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The District Clerk of Harris County shall maintain a Register of all attorneys practicing in the District Courts and County Criminal Courts of Harris County. The Register shall contain the Attorney's: a.) BAR NUMBER b.) NAME c.) ADDRESS d.) TELEPHONE NUMBER

It shall be the duty of the Attorney to verify the correctness of the information on said register, and to keep the District Clerk informed as to any changes by filing written notice to update said Register with the District Clerk. The District Clerk shall use this Register for purposes of determining the last known address for delivery of notices as required by the Court, Rules, or Statutes. Notices Required Of The District Clerk Are Automated. Incomplete Address Information Could Result In Failure To Receive Notices Concerning Your Cases.

Please complete this form in order to assist the District Clerk's Office in insuring that you receive computer generated, as well as, manually prepared notices as required by the Court, Rules, or Statutes. NOTE: A firm with multiple attorneys must identify the name and bar number of each attorney for which they are authorizing an address change, and may prefer using the firm's letterhead.
Please check applicable box and provide correct information below: INITIAL REGISTRATION ADDRESS CHANGE NAME CHANGE (please give prior name) ________________________________________________________________ FIRM AFFILIATION (please give prior firm) _____________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ OTHER (please specify) _____________________________________________________________________________

NAME: ______________________________________________________________________________________________ TEXAS STATE BAR NUMBER: ________________________ PHONE NUMBER: FAX NUMBER: EMAIL ADDRESS: _________
area code

phone number

area code

fax number


MAILING ADDRESS: __________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ FIRM AFFILIATION: ___________________________________________________________________________________ SIGNATURE: _______________________________________________________________ DATE: __________________ YOUR SIGNATURE AND BAR NUMBER ARE REQUIRED in order for us to update our records

Please fax this completed form within ten (10) working days to (713) 755-8974, or mail to: LOREN JACKSON, DISTRICT CLERK P.O. BOX 4651 HOUSTON, TEXAS 77210 ATTN: SUPERVISOR, CIVIL PUBLIC SERVICE
CIVPS15 Revised 9/7/99