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Maricopa County Justice Courts, State of Arizona


Plaintiff(s) Name / Address / Phone

Defendant(s) Name / Address / Phone

Attorney for Plaintiff(s) Name / Address / Phone MOTION to RESPONSE TO MOTION ORAL ARGUMENT REQUESTED I am the Plaintiff Defendant

Attorney for Defendant(s) Name / Address / Phone

REPLY TO RESPONSE BY AGREEMENT (evidenced by signature of both parties)

I would like the court to:

I am entitled to this relief, or my objection is substantiated, because:

I state under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct. Date: Date: I CERTIFY that I mailed / delivered a copy of this MOTION / RESPONSE / REPLY (circle one) to: Plaintiff at the above address or Date: Plaintiff's attorney By: Plaintiff Defendant Defendant at the above address or Defendant's attorney

NOTICE TO RESPONDING PARTY: You have ten (10) days, or until at 5:00 PM to file a written response or objection to this motion, if you wish to do so. If no response is given, the Court will consider the relief requested and will enter an order without hearing any objection you may have. If a response is filed, and if the moving party wishes to do so, he / she may file a written reply to the matters raised in your response, within five (5) days thereafter.

CV 8150-124 R:3-06-2007