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nuvsgnyuur I-¤|'\••|\l I-JGICIIIRIU \•IUI|G\•\I\JHG| \1G|Il·D'I |JGU.7• UUfQ HQUUU
1n1g4·|3 Case 1 :05-cv-OOO33—G|\/IS Degymegriilihg R¤acFiIed O3/O2/2007 Page 1 of 2
` SMYRNA DE, 19977 `
Phoneft: 302-653-9261 .
tiiiia TDRDT
—·‘I ;, ·-·.·-_ 1 -·—‘ `=’' .·
Feeilitw occ Delaware correetierrer Center Feliewup Required w
Incident Location: Bldg.23 A Tier
I-¤¤¤Ki¤I”I D¤5¤I'iPi|¤¤i Walkway between building 23 and building 24
iolated Conditions: 1,0z,rznn_zn1 Assaurt
1.05I200.225 Demonstrations {Strike)
1.06I200.203 Disorderly or Threatening Behavior
1.17I2U0.215 inciting a Riot I
2.U6I200.108 Failing to Obey an Order
Description of Incident: `
On May 31 st, 2004 at approximately 1025 hours, I CIO Wood, James was in building 24 preparing to run chow with CIO
Hamrick, David while observing building 23 A tier coming up to chow hall B, l CIO Wood heard CIO Adams, Carlton call for
backup on the walkway to building 23. Upon responding with CIO Hamrick, I CIO Wood observed a group of inmates
gathered around CIO Adams as he was attempting to have IIM Quattlebaum, Vincent shi #=*·put his hands behind his
backto be cuffed. At that time CIO Harnriclt began to assist, CIO Adams ln putting IIM Quatllebaum‘s hands behind his back.
At that time IIM Quattlebaum jerked away and became extremely offensive towards CIO Hamrick and CIO Adams, immedlatley
CIO Hamrick subdued IIM Quattlebaum and myself CIO Wood applied handcuffs to IIM Qualtlebaum with the assistance of CIO
Payne, Eric. At this time all of the other Inmates on the walkway became disorderly and other officers began to arrive
Including CIO Oney, Rastafari; CIO Phillips, Marvin. IIM Porter, Ruben shi#*then proceeded towards the chow hall
and slammed the door at that end of the walkway stating "we aint fucking going nowhere." The other lfivls on the waik were all
being disorderly and failing to move along as told. These IIMs included IIM Nelson, Craig Shi It- UM BQITIGS. CWFUIGY
sbl ____ __ enor, Jamah si:ii#·, IIM Brock, Marcus sbi1§nd IIM Flowers, Damon ____ _ _ _
= --.-. It‘ --ti‘ ··-;-·` it. tir, -,;,-.· 6 ‘’.‘
yldgncg Type: wb Dale COIIBDIIECII MA
r Iscovered By tggt Secured By: gg
R9SU'3if\t$ Used I handguffg
rnmediate Action Taken:
subdued and isolated, area It notified I I
,`,! ‘-.€ -? -`I‘ ii ‘.i I
Iiiei iii
— eteren, Oney N . NIA _ onectional Officer
eerie, renmrpe _ urn onectional omeer _ j
ric, Payne G _ . NIA O CorporalISgt. - Large Inst.
taff arlton, Adams _ NIA . rrectional Ofhoer _ _
@ avid, aemraetr s nin erre r ei Officer _
w ames, weed c _ NIA rreetr nei O cer
amone, Flowers E ! __ I IA
e¤=¤e·Br¤<=i amah, Grosvenor K L IA
urtney, Bames L l ` I A
reig, Nelson C - ` I IA _
5 tate uben, Porter - -1 IA
` nmate noent, Quattlebaum R _ [___ "Q A
° FPQTUUQ gmt-ici`: Wood, James C (Correctional Officer} Entered Bytwgnd James C [Correctional Officer]
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IEHL.¤""""" '''' ` Case 1 :05-cv-OOO33—G|\/IS “""""" ' - ` `" ` /O2/2007 Page 2`6'f? " """"’
SMYRNA DE, 19977
Phonelf: 302·653·9261
IIIE K EETI fi cz=;
-.· .. · ‘- = .. ....;; ·- ·- ·‘·— - --- · s. X Approved [;]Disappr0ved Date: U5!31f2004 APPF¤\'*-td bt'? Belanggr, Joseph gShift Commander - Large Inst.]
Comments: The following inmates have been transferred to 1B Isolation as a result of this incident:
mu Vincent Quattlegbaum-QE
um Rueben Pcner
_ vm cnunney esmes
!.-'F-.-I Jarnah Grosvenor -—-».---- -
IJM Marcus Brock
Iflvt Damone Flowers Q
While investigating this matter with all staff involved, it was determined that UM Craig Nelson did not involve himself
- In a manner that warranted .a transfer to pre·hearing detention. He was a by slander white the incident took place.
Duputy Waron Elizabeth Burris has been notihed of this incident and authorized the transfer of all named Inmates
_ to 18 Isolation. .