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Case 3:07-cv-02769-JL Document 16 Filed 06/01 /2007 Page 1 of 1
isji E- ·._‘ :2 `.`. Q, `‘__ _: _.‘‘ Q` _`‘` §`= _‘_‘ Richard T. Bowles David W. Trotter
._ ‘ -_ Z, ` MichaelRVerna ason . rans o
=Z`j.. .-.: ·_ '·.' _'_' Robert l. Westerfield l3radi5y(l;<. Boiligs
° l - .’ l . r l -. l ·c Ric?iardA.Er 0 awrenceD. od er
K.R’£}ear¤ Hafpcr ltlilliam T.Na(;ld b S
Mary [Z Sullivan Cathleer. 5. Huang
Kemieth G. jones Brian D. Horwitz
Charles S. Goldman Michael R Connolly
Kennetlw B. McKenzie Steven R McFarlane
J-unc 1, Veronica Ann O. Benigno
The Hon. James Larson
United States Magistrate Judge
450 Golden Gate Avenue
Courtroom F, 15th Floor
San Francisco, California 94102
Attention: Mr. Wings Hom, Courtroom Deputy
Re: Frank Nemirofsky v. S.K. Kim and STV Asia Ltd.
(N. D. Cal. Case No. Cg07-2769 JL) _
Dear Judge Larson:
Our firm represents the plaintiff, Frank Nemirofsky, in the above—captioned action now
pending before Your Honor. Defendants Seok Ki Kim and STV Asia Ltd. are represented by D.
Peter Harvey and Seth I. Appel of Harvey Siskind LLP.
Last night at around 11:00 pm., without any prior notice to my partner Richard Bowles
or me, counsel for Defendants e—tiied with the Court an Ex Parte Application for Order Vacating
or Modifying Temporary Protective Orders. At the same time, counsel for Defendants also tiled
a Notice of Motion and Motion seeking the same relief I
The papers tiled by counsel for Defendants do not specify any hearing date or time with
respect to Ex Parte Application or the Motion.
Please be advised that plaintiff intends to file papers in opposition to Ex Parte
Application and Motion. We respectfully request that the Court advise counsel of the date and
time of any hearing on these matters, so that the date for filing of plaintiffs opposition papers
may be appropriate calendared. Thank you.
Please do not hesitate to contact the undersigned should there be any questions.
Very truly yours,
lgavid W. Trotter%c`(%(
cc: D. Peter Harvey, Esq. ~»~ via e-mail C
Seth 1. Appel, Esq. ~— via e—1naii
Richard T. Bowles, Esq.
N California Piaza + 2121 N. California Blvd. v Suite 875 ¢ P.O. Box 8180 w+ Walnut Creek, CA 94596-8180
W Phone (925) 935-3300N + Fax {925) 935~03’71 ¢ W www.bowlesverna.co1n M

Case 3:07-cv-02769-JL

Document 16

Filed 06/01/2007

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