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Date: October 4, 2005
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Kim Michael Cook,
v. Case N0. CV 03-1100 PHX ROS (VAM)
Dr. Robertson, et al.,
The following items were sent by certified
mail to the parties (addresses attached).
lf Summons
. , . 'Y. . _ —
D,,®__iQ__\L blcuegll g Order Q ’Cn__©&¤`L_L7,§
K g g WritePHabeasCe1pus
CUYTIO VL Memorandum of Points and Authorities
`§®J(\N\ EJ/OPC QJ Other
GL;-,·——-» @`,.#L jg;.-\_.1\}~MCSL.. P£1..C.¤2&Q(bX 1Q,.KSLP—··€‘»’\@ el QANOQ
C§_,\g»{; {medi ivvx Ulliler —\bJlxq&r;, .~r¤¤¤:~;~
Ke s
Case 2:03-cv-O1100—ROS—I\/IHB Document 22 Filed O9/29/2005 Paget of1

Case 2:03-cv-01100-ROS-MHB

Document 22

Filed 09/29/2005

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