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Date: December 31, 1969
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.-\()88 (Rey. 1i9·l1Suhpoe11a 111 at (.`1vi|L.1se
Case i :05-cv—OOO53-GIVIS D0cumei·1’t“25° Filed 06/O 05 P 1 f 2
UNITED sTATEs msrmcr cofiifii age °
v. Case Number 05-53 GMS
TO: * Records Keeper for: Ryder Integrated Logistics, Inc., c/o Corporation Service Company,
2711 Centerville Road, Suite 400, Wilmington, DE 19808\
YOU ARE COMMANDED to appear in the United States District Court at the place, date. and time
specified below to testify in the above case.
l’l.[\(`li ()l· TESTIMONY t`t1l'kTR()()M
l)-\Tl. .\Nl1'l`IMl:
Cl YOU ARE COMMANDED to appear at the place. date. and time specified below to testify at the
taking of a deposition in the above case.
l’l..i\(`1i (1I* lJEl’()SlTl()N ` 1).\I`I{AN11TlML
FQYOU ARE COMMANDED to produce and permit inspection and copying of the following documents
or objects at the place. date. and time specified below (list documents or objects):
*Deponent RYDER INTEGRATED LOGISTICS, INC. is to produce a copy of any and all records
concerning claims made by RICHARD F. WHITE, JR., under Claim No. DE10007200, DE10006640
or any other claim number.
NOTE: Your appearance is waived if the records are received in this office by the date of the
l’l .\t‘1. l1i\ 1`1. ANU ‘1‘1M1
TYBOUT, REDFEARN & PELL. 300 Delaware Avenue, I1"` ,
Floor, \rvIIl\lIllgI()I'I, I)E 19801 TUZOOS
Cl YOU ARE COMMANDED to permit inspection of the following premises at the date and time
“ specified below.
l’l Any organization not a party to this suit that is subpoenaed for the taking of a deposition shall designate
one or more officers. directors. or managing agents. or other persons who consent to testify on its behalf.
and may set forth. for each person designated. the matters on whic erson will testify. Federal Rules
(I]CCl1`l[ Procedure 30(b)(6).
|S$lllN(i l’.\R’l`Y`S Sl(iN.i\TliRli .·\Nl) `l`l'l`l.l. t|Nl1|(`.\ l`l Il .\l`l<>RNlYl”(1Rl’1.i\lN'I`Ill`<)Rl)1;IiIlNl)ANT» l)·\Tl; -
Attorney for Federal Express (jorporution Jum 7, 2005
l1`:ic11o1n 1s|7Ul1L.11l1Q lllk1lSIl`1Cl l\lI1Ul 11111l1L1l\lllt.1U1 l~\l1il11uL', *1.111; \Il\1I1UIlll1L1Cl'lT11§Ul1'll111CI

:-~—— e-»———r—:-:·:-·~ €.··r·* i. • -r “` ` • . •• ••l — age 2 of 2
SERVED DATE June 8 2005 Pl-Wl? Cofpofatlofl SGI`VlC€ Compally
r . .
(3,18 P M 2711 oenterv1lle Road, Su1te 400
•~ 0 O ) • g
W1lm1ngton, Delaware 19808
seizvep on rrntm Master gartrhétz ghgserzvirg th f
_ Y G lV€I‘1I'1g B COpy €f€O to B p€1CSO1’t of
Ma Tr Drummond ro ect ma a er . . . , .
rv ' ’ P J n g su1table age and d1scret1on·t.then employed therel
(as r istered a ent for · d . so . ·. ....‘
SERVED av rrnint iwuaei rms
Jeffrey L. Butler process server
I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of Delaware that the foregoing irtformattot
contained in the Proof of Service is true and correct.
Executed on J111'1€l`8r 2005 IM 5 ., ,.
_ .lregal Be les, Inc.
P.O. Box 886

New Castle, Delaware 19720-0886
(302) 322-9897


Rule 45. Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. Parts C & D
(cl Protection of Persons Subject to Subpoenas.
lll A party or an attorney responsrble for the issuance and (lvl subiects a person to undue burden,
service of a subpoena shall take reasonable steps to avoid imposing
undue burden or expense on a person suhrect to that subpoena. The (Bl ll a subpoena
court on behalf of which the subpoena was lssued shall enforce this lil requires disclosure of a trade secret or other confldenti
duty and impose upon the party or attorney rn breach of tlus duty an research, development, or commercial information, or
appropriate sanction which may lnclurle_ but is lint limited to, lost (lll requires disclosure of an unretalned eXpert`S Opinion
earnings and reasonable attorneys fee. information not describing specific events or occurrences
t2llAl A person commanded to produce anti permit inspection dispute and resulting from the expert's study made not at tl
and copying of designated books. papers. documents or tangible request of any party, or lrrrl requires a person who is not a pa
thrngs or rnspectron of premises need not appear rn person at the or an offrcer of a party to incur substantial expense to travel mo
place of production or inspection unless ccirttrtiatttltzd t0 appear lor than 'IOO miles
deposition, hearing or trial. to attend trial;
(Bl Subject to parrtttrrlplt tllll2l rtf this rule. tI D€f§»rOl\ _
commanded to producertmd Dermlt inspection and copying may. the Court may, to protect a person sublect to or affected by ti
within `I4 days after service of the sulitioentl or lielnre the trltte subpoena, quash or modify the subpoena or, if the party in who
specified for compliance if such time rs less than 14 rlavs alter behalf the subpoena rs issued shows a substantial need for tl
Service. serve upon the party or atlnllwy lfr·s» written obiectron to inspection or copyrng uf any or all of the hardshrp and assures that the person to whom the subpoena
designated materials or of the premises ll obiectron rs made. lhe addressed wrll be reasonably compensated. the Court may orc
party serving the subpoena shall not be entitled to rnspect and copy appearance or production only upon specified conditions.
the materials or inspect the QIEIINISES except pursuant to an ordel of
the Court by which the subpoena was issued. lf oblection has been ld) _ Duties ln Responding to Subpoena.
made, the party serving the subpoena may, ·.r=on notrce to the person 4 i
commanded to produce. move at any time fo ran order to compel the lll A person responding to a subpoena to produce documei
production. Such an order to compel lt uctton shall protect any shall produce them as they are kept rn the usual course of businr
person who is not a party or an offrc¤=· · a party from significant or shall organtze and label them to correspond with the categories
expense resulting from the rnspect»o· ctlpvirtr; commanded. the demand.
(3l(Al On timely motion. the Cot -ry \Nl\ICll a subpoena was
issued shall quash or modify the subp. —. ‘ ·t i2l When information sublect to a subpoena is withheld or
(ll lr! 4 to allow reasonable tln:· otnplrrince, clarm that it is privileged or subject to protection as trial preparat
(rr) requires a person who is not .. , .rty ur an nlflcer of a rnatnrials, the claim shall be made expressly and shall be suppor
party to travel to a place more than 100 miles from the place where by a description of the nature of the documents. communications
that person resides, is employed or rt·riularl-.r· busrness in lhrnqs not produced that is sufficient to enable the demanding pa
person, except that, sublect to the provrsrons or clause lcll3llBlli•rl of to contest the
this rule, such a person may in order to attend trial be commanded to claim.
travel from any such place within the state in the trial is held,
lir:l requires disclosure of prrwleged or other -rnter:ted
.... -..4 ...2 -..........-.. .—» ...·...r¤» nrvxfrnc nr