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INSTRUCTIONS TO LITIGANTS WHEN REQUESTING A TRANSCRIPT in NON-APPEAL CASES in the SUPERIOR, DISTRICT, PROBATE COURTS and the FAMILY DIVISION 1. You can buy an official transcript of your case. The transcript will be made from the recording taken during your hearing. All requests for transcripts must be made through the court. All transcripts must be prepared by an approved court transcriber. All transcripts are provided as electronic discs. You may request a portion of the hearing to be transcribed, however, the entire testimony of one witness must be transcribed, not simply selected responses to a few questions. 2. You must pay for the transcript. In order for the transcriber to begin working on your case, you must pay the transcriptionist the estimated fee for the cost of the transcript. It is possible that you will need to pay more for the transcript once the transcriber begins work on your case. If that happens, you will be contacted by the transcriber as to how much additional money you need to send. You will not receive your transcript until you send in the additional money. It is possible that you will get a refund once the transcript is done if the estimated fee was higher than the actual cost. If you are due a refund, you will receive a check in the mail from the transcriber 3. You MUST send or email the attached form (Transcript Request Form) along with your estimated fee to the court approved transcriber. This gives them the information they need to transcribe your case. If they do not have this form, they cannot begin work on your case. 4. To determine the estimate for your fee, you should look at the attached chart. Once you have determined the cost you must send your estimated fee, using a check, money order or credit card information to: Mailing address: . Rand Reporting 80 Broad Street 5th Floor New York, New York 10004 Dinowitz and Bove

The check or money order must be made out to:

The transcript will not be released by the transcriber until your check has cleared the bank. 5. Once your transcript is completed, you will receive one digitally signed CD of the transcript in PDF format. You can print out the transcript on paper but you cannot change any of the information. The official version of the transcript will be sent to the court where your hearing took place. Your copy is a certified version of the official transcript. 6. If you want additional copies of the transcript or a paper copy in addition to the disc, you will need to pay $.25 per page for standard delivery, $.50 per page for expedited delivery of the additional copies. You must order these additional copies when you are requesting the transcript. Once the transcript has been prepared, requests for additional copies should be made to the court where the hearing was held. When ordering additional copies, you must specify in what format you want the additional copies. The choices of format are: Paper, PDF format, ASCII, or E-Trans (full or manuscript).
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If you have any questions about the preparation of your transcript, call: Rand Reporting at 212-504-2919 OR e-mail HOW TO DETERMINE THE ESTIMATED FEE FOR YOUR TRANSCRIPT The cost of a transcript is based on the number of pages. Roughly, one page of transcript is equal to one minute of hearing time. If your hearing was multiple days, you must multiply the one day cost times the number of days of the hearing. Use your best judgment to determine the length of your hearing. If you have under-estimated the time, you will be required to send more money to the transcriber before you get your transcript. Collecting additional money can delay the receipt of the transcript. If the cost of the transcript turns out to be less than your estimated fee, you will get a refund from the transcriber. The chart below lists the estimated fees for transcripts: If you want your transcript within:

($2.75 per page)

($3.05 per page)

($3.75 per page)

($4.15 per page)

Your hearing was:
Less than 2 hours More than 2 hours but not more than 4 hours One day

45 days 30 days 7 days 14 days NOTE: The calculation begins from the time the transcriber receives the case from the court. The number of days refers to calendar days. The estimated cost will be:

$330 $660 $1,320

$366 $732 $1,464

$450 $900 $1,800

$498 $996 $1,992

For a hearing that lasted multiple days, multiply the cost of one day times the number of days of the hearing.

You should also refer to NH Supreme Court Rule 59 regarding the preparation of transcripts in nonappeal cases. If your case is an appeal, you will receive an order from the Supreme Court on how to request the transcript.

NHJB-2557-DFPS-Instructions (08/26/2008)

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