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Date: December 31, 1969
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State: Delaware
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Author: unknown
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Case 1 :05-cv-00037-SLR Document 78 I§_i|gq(Q|@{g]_/QQQEQE mlfagle Itugfl JU N LM, F I RM
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Illil N. Market St., Sth Floor, P1`}. Hoi: SEER · `wilmingtnn, DE l'}S'}'}·l*Ei·iZ·ii·i E?"_“‘t'**`“"
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`|.‘¤Il;I11L"| e.:
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Direct Dial: 3D2-552-4302 PWM, _
Email: kjeonnors-@mdn*eg.eom
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The Honorable Sue L. Robinson mmmmm
U.S. Distriet Court
344 bl. King Street
iioeic I-lm: El
Wilmington, DE 19801
Re: Harry Eianioel v. CMS
Civ. No: tl5—i}3$·‘—SLR
Dato of Loss: Er9r'lJ?fti4 to U?.-’Uli’tJ5
Uttt File Noi lE·2Ei2—UUl62
Dear Judge Robinson:
Do June I4, Etitio, I’|sintiiT tiled a Response to the ivlotion ot`ZDefendant, Correetional lvledieal Setviees,
Ine., to Distniss*l`s Attieitded Complaitit. PlaintiFPs arguments in his llesponse are a teitetatien ofthe
arguments in his Complaint and rioneiided Complaint. Sinee Plaintit`i`s argument that Correctional Medical
Services, lne. ["CMS"] did not provide a filling t`ot his tooth Hot tivo inontiis remains unehsnged and no nevv
infonnation was pro vided, Defendant, EIMS, rests on its Motion to Disniiss arguing that Flaintii`t` s Complaint be
dismissed for failure to state a elaiin upon wliieh relielniay be granted and will not {ile a Reply to Plaintii‘Ps
` Respoetiiully yours,
/ q~·‘C'·` _`,•·*—-1·*·-·L""ih"'i.·:€:`l-·
Kevin I. C js
eet Harry Sainuel
Daniel L. Jvleléentv, l-Esquire
Dana Spring Ivionzo. Esquire
is-‘1uJ"eia Statiiitd, `Westem Litigation Speeialists