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Date: January 24, 2008
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118 E. Figueroa St. Santa Barbara, CA 93101

In Custody

People of the State of California, vs.

Plaintiff, ,Defendant.


The defendant represents that he or she has been fully advised of and understands all his or her constitutional and statutory rights, including the right to speedy trial and a speedy preliminary hearing, if charged with a felony. The defendant consents to and requests consideration for deferred entry of judgment, pleads GUILTY or NO CONTEST to section(s) ______________________________________________ Misd. Felony and waives time for pronouncement of judgment. The district attorney has reviewed his or her file, declares that the above-named defendant meets the criteria specified in Penal Code 1000(a)(1)-(6), and finds that the defendant is eligible for consideration for deferred entry of judgment. Dated: __________________________ ______________________________________________
Deputy District Attorney

The probation officer has conducted an investigation pursuant to Penal Code 1000.1(b), has determined that the defendant would benefit from the licensed program checked below and recommends that the defendant be granted deferred entry of judgment under the terms specified below. The defendant failed to report to Probation as directed. Defendant not eligible. Dated: __________________________ ______________________________________________
Probation Officer

THE COURT FINDS that the defendant has been advised of, fully understands and voluntarily waives all of his or her constitutional and statutory rights including the right to a speedy trial and a speedy preliminary hearing, if charged with a felony. The court further finds that the defendant is a person who consents to and would benefit from a grant of deferred entry of judgment. THEREFORE, IT IS ORDERED THAT the defendant's plea of GUILTY or NO CONTEST be accepted and that entry of judgment be deferred for no less than 18 months nor longer than three years on condition that the defendant obey all of the following terms and conditions: 1. Contact the treatment program checked below within 7 days and complete enrollment within 30 days. Zona Seca, 26 W. Figueroa St., Santa Barbara, CA 93101 PH: 963-8961 Council on Alcoholism & Drug Abuse, 232 E. Canon Perdido St., P. O. Box 28, Santa Barbara, CA 93101 PH: 963-1433 (C.A.D.A. offers classes in English only) 2. Keep the Treatment Program advised of any change in residence address, employment, and any new arrests. 3. Actively participate in, pay for, and successfully complete this treatment program as directed. 4. Obey all laws. 5. Pay a diversion restitution fee to the Clerk of the Court at Figueroa Division in the amount of $100 by ______________ (1001.90 PC). 6. Do not use or possess any drugs or narcotics controlled by law, unless prescribed for treatment by a licensed physician, and then only in the amounts prescribed. 7. Submit to drug testing as directed by the Probation Officer, Drug Counselor, or any Law Enforcement Agency. 8. Other: _____________________________________________________________________________________________ 9. The Clerk shall schedule an exparte hearing to track Proof of Enrollment and Proof of Payment The Court may terminate this deferred entry of judgment upon a finding that the defendant has violated any term of this order, is not performing satisfactorily in the program, is not benefiting from the education, treatment, or rehabilitation provided by the program, or has engaged in any criminal conduct rendering him or her unsuitable for deferred entry of judgment. In such event, the court will render the finding of guilt and schedule a sentencing hearing. Dated: _____________________________ _______________________________________________
Judge/Commissioner of the Superior Court

ACCEPTANCE BY DEFENDANT: I have received a copy of this Order Granting Deferred Entry of Judgment, understand each of its terms and conditions, and agree to abide by them. Dated: _____________________________ Defendant's signature: ____________________________________

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