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State of Minnesota
County Judicial District: Court File Number: Case Type: Civil

District Court

___________________________________________ ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________ Plaintiff vs. ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________ Defendant

Affidavit in Support of Order to Show Cause (Minn. Stat. 588.04)

State of Minnesota County of
(County where Affidavit signed)

) ) )


, the Judgment Creditor / Judgment Creditor's Attorney (circle one) in the above named matter, makes the following statement under oath/affirmation: Check one box

That the Judgment Creditor filed a Request for Order for Disclosure and that an Order for Disclosure was issued by the Court on . That the Judgment Creditor's Attorney mailed a Demand for Disclosure to the Judgment Debtor , at
(address, city, state, zip)

(Debtor's name)



That more than ten (10) days have gone by, plus time allowed for mailing, and if a Demand for Disclosure was mailed, it has not been returned as undeliverable; That the Judgment Debtor has failed to provide the information requested by the Order / Demand for Disclosure; and That the judgment has not been satisfied; Therefore, the Judgment Creditor / Judgment Creditor's Attorney (circle one) asks the Court to issue its Order, directing the Judgment Debtor to appear and show cause, if any, why the Court should not find the Judgment Debtor in civil contempt for intentionally failing to obey the Order / Demand for Disclosure. Dated:
Signature (Sign only in front of notary public or court administrator.)

Sworn/affirmed before me this Day of , .

Name: Address: City/State/Zip:

Notary Public \ Deputy Court Administrator JGM303 State ENG Rev 7/09

Telephone: (

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