs attorney By: Clerk

Judgment Debtor at the above address or

Defendant's attorney