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Case 1:01-cv-00591-FMA

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ard tl

parties neEed as appetlants shall be nade parties, sulntrlons ir such appeal ehall be issDed by th clerk of such djstrict court and Gerved in the manne; Dro, vided by law for tbc serric of sumnooDsir scflon o[ l&w; snd sll proced]i8a oo appcel shall be nonductpds.cordrog to rhe rodc of civil proc"durp i .aDd s u c h a . t i o n s s h a l l b e r f l e d r o s a i d c o u r r d e n o v o . ' A l l c o s r sm a d e a n d a c c r u ing, by reaeoo of such appeal shall be rdjudged to be paid by the party or partte3 eg8inst whom such appesl Bhsll b 6neuy deternined. lThe AttorDey OenIal, ard the County Atto.Dey in counties where sppeals arc teLen srd iD nbich leeal questions arise shsll be the legat advisols of the State Board of IrrigatioD, I{ishwsys Md Draiuage sDd the ofncels under them, and shall perlo.m rDy and all leaal duties necessart in coDnection with thei. work without other compeDsation thrn their salsries as ffxed by law, except when otherwise providFd. Ebtory-Lar3 18t6. ch. 69, p. 26r, .oc. 25; l! forc. Aplll t, . i. i iolo.ted 6Dd .U p. t6r t addd 1911, -. cb. -,.oc. 20: in lore ADrU r0.

the s
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tioD t Srt tion. ' !L.Il OOrrcr

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dter defrul
DliBDc I! the'

6E06. ooulty ol.rb-Trsascripts ot F.tcr. ol chillr! to sppropdrtio[ Witbin thirty days from the pa$age of thi! act it shru be th. dutt ol the cou.Ety clerk of elch of the couities of thio strte to preprrs a fun aDd complte tra!3cript of dl the claiins to rppropriations of este! now on 6le iD thir repectire onces, e'nd to traDsnit the ssme witiout ilolsy to th .ecrctary of the strte bosd by erprcss o! rAistsred mril, for which service he lhsll be paid by th cou.nty the snri ol nv6 cents pr folio to prpar6 laid traNclipt; Pmvided, That the aounty clerk msy, in plrae of such rbstlrcrr trrDBhit the origiDal record of chims to lr8te! tlet are reoordod in bookr kept $pecially for the pnrpose, in vhich ca.e h sball receiv. no compDf,l.tort-trr! 1806, ch.6t, D, 161, !.c, !a; i! lorc6 Agril 4.

ir:. troD, ? 't fs!e. r D!t S!ll, ttY of omce for a I r6ter to irri .hll f

6800. ltltlg 8nd ols.siicrtion ot ohisr by ttst board. Ibrmediately receiptof ssid t.snscriptsor the original recor&, it shdl on be tho duty ol the stite board to dle them in it! omce, ana to clf,rsify and
arrlDSr raid cl8ilDs by placina alt the clrims to the l'stsrs of oDe BtleoE and itr tributrrie3 togcrher f,l.tort-hw. 1895. cL.6t, t. 162,!.c. tr; |! forco Aplt! a.

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680?. Application for sppropriatioD-Bcord-E&minriios-Appeal. The UDitedStatesof Ame.icaand every peftoD,&asociatiDn cmporror tion bereafterinteDdins dppropri&te to aDy of the public wetersof tha Stete
of Nebraska shall, befole commencing the construction, nlargement o. ertension of aDy works |oi su.h purpose.or performhg aDy work in conre.tioo w i t b t h e s a m e .o r b i . f o r c t a k , D S a o y w a i r f r o 6 r l y . o n s [ r u c i c d w o . k s , m a k e an spplication to tle Stoic Board for a to make such appropriatjon. Said application shnll set Iorth the nalne and postofrce address of the applicant, the source fron which said appropriation shall be mad, the ambult thereof as near as nay be. the location of any pmpNed work itr connectioB thelewith, the tiln requjred for their coropletion, said tixne to enbrac the period rqLird fo. the cotrstruction of the ditches thereon and the time at which the applicetion of the water for the beneffcial pDrposes shall be niade, which sajd time shall be liDired to thst required for the completion of the qork when prosecuted with diligDcc, the purpos for which wster is io he applied, eDd if for irrigatioD a description of the l8nd lo be irrisated theteby,

ncaled iogeth

chall I bhaU prior I the ap


Case 1:01-cv-00591-FMA
'pleal eedhgs

Document 234-2

Filed 05/05/2005

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oard of ,all per-

duty ol , file ir rr said

it Bhsll ,ity sDd

he State

a _ o dt h p a m o u D t .r h . r c , , i . a n d a n y a d d i t i o D a t f R " r s q h i c h m a y b e r e l u i r e r t b y thc slatP board. 1)n ranFipt ol thic applrrarron whii.h shalt hc ot a i^rm prcscrrbed by lhe SlaLp Roarll and ro bc frrrnishcd by rhe sccr.rary qithour cost io the applicant. it shall br rhe duty of rhc Stare tsoa.d t}rroueh:ts sec retary. lo n'ake a rceord ol rhe re.eipt oJ said appljcat;on aDd cause ttr" sa,ne t o b e r c c o . d e d i n r t s o f f i c e ,a n d t o m { k e a c a . e t u l e x a m i n a t i o n o t t h a D D t i c a tion to ascertain whether it sets fo h all rhe facts trecessary to enebt; the S t a t e B o a r d t o d e r e r r n r n et h e o a l u r e s o d a m o u n t o f r h c p r o D o s c d e D o r , ) n r t a tion. TI such aD exarn,nal.ioD hot{s rhe applicatroD in any way a"iinrti,e iL s shall b the duty of the State Board to rctum the same ro thc aoolicant for corrcction. with a srarFment of rhp corrocrion rcquirpd. wrthiD i'hirrv davs aflpr ils rFceipt and IhirlJ ,layr shall be allow"d ior the r.ffling thFrof, in default of which refliDg the spplieation shall stand dismissed,-but if filed corrccled as requi.ed withro su.h trme lhc applinarion shsll upoD bprnE ac .eple.l aDd allowcd. lak. priortty as of dare of orisinal fflins s,;bj".r ro;omplbnce vith the future pmvisioDs of the law and the fteulations thereunder. It there i3 un3pplopriat.d watp. rD the sourceot supply uamed in thc r o D .a u d i f s u . h r p p r o r r i a r i o n r s o o t o i h c r w i s e d c t r i m e n t a l t o r h F D u h l i . w e l l a r c . r h e S l s t c B o a r d . r h r o u s h j ! s s e c r e t a r y .s h a l l a p p r o v e l h e s a m e b y e o i l o r s F ment the.eoD aDd shall make a record of such eDdorsenent in solne DroDer msn!.r in h'R ofii.e snd r"turn thc ssmc so endoEcd ro lhc spplicaDi, ;ho sbsll, on recejpt thereof, be authorizd to p.oceed with the work end to take s ' r c h m F a s u r c 3a s m a y b p D " c c s s a r yt o p c r f c c t 3 u u h a p p r . p r i a r i o n . T h c D n o r il.y ^f su.h apprnpnati"o chall dete from rh. fflins of thc sDplicarioo !-n r,be om.e of rh. Srale HoarJ. and the dste of rh. 6ling sha t'e iegarded a! the priority nunber thereof. Prorided, however, thsi the Srate B;ard, throuah ils s..rr(ary. may. upon exarninrr,ooof surh appL.atrou, nn,los. rt approvid for a l"ss p"rrod ol rimp fur t,.rf.ctios rhp proposedAppr('priatioD rhso rhat nemed in thc Epplication or for a less arnoDt of wster thsn the smouDt of water stated in the application, or for a less amouDt of land; aDd no rrelmit l o ' r r i g a t . s n y l a n t l s h A l l b c s t l o w e d u D l e s st h . o * n e r o r o m p r s o f s u c - hl s s d shall give consent to the same in proper forn, duly !knowledgg before sorns o6cer legally qualined lo take ackDowledAements. And, provided lurther. that 3n applicant, feelinA himBelf aggrieved by the endorsemext mrde upo! hi! applicrtion may take ar appeal therefron to the District Court ot ile .ouDly iD which may bc situarctd the poinL of divcrsion of tbe proooscd aD prup.rarioD. Su.h appeal shsll bp perf..l..d shF! tbF bppli',sdt shsll hs;e filpd m th ofiic. of th. cl.rk of the Drstncl Cour. a,opy of the order aD ncal.,l lrom. ..flifi"d hy rha S..r.rery df rhe Srsre B";rd as a t.u. copy, logether with the ptjtioD to such court, setting nppellrnt's reosons for such appeal. Sueh appeal shatl be he!.d aDd deterDined upoE such competent p.oofs as shall be produced by the applicaDt aDd sueh like prools ag shsll be produced by the Stste Board by any persoD duly autho.ized in its behslf. rf there is 'ro unapp.opriated water in the source of supply, or if s p or approp.iation has beeD nade to water the same land to be watered by the applicsrt, the State Board, throuah its secreta.y, shall refuse such appro, priatjon and th party making such applicetion shall not prosecute such Fork so iong as such .cfusal shall continue iD iorce. [l3iory-La{d 18t5, cb. 69. p, 252,sec- 28; iD force Aprit r. ADeDdedtglt, D. -, - , 6 e c . 2 1 : i n i o r c eA p r i l 1 0 . r An aDpllcatloE lor a DorEtt rhtcb doesnot desdlbs tto tocatioDot the csrat .h.

! of the

sot ttro a d.scriDttoD ot tho lrbit to b. rnisat.d ls lot gooO. earuers rri. Dti

Case 1:01-cv-00591-FMA

Document 234-2

Filed 05/05/2005

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Ir! of Irri sub-di\ l0 the . ?irer aaan ar ![dl b lut th' ,orrd lbaott

v. F.6!L, ?2 Nb. 136j I00 N. W. ,86. 2. Undr Lbe !et! dtrtd, h6ld that ti. tlghf ol .Dproprlatto! ol vat.r wa. Dot l*t br rbEldotrboDt NoD-rEsr m$t bo conuoued for s Ums equ{ to tbo ltltutorr llmltsdo! upor rcdo& to mcoy6! Dossos-

sloD or .eal proD6rt t! order to rort s tosB ot t!6 riBbt- Tho prorlslors o( tht! soctto! sr. Dot vtolauy6 ot sDr coustlrutio!.I Droyt.ton. ilrdr. Irr. DhL r. Frant, ?l Nb, 1A6: 100 N. W. ,86.

rD Ihc offi. of lh" Stata Board of lrflEEtiod Hrshways aod Drsinsge. erthitr st! monihs lhefesrler. a map or pl8t. which Bap or plar shall h" made to collorm to lhc rulps sDd rcgulanooF of said Boird ae to mare at. size and .olorros. aDd 'rpon a scslc of Dor lessthrn two inrhes to thc mite. Su.h map or plat sball shoq tbe source from wbi.h thp proposcd appropriatioD 's to b; taken, &nd all propo8ed dsms, dykes, resenoirs, canals, power houses s.nd any other st.ucturs for the purpose of itorins, conveyins or using watr fo. aDy purpose whatsoever under the l.rigatioD Law of this state, and tbeir true cources or poiitjoDs iD coDncction with the bourdsry libes ard cone.s of lsnds whicb thy occupy, aod wheq lands sr listed for i.rigstioD, such luds nust be qhown iD govemmeDt sub-divisiom, or lractiors thereof, as the clse loay b, aDd no rigbts shall be deomed to have been acquired untit i,his section of i.he Statutd BhEII hrve beeD comptied i{irh, and s fsilur to coaply with this !ectjon lhall work a forfeiture of the spprcprirtion and all rights therounder. Elaaort.-L.fu 1395,.h. 5t, D. ,61, ..c 29; I! lorc apr t. Ab.od.d 1911,D- -, ch. -, ..c. 22: lD lorc. ADIU 10.

6808. Plst of works and knab. Upon approvalsnd allowdce of aD appticrrion,rhe applicsnrshatt ffle


,, for rh ., i Dent i. .-toled t i$ :,-!frte!
:. 0dort @l

{*ate I

680e. O.rttioot ot rpDropdstior-L.cordirg. Upoo its being mad. to lppelr [o tbe latisfactioD of lbe.trre borrd that tls tpplication in this oct p.ovided for, ha! been prfected in rccordanoe with law, ard the endommelt theron by the sccretary of tbe st.t bof,rd, it lhrll be the duty of Baid board by rhe hdod of its presidcnr attesred by th secretiry, to rDd to the coubty clelL f, certifcat ol the lame chalscter rs that described in iection 21 oi thiB act, which srid oerriflsat shsU be recorded in the office of the county clerk, and provided fo. i! iectioD 21 of thi! rct 168001. Xt.lory-L.r. 1896,ch.69, p,261,..c, !O; ld lorc. Aprll a.

gtrt I
tota t( .Dil to loct or irtend, ditch, the lsl so by Xlrrort


6810.Dst of priority. isl sppropr ioD .hdl datc flom the 6l;!8 of the .p,. Tte prior-ity such. _of prcanon lI| [De
o|ore ot tDe .tat board. trldLry*Lar. 681f. 1896,cb- 69, p. 16r, lec 3ti iD torce april 1. Stsndrrd rBeaarltedents of wa,ter. The st&ndrrd of nreasurenent for ffowiDg water shali be a cubic foor per $FcoDd f rimc borh for,letermjDiog rhe flolv of ws'cr rD Datural srrpams;nd o for rhp purpos" ol distnbr"iDC lberefron wheD appropriat;oDs have bFeo nade for direct ffow. The standord of "ieagur"-enf or ;he votune of water shall be an ac.e-foot, equivatent to -13560cubic feer. aDd wheD warr is stored lD aDy narural or arri6.ial resFrvoir, rr shatl bp ,'spd for dcle[ninins rhe ca. pa.ily ol .u.h sroragF rcse.voirs, rbe amouor srured and thp amounr us",J the.efron. What is knorvn as the niner,s inch shell be reearded as onef f r i e t h o l a . u b i c l o o t p c r s c n o n d) n a t t c a s p s E b l o r _ r - t a r . - r 8 9 5 . b 6 9 -p . 2 6 { , 6 F 3 2 . i n t f c F A p r i r I -,.6c 23: lD aord ADitl 10 A D . D d e dr 9 l l , p cb.

6816. TT rt th. tor ea' duties. tbe du duties t'!d h CoDnh rts suI of sir

Case 1:01-cv-00591-FMA

Document 234-2

Filed 05/05/2005

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2J1;l 6&16.N( ured for tttu act the pro[
io shall 6!ed iD day8. El.tort683?. f

6835 Reseiyoirs-nigLts ard liabilities ot onne$. rrvery persoDj corporatjon o. association iDtndjng ro consiruct and nair larn a slomg. rpscrvoir fo rriqArion or aDy othrr u s c f u l p u r F o s c .s l a m a k e An at,pll.arroo to the Stare Board as hcrerD bcfure provid;d, se|lins, ali the.facts required by the said Boerd upon s form^prescrib;d *a-f"*i"r,"J l . o t h e a p p t r . a t r r r t h o u r . o s r . $ h r . h a p p t i . a t , o n" t a t l I . t a n a l " A , n r h p s ssme m a D D c ra n d u D i 1 . r L h c s & m c . u l p s a n d r e g ! l a t i o n c 5 s o r h c r s n t l i . a r i o o s . t , p , , o r h e a p p r o r a l o f R U c h a p p t i c a r r o D .r h c a p p t i . a o L s h a havj in. r,ghr to im p o u D . ra n J a n d A I t w a t e l - sn o r o r h , r w i s c a p p r o p . i a t e d . sDJ aDy approprjftr"d wat* n.ot nmded for jmmedrsle r,"e. r. ""u.t ,.a .ar.,";,i ""i,.-""iy 'rrI.h4 rof th? _p rp^ of condu.titrs waler to sufh storage reservorr and to . o n o p m n t t r n d r o .u R u .s Fr p s r r v u i r h an,l dirchcs ro thp serns vrnpd by raw lbr rhc .ondFmoarinu oI rigbts of way lor othr dit.hcs. The ,:" .*.*1" or su.h sturssp rpsprvoi. shall b; tiabt. for aI damae"s ::I. ,.Frns rrom leak{gc or ovprflow of the wat"r therpfrorn. or from rhe breakirc or rnp ptubankmmt of su.h resc.voil Thp owD"Is or p,,lscssors f res"rvoir; o strrr nol have the right to imtouod any watpr whsl"v"r in such relcrrorr that su.h s.arer requ,r.d iD ditches ror drrc.t i.r,sario'| ,,r :.,-.-.':t:i".',... h.l't'nq slnior righti. That wh.nevFr any cnari irrv.rt wetcr frnm a public stream and rerum i r r ' n t i rr t r . r a m e s u . " , . ur .ompany msy rakF our lhe samc amounr of wat". asain te6s a kmonablc .leducrioo f^r s"epag" aod evoporatroD to le d.rermioe'a tv rt," blnre . L R n d r .p r o v i d i D s n o p r r o r a p p r o p i i a r o r t o r b e n p f i . i n t u s e s h s l t r , . p . p J u o|rj p d ru y eu . h d r v p r s i o h A f r F . r h e . o r n t l e r r o n i of su.h storaSc Fserrorr, to the lalisftrction of the Srrte Board, any prsoD, .orporation oi associarion proJ"is'ug ro apl,ly to henefi.retus" thF warpr storFd i r s , r , . hr . s r r v o r . s h s l l n ' r w . r r Dr h c s t d t p B o a r d o f l f r r A a r r o n . l l r g h w s y s a D d t t r a r o , q . . atr aDolrca ron ror a lt'rn.rl rn rh" torm for apptr.ariobs fr",:0 ;ih"r dur.4. p a r . ' . u r e . r y d e s c r r U r D gh c u s e r o \ v b i c h r h . s e r c r i s l o b p a D o t r F t j . t bnd rt for ' r r r q a l r o n a r i , s n i , I i i o n o f l h e l a n d r o b e t r r i a a r c d ,t o g c r L e r ; h r h c wrrtl"n .nnrpnl or rhc lau.t ownpra. duty a.knowtpdgAd The ownFr ar owD"rs ol su4n slo.trg. rdsFr\or. shall havp r prefprrpd righr ro mskc sucb dontr.ation Ior a p.r'od oi stx nrooth8from thc rrme timited for rb, crmpletioi of such reoclvoir. the day ot "xpiratrotr of sucb Friod shalr b. "uJ;"sed;;n r;; app:r,.arrob heo altowFd: and if nde by any otber then such o*n"r;r w ,,*". erq prror to rhp oxpiration of su.I oc. th. same stral Dot be aDDroted bv lhr..slal. Board oi Irfigarion. Hrghways snd Drainagc. MLil rb;'aoplrcao"l ahall show by Fv'd.bce thar h. has acqujred r suffi.ieDt iureresr r n s u r h s t o r a g c r p s e r v o i r r o c n r r t l . h r m r o c n o u g l , w a r e r t o r t h D u r o o s es c r _ Ioirh iE sAid applr.artuu. No allotm,or ot srored waror for irrisariin sha eiceed ihree acre feet any cslendar year for eaeh acre ;t tobit for $ h j c h s a i d a p p r o p r i a r , o o r r a y b ' m a d e P r o v i d c d , h o w e ! e r . r . b a ta r F s , r v o i r .onstru.ted for Ih" purpa\F of holdiDgwarcr back aDd laFins it iD orrit. rhal ir may bp.apnlipdro laDd",,t a hrgl.r level or givFn a grearci bead for I,ower c o r ' s r 4 ? r e da s L o r a g c r ( s p r v o r r b u t s u c h r p s " r v o i r , t o s c t h e r w r t h r h e d i v p r t i n s o r i m p o u n d i n q d a m r n u s t b F d " s c n b c d i n a n a D D t - i r a r i o Do r f f l o * i a e w a r . r s h a D w a l p r i s r " b p r r i s " ' t r D o r d p c 1 , ,p e r f p " r i h e i p p r " n n a r , o n Pr^vided. rhp provisions ol s s.'rron shall uot appl] to re;;r";irs 'hc wate! of which is.eturned to the same source of supply for irrigation_ trl3iory--Law3 1895,c[. 69, 0. 264,sec 56: in force April 4. ADeDded1903,ch 120 p 6 1 4 il h l o r c o A u g n s t1 R e r r i t t e DI 9 l l p . - , c b - , 6 c c 3 2 ; l n f o r c e D . j l 1 0

dilrh, Is

ditch o.


6838. El The

Case 1:01-cv-00591-FMA

Document 234-2

Filed 05/05/2005

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Cli, ]lXfI,



68d3. Adr UDou rr'llgaoon peal pfec' district c( ddty of tl for the tli gl!lort-r E14. Wd declired I f,! ort-L 6846. DIU tD6 pritp

tain the eEbenkoents the.eof so as to prevetrr reasretnrcfrom. and shA rc, ium the urused watcr tmm sueb ditct or cansl wirb a.siittt" .*L ir,"i""t aBpi8sible to the stream from which sucb water wes tskn or to tr" lli"J"i-J
f,i.Lrt-Ilv. 1895, cb_ G9, p.266, sec.59; j! to.ce Apr 1

6&|9 Overnow upoD bjghwoy_pnslty_Duties

:"fi :"::;"J,:i,i1';i:""#""",Ti:"*{istu11i,""::n",;;;d;;;;;;'i;"*;
ElNtort-tr*. 1896, cL. 69, D 266, !.. 60; to torc Lpr|l a

"":""i"il:g;*l;:,""",,"",11J*:ll :",ij':t :li':"Tli;";:x*,:H;."il :x"1, j*"Tf ;:i,t" i11 it :t1","#ff ff:T,;ff :i"Til*u:1"fi rul;:j"*il*:

""*i;,:1iil".i:,lti'"::,":1"",T::a?::",T ;i"::J,,"'j;'"?:;H";:i: rrom upoo.any rosdor hishwsy. and any vioJariin *" i"",i"i"i" "i iii" or

of road oversGer.

68{0. ErcBptioD from tsrstioD. . ..All ditchps..aoals.toreralso. other eork! uscd for irrisatioD purpo6es lhall be crempt froE al) lalrtio!, wherher statc, cou.nry or nunicip;I. , '
f, 1 8 0 5 ,c b . 6 9 , D . 2 6 6 , ! . . 6 1 : t! torc. AD.rl a_

68111. W_ork oI s,pproprirror-Forfoiturs

,*"l','"# Ht'iff5",jl:;',ili:i ?1." Lf"Tl#jri"jt::"j:: i:i;H,?."; 3;3fi t";il'ilt:'"':*i ii"J,ltri'ff;ffi ::l-_:fi "",x"ji su.h **l ;:"_:l::::,';;"".ln[: orourty, ditisrnrtr rnd u-oinrcrrupredty pros.cure r"-i-iiii"iril,
uorcstr..mporanryInterruptedby omc unavoidsbte aDd Drturrl cau.;. and

ot rigbrs.

thi3 act, Iry tb ca trbtory-l

;"iill;;"":: fl:'J';i'o".li,[aTl]'*

shauworka rorreilure thc appro' of

r8S5, ch.69, D,266, !6c.62: h aorc6 Apr! a_

' n g D p o o . r b Fg r a D l o r o t s u c b c t e c do r c o o t r a . r , h i s . t h . i r o r i | l s u c c c s s o r s or as_ $ g n s a n o a ( . p e m o n s c o m p a t r r e s r c o r p o r a t i o n sc l a i m i n g r n y i n t e r c s t o in strch o l r c n o . c a D a l ia n d D o t o r e c t o s u r eo r o l b e r p r o c e e d r D g s o . o l l e c t h o D e v t

:'u:i";;;l:i,1x'.'fl""1f"T"","ilT1'#1":l;ii5l,"';";::#:J'J.,:jl"n"":"1 llact shall be recorded rhe courry wheresucht".a';" "iir.t"a,-;" ir,i'""t1 iD 'sH::""::i.::fif ff:xilf; ii':1"ij $":::":il";l*:::l: "i:,,,:t*i: 6846. Co)
Anv ihe purpr 'r.igatior ing fund shaUbec Btock oI

68a12, Cotrtractsfor ule ot wst.r-Bccording, W}eDererany persoD, persons corpo"aUon o" otrDiosaDyirriaarionditch_


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;:'T""*AH', anJ
1895,cL. 69, p. 26?,sa,63; L DaDas.sto. larllrF to slpDlt eater |! torc6 ,/\prit .t. ' a r F r e d w r , b o u rw a r e r W a d . e R " r -

,:1":1""#j"l"li::"":g:'.."r"r;:f,:".1ff* w c r-. -r"i'-- rzs""i fi,:i,l .

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cI'. xi1r.-rRRrGATrON.


notilied the drl gl!tort'

undcr thc ir.igst'oo Iaws to satel from aoy irrisatroo raaat o. irricatioD ".;;;; aplropriar'oD ror-aoy hnds owned by said p;**;, ;,p;."ii"; ";; p n o r t o t n F D u r t . t r D g t t h c t a t e r a l s a D d r h e a p p l r c s r r o oo t t b e F s t e . o ro such r a D a a n y r D r c r v F n r D a a D a t ,d r t f h o r t a t p . a t } a s b F e o . o D s t r u c t a d b , s n y c o m . c pany. or irrigation disirirt snd wbpre th.e are lands of o t h e r 8 . b F t w p e ot h c l s n d s o t s u c h p F r s o o o r . o r p o r a r i o o f o r w b i c h s u r h c o n . t.a.t. has becb mad.. -lhe said persoo or corporarioo owaing such laqds for worcn aaro .ooira.ra tor watcr have b"cn m8de sball hsve the righl, to coo. stru.r the laleruls from such irrigsrioD caDst to the lsnds owned by liln and ro nave Buchrrflgat'on laterals.ros8 rhe letrds aDd ioterveoiag canals ro rhe lend opoed by hrE If such inlerveoins oFners shalt refusc 6 sel t,he riqh! ur wal Ior sa'd rrngatrotr tsl,.rat ssid owD"r shelt hare the riqhr of min;or donain to roDdFmosaid right of way, ib th. proceedrns!ere oow prmitred for rhc "onstrucrtoo of ifrigalion esoals. Er.tort-l-.r! tgtl, p. -, cb. -, ie. t; |! torci Juty 6.


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..8n, dtzala. A! Aot to lurhortb tb. Uoit.d Ststd io turDhb l.gsl .ppmDrt.ron



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of aEy rpprcP of the ' of lhat

6924x{. UDitod gtsLs fu.rDilh iDdieialusL rtord wstor. rorr tne Unrtect Stateol America rs hcmby suthorizcdro spproprr6t?, r4.v..rop ald store sny unapp.ophstcd wsrers undel rhe rerms sDd provisions a_r roe.s? appropriarion rawsof rhe sr"r" "r r,r"b"*t";a ;hi"i'*"ii, w'th stry eonsrru.r.d l,y rb. uDitcd sr,t", o,". ::...":li ^'".j"!.*tf". dn, tDp.prov,s'oDd an s.r of r.onsr*s appmvart or Jure iz, ico,j.1I; p:9li9,ns rhc!crsBat,oDi";a r.ils ,rt s;. i. 3id;i# for or :l._ac-t ;fi acti. ampndatory rher.of aod suppreD.Drsr r.hcreto provided. thri *ii;l; clsl be derprnibed by-the ofnceri of rhc Unir.d Strt""-n""r"."'ti* .i".ii"i rhat a.y warer eo d.vetoped or sbred is in exccar "f th";;;;;;-;;,; ;;;;;;; r'm, bo.omptered,ir sha be rswful tor r,re UaiteA.Slites :l l::"{l'tDar ro euur rrro.conrrrrt to reDl or se[ 6u.h d.vctop.d or srored wrter u.nder -*-g,. inposed by acr of congriss *a tr,. ",,t"" ""a l::^t::T 1:9 :ondirions utrried $tatps. to sov nc.soD.a$oeiarioD. firm or eorporation wbo oay ha_whereiofor bcen grartJd s pcroir to appropriate portioo a of lhe normf,l6os o[ aDy stresm,but which warer right ielorq;ur lo such Der soDiaaaoc,auoD, tirm or.orporf,tioD may at sorre porrion of the vear be foirnd DsumcrcDr rbe Decds the land ro Fhich it is apppurteoant. ror of ThF Unired star.s aDd every p.rson.rssociarron, 6rm or.orpor;ii;D pEtcrioainto a con. rra.r a3 hcrcrD prolided sha havc tbe right ro condu.t sucb water into and aroDg ary or the oaturalstreams thc sra1o, oo, so as ro raisetbe waters of Ou, rnpreol aboveorcl'DAry high Fate. Trark, aDd may take our lhe lsme apaio al any. porni clcsrrcd. w'rhout rcgsrd to the prio. rishrs of other to F;tFr rrom rne sameEtrc&m;bur due a. owancesha bc mtde for evaooration atrd seepag, amouDr sd.h a opso.c to be dcrc.minad rh" St,it""""" the of nv and it shall bc.thp dury of rhe SrfllF EngrDc"rti, *p"r"";* ".a .,t""?" I f,; 4Frrr?ryor su.h EarFr so detivarFdsirb like aurhn;ry aDd rrodcrth. samc provrsiors ia rhe raseof scneratappr^priarors ua;r madpaDit as of D.ovided. A propFrly.Frltfipdcopy of all $urh .oD,rads for thp satc or reDialot warar Dy rnc Unrrp':l qhall imroFdiatpty Sla,csas hcreio provrded upoD rts F!p.ulioE nF lumrsherlru r.b. StareBoard of lFigarron HighwaysaDd DfainaAc, aDd ihe State EnsiDeer and Water Commissiol* "t tli at"i"i"i.+"tr ;;.;?;;;;


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approp and or Draina


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notifiedof thr rrnrcNhen s ch \rater shatttre deli{ef.d rhsr hc mrr surfr\rs, rhe (leliverr" thereof .
{i!to.y.-Lass 1911, p. -, ch -. se.. 1; itr torce Apil rO. Sc. 692{rt. A! , ( p r o v r d r o sr o r l i B B o r a l t t a n d s ! o b . s a i e r e d . l i s r o r rh. oaoes o f o f r c e r s ,o s D e r s 3 n d r b o 6 c i n c o D r r o to r a t r v d i r c h . r p s c r v o i r o r o r h e r d e , k . r o . , D D r ; prario. sr( repors or sauge betsht; iD (io".r ra,",ry n-eL"at u,ri,t"gir D, -, cb, -t ttr force Apil 8.

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op. ate,

?, being 3nd sll project i States rd regruch per rU ted

6924x5. Watercd laDds to be listed-Ofrcers of colapsDy. That by rhe 66t day ot Apr o[ "a.h Jpar. ""eiy p-"rsun rorporatron ur or.ontrol|rog any rrrjcation Jirch, res.rvoir or other dpr'.e Ior anproprrslrng warer shall fun Fh th. . pprin[pntjFntof each wa!e. drvisioo with a lrsr of all hDds ro be warerFJ tbrougb.a.h hcadsalF aod meaunns numc or orber mrasunDs d"\icp ,ogFrher i,,rr, *" "i.,'."i *"r, rra.l a.d tD( tntal a.rcagc tlereof ^nd a I'st of thc Drmes of lh. om.ers of a n y . o r p o r A r i o n - o r a e s o c r s r i o oo w n r n g o r r n . o n r r o l " f e , y d i r " h . r ; ; ; ; v o ; ; o I o l h c r d e v r ' . cl o r 8 p p . o p . i a l i n 8 w a t e r i n s a i d w a t c r d i v , a r o n a r d r b c l s r n e s n l a n y p ? r s o Do w t r r n g o r r o r o t r r r o l o l a o y d r t c h , . e s e r e o i r o r o r h c r d , v i f e fur appfl'prratrog watpr rn said warer divrsjoD eod )n rimps of s.a.ciry of watpr. a r t h p r p q u e s r o f r h e s u p e r i n t c n d c D t .m a k c d s r t y r e p o r E u t t t e g a u g . h e i g h t ot lhe wete. at the measuri,g 6uoe. aDd mait rhp dmc ro rtr. supennr.nainr ! , r I n a t w r t c r c r r \ r s r o n .\ r h r c h l r s t ! a o d r e p o n s e h a l l h e v e r i f f c d u n d e r o a t h beforc somc ofi"rr qualiffed ro admrDrsr"r;srhs and affi.n,atrnns. Th;;u;; , h t a n J ? n t s h r l l o s e s u c b l i s t s a l d r e p o r r s a s r b s F i si n r h . d i s t n b u t r o n o t w ; i { rn aarn or rhe Bubdrvrsrons t his wrrcr djlisintr un|lt thp 6rsr day ot Apnl o df fh yoal following. Ill3tory.-taws )91r, p. -, ch. --, sc. 1 jn torce Apr B.

sec. 392116. Ar Act to .pproprlat6 rat6r aDd t.rtaars t&d to. wblcb w.t, hs6 alradv beb aooroprtated. tlorgtrlds biu tgll, p. _, cb ; lb force Ap.fl 8. Ihat sh""Devrr any corporAtioD. sss^.,Ation ur penJun shall ,leqrrp r,. . .rvcrr aDy or lh. unappropriated wut.r8 of &nv narural lsk. nr strprm. for Inr Inrgalrng lands for wh,rh warcr has al.psdy beeD aoD.o priared..bur for.whrrh rn rimes ofsrarnrry no \ b" obr;i.",j t"#i;. r t p r o f ' f l a n u u , l r . a d y r n a ( t c t h . r e t o r s u . h c u r p n r a r i o n , a q s o c i a r i o no r u e r s o n I n r y o k p a t p l i c a t i o n f o . s u . b a p p . o p r i a r r o D ,r h e s a m e a s i n . a s e s o f o r h e r ^ n d o n s r n a i a p p r o p r i & r j n b s .r o t h . S r r r o B o a r d o t l r r r g a r i o o , l t i s h w a y ^ A D , t 'rarn^gF. auo sucn applrrrtron sholt be a.tcd upoE by said Board iD the ssme r n a n D e ra s o t h e r s p p r o p r i o t i o r s a r e & c r e d ' r p o n a s i n t h i s s c t p r o v i d d r a n d \,'.h corporat,on !6so.iatinn nr persoD may turDish or rcDt iuch warer ro r n p o w n c r s o l s a r d t e o i t s .u L c t p r l h c s e m e n r o v j s i o n s a n d R I b J c . l t o t h p s a m c (on,litions os other water mav be furnishtd or renrod. lllitort.-llws 1011,p. -, ch. 6ec. 1: l! torce ADril 8

6S24x6. Divon we,tr slrssdy epproprir,tal.

le agein tion ald


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NE ST$ 46-273 Neb.Rev.St. $ 46-273



NEBR,{SKAREVISEDSTATUTES I943 OF CIiA?TER 46. IRRIGATION AND RIGI,'LATION OF WATER ARTICLE2. GENERAI PROVISIONS {Gi IRRIGATION WORKS: CONSTRUCTION.OPERATION.AND RIGLTI-ATION { 4G273.Water: Unitd Sbte! mav furni6hto individuals:conditions and rcouiremnts. The United States of America is horeby authorized, io conformity to the laws of th Siate of Nebmska, 1() appropriat, devlop, and store any unappropriatedflood or unusd waters, in connection with any projct constucled by the United Statespwsuanlto the provisionsof an Act of CongessapprovedJune 17, 1902,beingAn Act providing for fhe reclamationof arid lands(32 Slat. L. 188), and all acts amenaLatory thereof and supplemental lhereto. When lhe officers of the United Strtos Bureauof Reclanation determinethat any water so developedor $ored is in excessof the needsof th project as then completdor is flood or unusdwater,dte United Statsmay contract10fimish suchdeveloped, stord,flood, or unused water,undetthe tefins andconditionsimposedby Acl of Congress and the rules and regulationsofthe United States, any prsonwho may havetheretoforebeengranleda to permil to appropriatea portion of the nornral flow of any stram,if the water so appropriatedshall, during some podon of the year,b found insuflicient for the needs the land to which it is appurtenant.The Uniled Sra|s of and every personentering inlo a conlrat as herin provided sh8ll have the right to conductsuch water into and along any of the n6tural steam of the stat,but not so as to rais th watersthereofabovethe ordinary higb waler nark, and may tak out the samagainal any poinl desired,wilhout regardto lh prior rights of othN ro water liom the s:trnestreamr but due allowanceshall be madefor lo$es in tnnsit. the amountof suchallowancero be delermined of by the Department Natuml Rsources.The department shall $rperviseand nforclhe distribution of suchwater so dliveredwilh like aulhority andundrthe sameprovisionsasin lhc caseofgeneral appropriators. Source: Laws1919. 190, VII, an.V, div.3, $ 28,p.856;C.S.1922,8478;C.S.1929,46-628: c. tit. S R.S.1943, $ l-aws 1955,c. l8l.{ 5.p.517:Laws1987. 140,$ l0; Laws LB 2000. 900. 126. LB { N 46-271;

No O 2005 Thomson^Uest. Claim to Orig. U.S. Go\4. Works.

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NE ST$ 46-233 Neb.Rev.St. $ 46-233

46. IRPJGATION AND REGULATION WATER CHAPTER OF ARTICLE 2. GENERAT PROVISIONS (N APPLICATION FOR WATER Applicationto appropriatewaler: time of makinq: contents: procdurei tdoritv date: I 46-233. troticei hearinsi temporrrv permit: mrsencv use. (1) The United Statesand every prsonintendingto appropriate any of the publi watersof the Staleof Nebraska (a) commencineth corNtruction,enlargemnt, extension of any works for such purpose, O) or shall, before performing ,ny work in connectionwith suchconstruction,enlargement, extension,or (c) taking any waler from or any constructedworks, make an applicationto lhe depadnenl for a permit to rnake such appropriation.A permit public watersfor intentionalunderground water stomgeand recoveryof suchwater. may be oblainedto appropriate public watrsfor inducedgroundwaterrechargA public watersuppliertnay makeapplicationto appropriale (2) The application shall b upon s form prscribdand fumishedby ttle deparlnent without cost to an applicant. of Suchapplicationshall st fonh (a) the narneandpost ofiice addrcss the applicant,(b) the sourceftom which such appropnationshall b made,(c) the amountof the appropriationdesired,as nearly as il may be estimated,(d) the location of any proposed work in connection with th appropriation, (e) the estimatcd time required for its time shall includethe period roquiredfor the constuction ofditches, pumps,andother completion,which estimated featuresor devices,(0 the time estirnated whih fie applicalionofthe water for the beneficialpurposes at shall be made.vhich time shall be limited to a reasonable time following the estimated time of completionofthe work when prosecutedwith diligence, (g) the purposefor which water is to be applicd and (i) if for induedground water rechargeby a public water supplier,s statemcnt lhe timcs of lhe year whcn and location along a streamwhere of flov"s for induced ground water rechargeare proposdand (ii) if for irrigation, a descriptionof the land to be imgatd by the rter and the amou , and (h) such facts and supponing documcntstionas ar required by the which shall includ,bur nol be lirnited to, rhe depthof all wells, ihe exte of th underlyingaquifer,the departsneot expectedrate of recharge,lhe minimum now or flows neessary sustain the well field throughoul the reach 10 identified, and the period of time that a well field would continueto meerminimal ssentialneedsof the public water supplier when thereis no flow as thosefactorsrelate to and are part ofan evaluationof pertinenthydrologic relationships. A public water supplier making applicalion for inducedground water recharyemay submit with its appficationa waler which lhe public water supplier presendyusesas statement the amounl of inducedgroundwater recharge of period. well as the amountof inducedground water recharge water it antrcipates using in the nexl twenty-five-year shall also quandry the total amountof water the public water supplierprcsentlyusesfton the well Suchstatement period. usinglrom the well field in the next twenty-five-year field as welt as the lotal arnout ofwater it anticipales (3) Upon receipt of an applicatroncontaildngthe informatronsd fonh in this section,the departnentshall (a) make a recordof the receiptoflhe application,(b) caue th applicationto be recordedin its office, and (c) rnakea caretul to to examinationof the applicationto ascertainwhetherit setsforth all the facts necessary enablthe department th nanrrandamountofthe Foposed appropriation. If suchan examinaiionshowsthe applicationin any determine of way defective,it shall be retumedto the applicantfor coFctior! with a starcment the conection required,within ninety dals after its receipt. Ninety daysshall be allowed for the refiling of the applicalion,and in default of such (4) rcfiling, the applicationshall sranddisrissed. Except as provided in subsection of dis section,if so filed and and corected asrequiredwithin suchtime, the applicationshall,upon being accepted allowed,take priority as of the date of the original filing, subjectto conpliance with the tuture provisionsof the law "nd the rules and regulatioff upon proper authorization of thereunder.During the pendency any applicationor upon its approval,fhe department, the andrequestof the applicant,rnayassign applicationa laier pnority date. to 9, (4) For public water supplierwells in existence September 1993,dle priority dateassigned an applicarionfor on inducedgroud waterrecllargemadeby a public watersuppliershallbe:

No O 2005 Thomson/West. Claim lo Orig. U.S. Govt. Works.

Case 1:01-cv-00591-FMA
NE ST | 46-233 Neb.Rev.St. $ 46-233

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(a) June27, 1963,for watei supplywels andfacilities conslruclod placedin servicon or beforeJune27, 1963; and (b) JanuaryI, l9?0, for watersupply wells and facilities constructd placdin serviceon or after June28, 1963, and aIIdon or bforeDecember 1969: 31. (c) January 1, 1980, for warer supply wells and facilities consfucled and placedin serviceon or after Januaryl, 1970. andon or btbreDcember 1. 1979: 3 (d) Januaiy I, 1990, for waier supply wells and facilities corutructedand placedin srviceon or after Januarylt 1980. on or betore and December 1989:anL Jl. (e) Jaruary I, 1993, for water supply wells and facilities constucted and placedin serviceon or after JanuaryI, 1990, on or before ard Sptembr 1993. 9, (5) Prior to taking action on an applicationfor inducedgmund waler recharge,the directoi shall publish noriceof such application at the applicanfs expnse leastonc eachweek for three conseortiveweeksin a nexspaperof at generalcirculation in the areaof the slreamsgmnt and also in a ne*spaperof sldewide circulation. The notice shall stale that any prconhaving an interestmay, in writing, objtto the application. Any suchobjection shatl be filed with the department wilhin two weeksafter the final publicationof lhe notice. (6) Afur th director has acceptedthe application made under subsection(2) of this section as a completed application and published notice as required under subsection(5) of this section,the dircctor shall. if he or she determines a heatingis necessary, a time andplacefor a public hearingon th application. Th heanngshall that sel proximity 10 the area in which the wells are or would be located. At th haringthe be held within reasonable applicant shall presentall hydrologial drta and olher evidencesupponing its application. AII interestedpanies shall be allowedto teslili andpresentevidence relative to the application. (7) An unapprovedapplication pending on August 26, 1983, nay be amendcdto includc appropriation for intentionalunderground waterstorage rcoveryofsuch water. and (8) Application may be madeto the depsnmentfor a temporary permii to appropriate watcr. The samestandards for granting a prmanentappropnationshall apply for granting such temporarypermil cxcept whn the remporary permil is for road constructionor other public use constructionand the amountot watcr requcstcdis lessrhan len acre-feetin tolal volume. For tenporary permits for public-Ne construction,the applicant shall includ on ihe applicalion the location of the diversion, the location of use, a dscription of the project, the amounrof water requesicd, the personto contact.Temporarypermitsfor public-Ne construction for lcssrhanten acre-feelin and and total volume may be grantedvrithout any determinadon uuppropriared watcr and shall be considered be in the of to public interest.The requirementof filing a rnapor planswith ihe applicationfor a temporarypmit may b waived at ihe discretionoflhe director. In grantinga temporarypemit, the director shall spcciry a dateon which the right to approprhte water under the permit shall expire. Under no circumslances shall such date be longer than one calendaryear after the date the tmporarypermit was granted. Tmporaryprmi6 shall be administeredduring timesof shortage basdon priority. The righl to appropriat watershall auaoruticallyterminateon the dalspcified by the director on the tenporary permit widrout firther actionby the depanmnt. (9) Water may be divened from any stream,reservoir, or ctunl by any fre depattrnentor emergercyresponse servicesfor the purposeof extinguishinga fire in progressill an emergncy without obt ining a pemit fiom the departnent. The installation of a dry well for this purpose is allowed without th prior permission of the department, the deparhent shall b informed of any suchinstallaiio4 its location,and the pa(y responsible but for within thirty daysafferthe iruallation. its installationandmaintenance Source:kws 1919, 190,tit. VII, an. V, div.2, { 16,p.841; C.S.1922, 8435; C.S.1929, 8l-6316: c. $ $ LB R.S.1943, 46-233: In{r 1955.c. ll8, $ l, p. 513; Inws 1957, 198,$ l, p. 696: Inws 1983, 198,$ 7l c. $ Laws1993.LB789.l2i Laws2000.LB 900.{ 104;Laws 2001.LB 129.{ L ktas-1991,!Blq1.-!l;

No O 2005 Tbomson4ffest. Claim to Orig. U.S. Go''t. works.


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assessed, leviedand collected the lands within the distrirt so desiunated on an4 numbcred and for lhe bencfit of which dislrict such bond is Gsutd: nor shall any Lax levicd or collected tor Lhepayment ot said bond or bonds, or lhc in(erestt]lerpon,on any properly oursidelhe distri(L so numbered, dsignatdand benefited. The said board oI supervisorsshall, by re6olulion, provide for the issuancF and disposalof surh bonds and for the Davment oI interesLthpreon, the.reation of a sinking fund for the ultiiraie redemption thereof, and for l.he date and manner of the redemDtion of s a i d b o n d s . A s a m e n l ? , 1 . t a l s .t 9 ! 5 , ? e : t ! r 9 , 4 5 2 , S Bonds a lin on lands, when. SEc.33. Wheneverany s||ch drainage dislrict bonds shall be issued in accordance wiih lhe provisionsof this title, such bonds shall conslitule a lien upon all of the lsnds and improvements thereon withjn the boundaries of the district, and the board of supervisors of said distrjct shAll, from time lo timc, as hereinafterprovided,levy a sutlicienttax to pay the annual interest charge on such bonds,and rn addilion thereto such an amount as a sinking fund which shall, in the courseof eventsand ultimately, amount to a sufficipnlsum to redeemsaid bonds. Bonds, how signed. SEc.34. Each bond issuedas providpd for hy section32 ui this a(t shatl be signed by Lhe presidcntanJ decretaryof the said boxrd of sunervisors and be attestd by the county clerk, and said ounty clrk shall slso mak a crtified statement thereon, afiixing his seal of otlice thereto, of the totsl amount of assessments and rate of interesl it bears, plcdqed for th Davmcnt of sard honds and other bonds. if xny, '$ued; the date, numbci, denominationand time due of all bonds issucdwhich are o lien uDo[ the assessmentor installrnents of:lssessments of the district: when the assessments were ronfirmed by rhe county cnmmissioners, and the nuhber of acrcs ofl land in the dislrict against which said assessments were made. SEc. 35. This act shall take affect upon passageand approval. Land ownrs not disqutrlified. SEc.36. Nolhing in thir act conrainedshall bp hetd lo disoualifv. uoon lhe ground of interest,any person from bping chosenor appoiirtedto seive upon the board of supervisorsby reasonof his ownership of land wilhin said district, or being intcrested jn aaid drainage districl, and the Laxes Ievied or to be levied thereon. Added, Stats- 1915,77. Oraanized districts end "Nevada lrrigation District Act" not afrectd. SEc.?2. Nothing in this act shall be deemedto affecr anv drainase district heretofnreorganized, unlesl such district duly electsto iome und;r the provisioffi of the act as hereby emended; nor shall anylhing in this i'Nevada 4.t be conslrued as alTeclingin any way the provisions of the Irrigation District Act,"approved March 19, 1919. Addeil,Sio/s. t9t9, IsS. At 4.t' .onsp l;n! 1o thr use b,J lhe Uniled Sl,rtes Ameriru of Lo,ke Tohnc, its rualers,h,d, shotps,and .opobit;tUol vsp lot *spruiir purp.sps, in .u ncction u.;th lhe Ttx(kpp-Cotsotttt.lonatio Dtoieat uf Ihe trclat oltou sc,tite ol Lhe U led Slalp{
Arit'rovod d.,h 6, tll3, J5

Consenting to use of lakc-Proviso. SEcrtoN L Tbal for the purposeo, :ridirg rl'e Tru,l(""-Carson re.lAma. i'on projc.t now being.arriod ou! by I he recl{maiion sprvi.e oi I he Uniled Stats of .America,under fhe :rct of Congressapproled June 1?, 1902


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(32 Stat. p.384),known as the reclamation act, and acts amendatory thereof or supplementary thereto, consent is hereby given to the use by the Uniied States of America of Lake Taho, situated parUy in the State of California and partly in the State of Nevada, and the waters, bed, shores and capability of use for reservoir purposes thereof, in such manner and to such extent as the United Stat$ of America through its lawful agencies shall think propd for such purpose, and as fully as the State of Nevada conld use the samei proxided, lrcuel'er, Lhat the consent hereby given is without prejudice to any xistins rishts that pe.sons or corporations may have in Lake Taho or the T.uckee River. A1r Act rcletitt.g to th.ei$lnncc ol pennits loi the apprcpriation ol u&tei , x(|rcrc tlle uorks or dnA pa|t thereol to be coTrstru,cted lrder su.lL pel mits 01 th.e poin.t ol diocl sion or pLa.ce i,ntended, se, or dnll lratt ol thel eol are sihid'ted uitlLout tlle Stdte of Neuada.
rt ' n , ! e d M a r h 2 2 , t ! ) 1 3 ,! 5 6

Rgardirlg Dermit3 for wstr-Excepaions. SEc'rIoN l. That no prmit for th appropriation of lvater shall be denied becaus of th fact that the Doint of diversion described in the application for such permit, or any portion of the works in such application described and to be constructed for the purpose of storing, conserving, diverting or distributing such water, or becausethe place of intended use, or the lands to be irdgated by such water, or sny part thereof, may be situated in any other state, when such state authori?B th rliversion of wetr Irom such shte for use in Nevsda, but in all such caseswhere either the point ol diversion or any of such works or the place of intended use, or the lands, or part of the lands to be irrigeted by means of such water, are situated within the State of Nevada, the permit shall issue as in other cass. Dxcept thst it shall not purpod to authorize the doing or refraining from rny sct or thing, in connection with the system of approprietion, not properly within the scope of the jurisdiction of the State of Nevsda, and the state enginer threof, to grant. AI A(t to ] .oopet'ation in dcmisition, conshu.ction dnd fot M..nt of ilf igdtion enal.tL'tainnge uorks between iiigaLion o1!/a.rri2elor eristillg ndeT or blt tirtue ol the IauB ol tlrc N.uada, and contiguolLsor adioining, dirtrich ot gonized nler ol othar ststes' irir3 ,\tjt,r0v.d MN,tr2't.r0r0, managedisti icts State ol tlrc la.|l's

Mlry make agreements wilh districts of adjoining stetes. SEcIIoN l It shall be lawful for irrigation districts organizador exist, ing under or by virtue of the laws of the State of Nvada to nter into asrcments !vith contisuous adjoinins irrisation districts in other states for the joint construction,acquisilion,managemehtand control of diverting, impounding or distributing works for the irrigation or drainage of tbe lands within the boundades of their respective districts. What contracts shall contnin. SEc.2. Such agreements may be evidenced written contractsexecuted by on behalf of their rspectiv boards of directors or trustees, or by resolu ti.'ns entered upon thir respective minutes. Such contracts or certified copies thereof and cediffed copis of such resolutions shall be recorded in the office of the county recotder in aoh county in which is situated any of the hnrls of sairldistricts or.!ny of the reseNoir sites or other rerl propcrtv owoedby s^id districts or acquiredunder the provisions this act. of

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stlte for the determinationof a fight or rights to the useof water of any stream, all personswho claim the right to use the watels of such stre&m of and the stre;m system which it is a part shall be madeparties. When rnv such suil has been filed, tbe court shall, by jts order duly enterd, surveyof hydrographic to diiect the slale engineer furnish a complete in 20 whichsurveyshallbe msdeas provided seotion suchslreamsystcm, dsts necessary [he delermjna' [o oI this act,in orderto oblainell physical oh The cost of suchsuit, includingLheco8ta rion of th rishLeinlJolved. againsteachol shall be charged behalfof theitale and o[ suchsurveys, the Drivatepartiestherelo in proportionto the smount of weter right allotipd. In the caseof any such suit now pndingor.hereaftercomof in lhe mcnccd samemsy aL any time after its incepl,ion, the discretion the court, b trensferred to the state enginerfor dterminationaBin this act provided. Appropriation for hydrographicfund. SEc.46. For the purpose of advancing th money required for any and se1 surveysso ordered6y the courl, there is hPrebyapplopriated aoart. from sny monets in the stat lreasury not otherwiseappropriatd' l.o dollars($6,000) be knownas the hvdrosrsphic the sum of ffvethousand fund. Suchfund shall be usedonly for tund, whichshall b s continuous incurred, mate' or expenses rehdered, of lhe Davment claimFIor services furnished under the direction of the strte engineer in riale and suooties it'" "tos""uiii,n of said work, which clairrls shall be psid bv the st8te upon certiflcates of r.".iur"r on warrantsdrawn by the siata controller the state enqiner. The amounts paid by the partiN to said suit, on accountof said survevs.shall be paid into soid hydrogrephicfund. "Stream system" deffnd. r'stresm system," es wed in this act, sh&)l b SEc.4?. The words with its trlbutaries and 8ll A3 intprDreted includingahy stream,together of stren;s or bodies waler to whichthe sammay be tributary "Person" detined. SEc,48. The word "petson," where used in this act, includesa corpo_ the United Stets,the stEte,trs well as a natural ration. sn associalion, Derson. "State enginet"deffned. "state engineer" are used in this ect it SEc.49. Wherever th words to mean the state engineer or any duly authorized shall be demed ^ssistant. Claimantsmrst fuinish bltre-pdnts. SEc.50. The stste ensineershall heve power to make ahd enforcesuch reasonable r'ulps and reiulationsfor the furnishingof claimank of blueof Drints of DorticularDercels land shownon the map preparedby the or surveys ahd.examinstions. staie engirieer,and fdr such supplementary quchinroeclion the slateengineer, may be tequirecl, the eno tral to as bv observations andlurveys of the state engineertnay be made,in so far as practicable,availableto the claimontsfor attachmntto the proofB to be liled by them, Engineerto iss|leccrtificates'whn, SEc.51. UDon the final determinationof the relative rights in and to rhFw^fprsof;ny streamsyalem, shallbe the duty of the stateengineer it a in lu issuelo enchDerson represenl,ed suchdetermination certifi.aleto selting and be sianed suchrtate enqineer, bearingth sealof his omce, bv rddressof lhe ownerol lhe risht, lhe da(e fortlithA n;me and Doslollice

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o! any water diverted Jrom the sourc of supply, under the penalties prescribedby law fo! the openingof hesd-gates la\^'fully closeduntil the requirements lhe slateengineer l,osuchhead-gate, of as flume, measuror ing device have beencomplied with. and if any owner or managerof a reservoir located across the bed of s naturrl stream, or of a reservoir whichrequires useof a naturalstrpsmchannel, the shallneglect refuse or to put in such messuring devicesfter ten (10) d&ys' notice by the stst engineer,such state engineermey open the sluice-gateor outlet of such reservoir and the sameshsll not be closedunder the Denalties the lsw of for changing inter[eringwil,hhead-gates, or unl,iltheiequiremenkof the state engineeras to such measuringdevices are compliedwith. Engineeror assist&nts may arrest violetors. SEc.57. The state engineeror his sssistantsshsll heve power to arrest any prsonviolating any of the provisionsof this act, snd to turn them over to the sheriff, or o[her competentpolice omce! within the county, and immedialely deliveringany such person so arresled into the on custodyof the sheriff, it shall lre the duty of said state engineer,or his rssistant making such orrest to immediately,in writing, &nd upon oath, make complaint before the justice of the peaceagsinst the person so Penaltis violation. for SEc.58. Any person violatingany of the provisions this &ct shall be of deemed guilty of a misdemeenor, upon convictionthereof shall be 6ned and in a sum not lessthan twenty-frvedollars ($26), nor more than two hun(ired and fifty dollars ($260), together with the costs, or imprisoned in the countyjail not exceeding months,and not lss th&n ten (10) deys, six or by both such fine and imprisonmnt. Methodof appropriation. SEc.69. Any corporationauthorizedto do business this state, or any in citizen of the ltnited States,or any person who has legslly declaredhis intention to becomesuch, over the age of twenty-one years, desiting to appropriateany of the public waters, or to chengethe pleceof divrsion, manner of use or placeof useof water already approprioted,shall, before performing any work in connectionwith such applopliation, change in placeof diversionor chqngein manner or plsce of use, make an epplication to the stgte engineerfor a permit to male the a me; ptooideil, Lhet any person under the age of twenty-one years wbo ho8 served or shall hereafter servein the army of the United Statesduring the presentemergencyshall be entitled t! the samerights hereunderas others over twentyone years of ag possess;proxided,fwther, that no essignmentof any water permit or applicationshsll be valid for any purposeunlessmade to one euthorizedhereunderto acquirethe samein the fir8t instance. No applicationshall be for the water of more than one sourceto be used ior rnore than one purpose; prot)iiled,hobeoer,that individual domestic use may be includedin any application with the other use named. Each applicationfor a permit to appropriate water shall contain the following information; (a) The name and postoffice eddressof the applicant, and if the applithe cant be a corporation, date and placeof incorporation. (b) The nameof the sourcefrom *hich the appropriation is to be mqde. (c) The amount of water which it is desired to appropriate, exprssed in terms of cubicfeet per second, exceptin applicationfor permit to store in water, wherthe amountshall be expressed acre-feet. (d) The purposefor which the applicationis to be made. (e) A substnntially accurate of description thc locAlion the placeat of

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and if any of such water which the water is to be divertedfrom its source, is to be returned to the source,a descriptionof the locationof the placeof (f) A deccriptionof the proposedworks. {s) The estimaled costof suchworks. ssid works,and the esti. time requiredt6 construct th) The ectimated the applicationof the water to beneficial maled time requiaedto complete (j ) The signature lhe applirantor his properlyauthorized agent. of the shall contain, for irrigaif ln additionto lhe foresoins, applicatjon tion purposes, exceptin caseof applicationfor permit to store water, the number of acres to be irrigsted and s decription by legal subdivisions, possrble, De rrrlgaled; lr ror the where possible, the lands to be irrigated; if for power purposes,tne ol of location of the vertical head under which the water will be applid, the I proposedpo{er-house,end. as near as mav be. the use to which the said may be, urooosedoower-house. end, power is to be rpplied; if for municipsl supply, or for domesticuse, the ipproximate number of personsto be served,and the approximatefuture the proposedmethod of applying requirements; if for mining purposes, anA utilizing the water; if for stock-wateringpurposer,the approximste wsteredi Durpoae number and chsrscter of snimals to be watered; if for any purposecon-

remtlaling lhe storageof wsters, in addition to the informatjon required in applicationsnsming the said purpose,it shall give the dimensionsand location of th proposed dsm, the cspacity of the proposed reservoir and a descriptionof the land to be submergedby the impoundedwaters. Every aDplicntionfor permrt to changethe place of diversion,manner of use or plare of use of water already appropriated,shell contain such informetion As may bp necessaryto a full understandinS of the proposed change ss msy bp required by the state pngineer. All applications for permit shall be aecomDAnied followed by such maps and drawings and such other data or by rs mav hereafterbe prescribed the state enginer,and such accompanyStals. ing data shelf be considered as part of the applicallon, As ernenaled, 1 9t 9 , 7 1 . Duties of enginr. SEc.60. Upon receipt of an application, which shall be upon a blank form to be prescribed by the stste engineer, snd supplied the appllcent withoul. charqp, it shall be th duly of the stat engineer to make an endorsement ahereonof the date of its receipt, end to kep a record of the same. If upon examination the application i3 found to be defctive, it shall be returned for correction or completion with advice of the reasons

therefor, and the date of the return thIeof shall be ndorsedupon the

'.nli.aiioh application and made e rpcord of his office. No aDDlicetion shall lole its his office. No applicetion shall lose its and rnade a record priority of ffling on sccount of such defech; prooid.ed,,lhe application, properly corrected and accompanied such map3 and drswings as may properly correctedand accompanied by such map3 and drswings as may by

(60 be required, is filed in the omce of the stst engineerwithin sixty (60) deys from the dote of said return to opplicant. Any applicstion returne on returned
loi correction, or completion, not refiled in proper form within the Beid sixly dnys shall be.anceled. AII applicationswhich shall comply with the provisions of the act shall be recorded in a suitable book kept for that puipose. Publication of notice of apDlication. SEc.61. When any application is filed in compliance with this act th state ngineer shall, within thirty (30) days, at the expense oI the applicant, to be paid in advance as herein provided, publish or cause to be publishcd, in some newspape! having a general circulstion, and printed


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sh^ll bp authorizpd,on receiprthereof. io proceedwiLh the ronslruction of lhc neressarysorls ^nd to Iake all sleps required to apply Ihe water ro beneficial use and to perlct the proposed appropriation. If the application is refused, the applicant shall take no steps toward the prosecution of the proposed vr'ork or tbe diversion and use of the public w;ter so long as such refusal Ehall continue in force. What state engineer may require. SEc. 64. Before either approving or rejecting the application, the state engineer may requir such sdditionsl informtrtion as will enable him to properly guard the publjc interest, and may in case of application proposing to divert more than l,encubic leet per secondof water require a statement of the following facts: In case of incorporaledcompaniesh may require the submission of the erticl$ of incorporetion, and names and the places of residence of directors and omcers, end the amount of its Aulhorized&nd of its paid-up capilsl. If the applicant is not sn incorpor&led company,he may require a statementas lo the name or nemesof ihe p&rty or parties proposing to construct the work, and a showing of fscts necessaryto nable him to determine whether or not they hsve the finsncial sbility to carry out the proposed work, and y/hether or not the ssid application has bn msde in aood faith. To fix time of beginning constructlon-Ertension, when-Proviso, SEc. 65. In his endorcement of approval upon any spplication the state ngineer shall set A time prior to which actusl construction work shall begin, which shall not be more than on yesr from the dete of such approval; and that work shall be prosecuted diligntly snd uninterruptedly to cohpletion unles3 temporarily interrupted by the elements; s time prior to which the construction ol the ssid works must be completed. which shall be within five yeers of the dot of such approvql, and a time prior to which the cornplete applicstion of weter to s beneficial use must be made, which time shall not exceed tn years from the dete of the said approval. He may limit the applicsnt to a less amount of water than thst applied for, to a lss period of time for the cornDletionof work, and a less period of time for the perfecting of the application thsn named in tb application. Th stete enginer shall have suthoiity, for good cause shnwn, to extcnd thA lime wilhin which construction work shall becin. qithin whi.h conqtr ction work shall be completed. watcr applied to a or henefirial usp, undFr any permit therefor issued by said state inginepri ptol)iled, hor|oer, that application for such extension must in aI cases be made prior to the time set in the applicationtimiting the period which it is desiredto extend. ,^pplications mny be ecRigned-Resirictions. SE..66. Any anpli.ation for permit, or any permit to appropriate \\'alcr, may ba ^saignFdsubjecl lo the conditions of the nprmit, but no such rs\isnment shall be binding exceptbetwepnthe parties{hcreto,unless hlcd tor re.or'l in thc officeof the statc engincer. Slatements of progress to be fild-Failure to file statements, penalties for. SEc.67. lt shall be thc duLy of sny person ho)ding a permil from thp stalA enginpcr, on or beforc thirty (30) days afler t]re date set for th commen.Fmenl work as endorsedlbereon, and at other times recuired of by 1}leql^te pnginpor,{o lilc with thp state cngineer t_he statemen!s;ttins lorlh Ihp timF whpn, ihp place wherc, and lhe amount of such work aa may have been prformed by him lhereundr in connection with such appropriation, and it shall be the further duty of the aDplicant wjthir


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of lhiltv (30) davsafler the dtte se( for the completion suchwork to.file, wnlch stareof said worksas actuallyconstruclecl' in detail. description a ment shall be verineaby the affidavltof the applicant'his agent'or hrs "tLo,fl,lld "nu aoDlicant fail, prior to the date set for such filing- in his ol proof of commencement work' fiie \iith lhe stateengineer ii'"ii"iiriir'" ".ti'i"oiicant raii io file iithin thirlv (30) davsof the dal'e of set orior to which pioof o[ complelion the work must be made'Bald o.oJf oi "o-pt"rion'of work, ss hereinbeforeprovided,the state engineer mall' advisethe holderof said permit' by.legrstered ;hall. in eithdrcase,
howeuet' tnar ror shall be had thereunder; prouteleu' Iurther Droceedinss application made prior to the explrallon or,rne oood cariseshown, upon ;eriod for filing said instrument, the state engineer .may,.tn hls drscretlon' in which to tlle sald InstrumenLs' ;rant a Iurther extensionof time May require proofs of good faith' s'"". de. fi, in the judgment of the stste engineer, the holder.of anv In n.rhit fo sDDroDrialP Dublicwal,eri3 not proceedlng gooo raltn anq lhe to perfcct said appropriation' the stale englneer i"ith reosori"th'a'tig"nce

:lli:'i ff'ff and lii.',"'iff "'i,l',ti',trff 'ihe seidpermit shall-becanceled lll:t iff "iiie lfl: "#'31'"ilf "J'i '""iiTl"l "nelnicr, .miii"ii*-lti-it'" -no

as of itme rr'eiuumission iirch proofandevidence mav il;;d;i;&;;t "n"G"""v with the"l8w,,snd. lqf i$tl::i sirowa compliance to t" !\9 iiriiii it'" t,"ia"r "r "ajd

said.matter, considerins after'dulv shsll, otf il,i,i""Lt"t#il';"ll3"liil permit, snd the cancer ll"''-il3tt:a.3"Jr"';tr'in:"l,liT;";,"'llrtiatio'n, said permitof suidcancelstion'
Staternent on application-Form and procedure' permit.for of SEc.69. On;r before the date set in the endorsement a state

use, t|,i "ripiii'ri"" "i *iGi to beneficial or on the deteset bv the it therefor, shallbe.the application eirlension a ,rnae. proper engin'el,r "for

duiv of anv nersonhotding & permit from the stateengineerto &pPToprlate ihe"oubticwiters of the slate of Neveda,to changethe placeol dlverslon' oi-tfr"Ininn"" or place of use,to 6le with the state engineeta slalmen[ ii,,ii" iiifl. * a f;rm prescribedby the state ngineer,whirh statement "n?',t,'t**;." addressof the person makins such proof and postoffice i2i The numberand dste of lhe permit for \thlch proot ls maoe'

is the works which water conbv [l] 4i: i""li:"StrYSt""i,i"io3lt;tn* o"f;3u+f"tX""*'l:i"[X"l.igin^t to whom permit issued was lhe p"""on


ie i iiii putp*" fot *ftic-h the,water is used res of land upon whi.h the tJ"lil"T'if1ti:"iii;f

il];'ft "ts)

the name ot said person) of the wal,erdlverted tor aucn use

wlen possible' i,iol ;";" leg;l subdivisions grvrng person' (takenby some competent meaiuremenl in aciual

the usea; i.",? bnenciauv givins same *:L

used. beneficially

nume, dirch orrhe pipe, [?i,"ii#H*1.:i'l]i'[x"]s"xt"{;:':1"'x;irv
the between in sracland the differnce elevation


waterhasbeen ir them, which namins months,


Case 1:01-cv-00591-FMA

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rhe ttl^ "rii:.qv.i,r{{:ri"l"ri}ii""""'ilr,l'}1,,"*l"T::ni,li',i'J: iiii'"i:alr. "i it'; "t;tr engine"rmav rcquireto a.cquain


y of amounr waterbeneficia used,


fih',' ;i,$;;i";?;;,";;;riJi",ii:;.\'l.l"l-St,r,B:":{"i:**,.AIT'fX "lsil:."'^ liii'i'i"i""il;'rl't[*l ir'*li t" nt"owirhthe,state -",1:P^ln
to the tt;1 iiili,.',i"ii'lil"l,;'l'itri'ii *lt 1""J ,"11t1'qy.19-1"et inch, the accuracv followins: ;ith subslantial i;

ancr bounds -i'."tiY"ll':#t?1!'';etes +l?"":|'",-"ii\l"xli.Yn;li:"XTilf, i'fi somecorner,whenposslDlP' lhe sourceof su lrom, from

cross)?,*tjtlll"?"-l'"',f3":iflt ii: *lit'i'*lnJli; w*h
or in grade thedifference elevation thetsrminiof anil

if, : :liHlxtx,iJ*it::i.'.i,Lt.^:ili:"sfli "im*{'n:i:*li'i",1:H, i','rTiilTfSl;-"
''i during ihe or ;i+rT';iliii:J'iil}':r ;?t3:'i'"tl'*?ff canarconduit thtilr".T;u;$i"{"x'-iff'l-*xl""if survevor makins orenginepr "r rhe

itiilry:fi ;*.:l[*i,x li:';'ll'11".,'"H1fr #i;, .l,l;.ir"'?riil: ilt
hfLll::l-ifl l*i;,ulrl":*l;tt :lll:';",''ill"if, *1,.'"1,1*l,iil

::fi#t'ilt:i;"t"Tli'"ui}:$;**:"*"'w'fi i"ii$1-4:{3ilr g.'*li
May refus laultY maP. to acc.ptfor sEc.70. The state engineermay' ln his discretion. refuse sucn map not conforming with tho foregoing Provl$ons sno fiting, any maxe' He may, in his discretion'requlre rules and regulationsas h mey. rdd;tional data to be placed thereon' and may make Proper Provrsron therefor. Penalty for fnls swearing. '

liliui:i.ln ;ff#","11i?","1""';'"'ll"$"i;t:l!U: J"f"i$iil!ii ;xl!"ii":'i'"'31'l $'"ll'* "J"T ::i$ r"i,**Llilnri'lti Hi' :l"i'j"&:ttili :llii ;l'A1T'J"I'"'|""JH!: *idi,i;:lli;i":nr*i,iil$"ilR":i"f be hed threundr.

dtuii*ar""; ft" "i