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5/5/2009 Alderman Information Available at the City's website:

Standing City Committees Common Council-Meets 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of each month at 7:30 p.m. Public Works Committee-Meets 2nd and 4th Mondays of Each Month at 7:00 p.m.
Supervises all public works projects including the streets, alleys, sewer and water. Consists of 5 citizens and 2 alderpersons. Citizen Bill Hoeksema (2009-11) 7814 Cobblestone Cir Citizen Dennis Dorn (2009-11) 7738 Hillcrest Ave Citizen Charles Nahn (2008-10) 5623 Sandhill Dr Citizen Robert Pofahl (2008-10) Chair 1370 Boundary Rd Citizen Don Damon (2008-10) 7201 Nightingale Ln Alderman Jon DiPiazza (2009-10) Vice-Chair Alderman Howard Teal (2009-10) Alternate: City Engineer Public Works Director Toby Ginder Staff 836-0804 831-7333 836-5978 831-0434 836-9405

Finance Committee-Meets 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of Each Month at 7:00 p.m. Advises the Council relating to City financial matters. Consists of 4 alderpersons. Alderman Jon DiPiazza (2009-10) Alderman Howard Teal (2009-10) Alderman Steve Leo (2009-10) Alderman Jim Wexler (2009-10) Chair Finance Director Timothy Studer Staff Personnel/Negotiating Committee-Meets on Call Recommends personnel issues to the Council. Consists of 3 alderpersons, one of whom shall be a representative of the Finance Committee. Alderman Jim Wexler (2009-10) Chair Alderman Jon DiPiazza (2009-10) Alderman Susan West (2009-10) City Administrator Mike Davis Staff License & Ordinance Committee -Meets on Call Advises the Council as to ordinances and amendments. Consists of 3 alderpersons and the Chief of Police or his Designee. Alderman Hans Hilbert (2009-10) Alderman Paul Kinne (2009-10) Alderman Susan West (2009-10) Chief of Police or Designee Noel Kakuske Designee

Committees Authorized by Ordinance Aging, Commission On-Meets on Call and 3rd Monday of Each Month at 5:30 p.m. Addresses the needs and concerns of Middleton's elderly population. Consists of 8 citizens and 1 alderperson. 6 persons must be 55 years of age or older. Citizen over 55 Claudia Miska (2009-11) 6413 Mendota Ave 831-4186 Citizen over 55 Gladys Simon (2009-11) 1210 Falcon Ct 831-6965 Citizen over 55 Donna Parisi (2009-11) 6801 Century Ave 831-9228 Citizen over 55 Bonnie Verberkmoes (2008-10) Chair 4243 Savannah Ct 836-3831 Citizen over 55 Shirley Schunk (2008-10) 1729 North High Pt Rd 831-1191 Citizen over 55 Richard Brye (2008-10) 2637 Amherst Rd #4 831-5878 Citizen Vera Bauman (2008-10) 7020 University Ave 831-9029 Citizen Doris Schroeder (2008-10) 7777 Elmwood Ave #102 824-9121 Alderman Paul Kinne (2009-10) Sr. Ctr. Director Jill Kranz Airport Commission-Meets 2nd Monday of Each Month at 5:00 p.m.
Advises the Council regarding the planning, development and operation of the airport. Consists of 4 citizens, 2 alderpersons and the Mayor/designee. Citizen James Gehrmann (2009-12) 6713 Gaylord Nelson Rd 824-9749 Citizen John Jenkins (2009-12) 4107 Long View Rd, Verona 831-9167 Citizen John Hallick (2007-10) 4517 Shooting Star Ave, Middleton 831-2434 Citizen Rob Conhaim (2008-11) 7501 Voss Parkway 831-9131 Mayor or Designee Ray Fey (2009-10) 6317 South Ave 831-9462 Alderman Paul Kinne (2009-10) Alderman Howard Teal (2009-10) Chair City Administrator Mike Davis Staff Asst. City Plan/Zone Adm. Mark Opitz Staff

Arts Committee -Meets 3rd Thursday of Each Month at 5:30 p.m.
Citizen Citizen Citizen Citizen Citizen Citizen Alderman Associate Planner Linden Wilson (2009-11) Susi Hassert (2009-11) Stephanie Hammes (2007-10) Meghan Thumm Mackey (2009-11) Cheri Teal (2007-10) Rob Conhaim (2009-11) Susan West (2009-10) Abby Attoun Staff 3736 Pheasant Branch Rd 3203 Conservancy Ln 3817 Patrick Henry Way 1551 Parmenter St 7124 companion Ln 7501 Voss Parkway 836-9799 824-9942 826-0020 695-7548 836-1277 831-9131

Board of Review-Meets on Call
Certifies the assessment rolls and hears citizens appeals. Consists of 5 citizens. Citizen Marvin Ganser (2008-13) 7501 E Hampstead Ct 831-9102

Citizen Citizen Citizen Citizen Finance Director

Michael Dean (2009-14) Virginia Clemens (2005-10) Randy Heberlein (2006-11) Dan Fernbach (2007-12) Tim Studer

Chair Vice-Chair Staff

1606 Cypress Trl 6302 South Ave 3002 Elm Ln 2931 Marina Dr

233-4673 836-8185 238-5108 831-8475

Building CommitteeMayor Council President City Administrator Kurt Sonnentag Howard Teal Mike Davis

Community Development Authority-Meets on Call Oversees the City's downtown redevelopment and workforce housing program. Consists of 5 citizens and 2 alderpersons. Citizen Cindy Zellers (2007-11) 3422 John Muir Dr Citizen Hank Simon (2008-12) 1542 Parmenter St Citizen Carol Biendseil (2009-13) 6831 Erdman Blvd. Citizen Duane Barmore (2006-10) 7509 Kenyon Dr Citizen Jon DiPiazza (2006-10) 1218 Boundary Rd Alderman Jim Wexler (2009-10) Mayor Kurt Sonnentag Auto Chair City Plan/Zone Adm. Eileen Kelley Staff Conservancy Lands Committee-Meets on the 1st Wednesday of Each Month at 7:00 p.m. Recommends maintenance and restoration of conservancy zoned lands. Consists of 3 citizen members, chairs of Park, Recreation & Forestry Commission, Water Resources Management Commission and Public Works Committee or their designees, and 1 alderperson. Citizen John Kloosterboer (2009-12) 7249 Lily Ln Citizen Susan West (2007-10) 3542 John Muir Dr Citizen Jeff Larson (2008-11) 1637 Meadowcrest Ln Water.Res.Mgmt.Comm.Chair or Designee Ken Potter 4409 Woods End PRFC Chair or Designee Steve Leo PW Comm.Chair or Designee Howard Teal Chair Alderman Gurdip Brar (2009-10) Public Lands Manager Penni Klein Staff

831-2621 831-1958 836-1920 836-9690 836-5433

833-9544 836-0569 836-7180 233-7007

Emergency Medical Services Commission-Meets on Call Recommendations of annual budget, standard of care and general policies, and develop a regional response to issues concerning the EMS. Consists of 1 alderperson, the District's medical director, 1 representative of each of the Towns of Middleton and Springfield, 1 citizen, and 2 EMTs-one full-time paramedic and one selected by the EMTs. Dan Williams (2008-11) EMT's Appoint 5601 Westbury Pl, Madison 277-0347 Medical Director Ryan J. Wubben, MD Auto 6910 Aldo Leopold Way 831-0832 Town of Middleton Rep. Frank Acker Town Board Chairperson 3325 Meadow Rd, Verona 829-2857 Town of Springfield Rep. Mary Hellenbrand Town Board Chairperson 7373 Kickaboo Rd, Waunakee 831-7372 City of Middleton Citizen Joel Fait (2009-12) 1405 N Westfield Rd 836-0281

Paramedic Alderman EMS Director

Mark Lloyd (2008-10) Gurdip Brar (2009-10) Steve Wunsch

Mayor Appt. Auto

3029 Spaulding Ave, Janesville


Emergency Prepardness Committee-Meets on Call
Consists of Mayor, Council President, Chief of Police, Director of Public Works, City Administrator, EMS Coordinator. Each official may designate an alternate to replace him or her as a member of the commission, in his or her absence. Mayor Kurt Sonnentag City Administrator Mike Davis Chief of Police Brad Keil Director of Public Works Toby Ginder EMS Coordinator Steve Wunsch Council President Howard Teal

Fire Commission-Meets 3rd Thursday of Each Month at Fire Station
Alderman Citizen Howard Teal (2009-10) Julie Brunette Mayor Appt. 3902 Rolling Hill Dr 836-7261

Landmarks Commission-Meets 4th Wednesday of Each Month at 7:30 p.m.
Recommends ways to safeguard the City's historic and cultural heritage, as embodied and reflected in its landmarks and historic districts. Consists of 7 citizens. Citizen Richard Blaschke (2009-12) 6619 Columbus Dr 836-8100 Citizen Francis Pohlkamp Jr (2009-12) 1428 Willow Trl 442-9142 Citizen Tony Reitano (2007-10) 7509 Terrace Ave 839-2884 Citizen Kathy Olson (2007-10) 1808 Middleton St 836-3362 Citizen Eric Baker (2008-11) 6356 Briarcliff Ln 203-5219 Citizen Brian Strassburg (2008-11) Chair 7112 Hubbard Ave 831-7339 Citizen John Skinner (2008-11) 7540 Century Pl 836-1375

Library Board-Meets 2nd Tuesday of Each Month (Terms Begin July 1st) at 6:00 p.m. Responsible for management oversight and operation of the City's library. Consists of 7 citizens and 1 school administrator or his/her representative and a Council Liason. MCPASD Admin. Or Designee Steve Soeteber (2009-12) 7106 South Ave 833-0103 Citizen Joan Gillman (2009-12) 24 Hidden Hollow Trl 824-9799 Citizen Wayne Otto (2009-12) 3325 River Birch Ln 833-4070 Citizen Mary Fulton (2007-10) 1365 Boundary Rd 836-6059 Citizen Patricia Bornhofen (2007-10) Chair 5760 Highland Way, #210 821-0623 Citizen Marjorie Kozich (2008-11) 7443 Hunters Ct 831-9663 Citizen Sandra Smith (2008-11) 8551 Greenway Blvd #305 332-2876 Citizen John Westbury (2008-11) 7104 Elmwood Ave 831-3372 Alderman Hans Hilbert (2009-10) Library Director Pamela Westby Park, Recreation & Forestry Commission-Meets 1st and 3rd Monday of Each Month at 7:00 p.m.

Responsible for public parks, recreation program and facilities, and the forested areas of the City. Consists of 6 citizens and 1 alderperson. Citizen Dave Baltes (2009-11) 7513 Terrace Ave Vacant (2009-11) Citizen Citizen Steve Olson (2009-11) 1808 Middleton St Citizen Laura Ganser (2008-10) 7501 E Hampstead Ct Citizen Leif Hubbard (2008-10) Chair 7616 Kenyon Dr Citizen Rad Hawkos (2008-10) 6716 Clovernook Rd Alderman Steve Leo (2009-10) Vice-Chair Public Lands Manager Penni Klein Staff

831-5783 836-3362 831-9102 836-5441 831-9712

Plan Commission-Meets 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of Each Month Oversees the physical development of the city, ensuring orderly development and expansion consistent with the master plan. Consists of 4 citizens, the Mayor, chair of the Park, Recreation & Forestry Commission, and 1 alderperson. Mayor Kurt Sonnentag Chair Citizen Duane Barmore* (2009-12) 7509 Kenyon Dr 836-9690 Citizen Cynthia Zellers* (2009-12) 4402 Iris Ct 828-9402 Citizen Ed Elskamp (2007-10) 1737 Park St 831-4544 Citizen Derek Hungness* (2008-11) 6634 Whittlesey Rd 831-2377 PRFC Chairman Leif Hubard 7616 Kenyon Dr 836-5441 Alderman Jim Wexler Council Appt City Plan/Zone Adm. Eileen Kelley Staff *Designates add. Appt. to Middleton/Westport Joint zoning Committee Pleasant View Golf Course Advisory Committee-Meets on Call Advises the Council regarding planning, development and operation of the golf course within budgetary guidelines and legal requirements. Consists of the Mayor or the Mayor's designee, 1 alderpersons, and 5 citizen members by ordinance. Citizen Terry Turner (2009-12) Chair 6362 Briarcliff Ln 836-1043 Citizen Jeff Dunn (2009-12) 7615 W Hampstead Ct 831-9002 Citizen Janet Lord (2007-10) 7517 E Hampstead Ct 831-6602 Citizen Dan Stapay (2008-11) 5961 Woodcreek Ln 827-5598 Citizen Tammy Sullivan (2008-11) 225 Llanos St, Verona 53593 848-4970 Mayor or Designee Jack Hall 3329 Valley Creek Cir 831-5757 Alderman Paul Kinne (2009-10) Finance Director Tim Studer Staff Police Commission-Meets on Call Responsible for employment matters of sworn police personnel. Members include 5 citizens. Citizen Brian Kobinsky (2008-13) Citizen Patrick Finnerty (2009-14) Citizen Barbara Sheehy (2005-10) Citizen George Little (2006-11) Citizen Larry Fass (2007-12) Chief of Police Brad Keil Chair Public Safety Committee-Meets Once a Month

6706 Woodgate Rd 1635 Pondview Ct 1038 Rooster Run 1410 North High Point Rd 1411 Parmenter St

831-3619 831-4829 836-1644 831-0299 831-1777

Advises the police department and the Council on non-personnel operations and policy of the department. Consists of the Mayor/designee, 1 alderperson, 4 citizen member and the Chief of Police/designee. Citizen William Byers (2008-10) 2412 Mayflower Dr Citizen Tony Peterson (2008-10) 2501 Pinta Ct Citizen William Zeinemann (2009-11) 3814 Lynn St Citizen Catherine Friedl (2009-11) 6712 Clovernook Rd Mayor or Designee Jon DiPiazza Alderman Steve Leo (2009-10) Chair Chief of Police or Designee Brad Keil

836-5497 836-8599 836-9063 827-0017

Telecommunications Commission -Meets on Call Advises the City regarding general policy relating to services provided subscribers and telecommunications functions. Consists of 5 members, including 1 alderperson, all of which are appointed by the Council Citizen Conrad Wrzesinski (2009-11) 3010 Elm Ln 231-3279 Citizen Michael Fischer (2009-11) 2312 Mayflower Dr 831-8829 Citizen Judy Lewison (2008-10) 3802 Valley Ridge Rd 831-7788 Citizen Scott Mueller (2008-10) 3428 John Muir Dr 831-6726 Alderman Howard Teal (2009-10) Chair IT Todd Forman Staff TID #4 Joint Review Board
Kurt Sonnentag

Tourism Commission-Meets 3rd Tuesday of Each Month at 5:00 p.m. Its purpose is to promote and encourage tourism for the City. Consists of 5 citizen members. Hotel/Motel Kevin Smith (2009-10) Chamber Rep Van Nutt (2009-10) Retail Rep Marlette Larsen (2009-10) Hotel/Motel Eric Rottier (2009-10) Alderman Hans Hilbert (2009-10) (Citizen) Chair Tourism Director/Secretary Val Steel Staff

1313 John Q Hammons Dr PO Box 620023, Middleton 1614 Elderwood Cir 5313 Queensbridge Rd, Madison 3209 Cedar Trl

824-2700 798-4888 836-7928 662-3622 833-3485

Water Resources Management Commission -Meets the 3rd Wednesday of Each Month at 7:00 p.m.
Implements programs involving the management of water resources within the City. Members consist of the Park, Recreation & Forestry Commission chair or designee, 1 alderperson, and 5 citizen members. Citizen Anders Andren (2009-12) 3326 Valley Creek Cir 831-0519 Citizen Matthew Richards (2009-12) 6705 Lannon Stone Cir 824-0708 Citizen Warren Gebert (2007-10) Chair 6305 South Ave 831-9775 Citizen Kenneth Potter (2007-10) Vice-Chair 4409 Woods End, Madison 233-7007 Citizen James Robertson (2007-10) 1522 Windfield Way 836-9810 PRFC Chair or Designee David Baltes 7513 Terrace Ave 831-5783 Alderman Hans Hilbert (2009-10) Asst City Engineer Gary Huth Staff

Youth, Commission On-Meets 1st Monday of Each Month and On Call Advisory committee on youth needs in the community. Consists of 1 alderperson and at least 6 citizen members (2 who are 18 years of age or younger whenever feasible and 1 school teacher). Citizen Ron Biendseil (2008-10) 6831 Erdman Blvd 836-1920 Citizen William Byers (2008-10) 2412 Mayflower Dr 836-5497 Citizen Jolene Konichek (2008-10) 2014 Park St 669-8074 Citizen Bill Deno (2008-10) 2 Fawn ridge Cir, Midd 826-4115 Citizen Amy Arntsen (2009-11) 5743 Lincoln St 836-0546 Citizen Mary Hughes (18 or younger if possible) 6720 Aldo Leopold Way 836-9320 Citizen/School Teacher Kathy Nieber-Lathrop (2009-11) 6353 Briarcliff Ln 831-8288 Alderman Paul Kinne (2009-10) Recreation Director Larry Witt Staff Zoning Board of Appeals-Meets on Call Responsible for hearing all requests for zoning variances and appeals of administrative interpretations. Consists of 5 citizen members. Citizen Steve Olson (2009-12) 1808 Middleton St Citizen John D Wegenke (2007-10) Chair 2161 Middleton Beach Rd Citizen Dan Fernbach (2007-10) 2931 Marina Dr Citizen Catherine Friedl (2008-11) 6712 Clovernook Rd Citizen Martin Burkholder (2008-11) 1728 Henry St 1st Alt Virginia Clemens (2007-10) 6302 South Ave 2nd Alt Mark Wohlferd (2008-11) 5518 Century Ave Asst City Plan/Zone Adm. Mark Opitz Staff

836-3362 833-4410 831-8475 827-0017 824-0848 836-8185 831-7251

Commissioner-Scott Ellarson-Appointed by Mayor for a term of one year Ad Hoc City Committees

Community Early Summer Event Committee, Ad Hoc - Meets on Call
Citizen City Administrator Public Lands Manager Chamber Rep Tourism Director Cheri Teal Mike Davis Penni Klein Van Nutt Val Steel 7124 Companion Ln 836-1277

Lighting Committee, Ad Hoc -Meets on Call
Lighting Industry Rep Plan Comm Rep Chamber Rep Plan Dept Rep Police Dept Rep Alderman/Chairman Tom Mutch Vacancy Van Nutt Mark Opitz Brad Keil/Troy Hellenbrand Gurdip Brar (2009-10) 8491 Murphy Dr 7507 Hubbard Ave Ste #202 7507 Hubbard Ave 831-6367 827-5797


Howard Teal (2009-10)

Police Building Committee, Ad Hoc-Meets on Call
Mayor Chief of Police Police Sergeant City Planner Plan Commission Public Safety Public Safety Kurt Sonnentag Brad Keil Steve Britt Eileen Kelley Ed Elskamp Tony Peterson James Lagro 6414 Stonefield Rd 7426 Hubbard Ave 7426 Hubbard Ave 7426 Hubbard Ave 1737 Park St 2501 Pinta Ct 1727 Park St 831-7580 235-5501 577-8885 238-3454 831-4544 836-8599 831-7921

Sustainability Committee, Ad Hoc -Meets on Call
Alderman Citizen Gurdip Brar Susan West Deb Saeger Angela Carey Kathleen Caron Kristine Koenig William Lorman Paul Helgeson Kathy Olson Miriam Share Tia Vaughn Abby Attoun 3542 John Muir Dr 3417 John Muir Dr 7410 Voss Pkwy 2228 Clark St 3612 Glenn Ln 1205 Canterbury Cir 3108 Creek View Dr 1808 Middleton St 6202 Lakeview Blvd 1 Naylor Cir, Madison 7426 Hubbard Ave 836-0569 203-5026 824-0236 628-2956 836-9381 203-6050 836-7136 836-3362 214-8952 770-5751 827-1043

High School Student Associate Planner


Workforce Housing Committee, Ad Hoc -Meets on the 3rd Monday of Each Month at 5:30 p.m.
Mark Kruser Mike Sweitzer-Beckman Andy Lewis Paul Helgeson Rob Bergenthal Mike Hershberger Hans Hilbert (2009-10) Mike Davis Abby Attoun 3306 Prairie Glade Rd 2051 Allen Blvd #306 3302 Glacier Ridge Rd 3108 Creek View Dr 3626 Fellowship Rd 3579 Sabaka Trl, Verona 828-9720 233-1496 827-9476 836-7136 824-9971 576-9200

Alderman City Administrator Associate Planner


7426 Hubbard Ave


Other Jursdictional Committees Capital Area Regional Plan CommissionDCCVA Appointment Kurt Sonnentag Elected Official

Collaboration CouncilDane County Cities and VilliagesAlderman Howard Teal Elected Official

Dane County Lakes and Watershed CommissionDCCVA Appointment Alternate Kurt Sonnentag Howard Teal

Madison Area Transportation Planning Board
Mayor's Appointment Mark Opitz (2009-11)

Middleton Area Development Corporation (MADC)-Meets monthly on the 3rd Tuesday Consists of 5 people. Board of Directors, Mayor, Chamber Board Rep, Common Council, Appt 5th member.
Alderman Gurdip Brar (2009-10) 1312 Sweeney Dr 831-4075

Middleton Community Endowment Committee
Mayor's Appointment Mayor's Appointment Mayor's Appointment Andy Lewis Cheri Teal Judy Lewison 3302 Glacier Ridge Rd 7124 Companion Ln 3802 Valley Ridge Rd 827-9476 836-1277 831-7788

Middleton-Cross Plains Area School District Indoor Pool Programming Committee
Reviews and makes recommendations to facilitate recreational programming for the indoor pool to benefit the communit at large Citizen Alderman Frank Zillner Jim Wexler Appt by Mayor Appt by Mayor 1519 Fargo Ct 831-4820

Middleton/Westport Joint Plan CommissionCitizen Citizen Citizen City Plan/Zone Adm. Cynthia Zellers* (2009-12) Duane Barmore* (2009-12) Derek Hungness* (2008-11) Eileen Kelley 4402 Iris Ct 7509 Kenyon Dr 6634 Whittlesey Rd Staff 828-9402 836-9690 831-2377

THRIVE (formerly- Regional Economic Development Corporation)-

Transportation Contracted Service Oversight Subcommittee-a Madison Committee
City of Middleton Rep Alt City of Middleton Rep Mark Opitz Howard Teal Appointed Appointed

Committees to Add
Collaboration Council

Schultz Electric