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Instructions for completing Petition for Trustee
(NHJB-2138-P) Form use. This form is used to ask the court to appoint a trustee to oversee an established trust based on a will. Top part of form ĚCOURT NAME: Enter the name of the county probate court where the document will be filed. (example: Belknap County Probate Court; Rockingham County Probate Court). ĚCASE NAME: Enter the name of the deceased (example: Trust of John Adams; Trust of Susan Jones). ĚCASE NUMBER: Leave blank if not yet assigned by court OR fill in case number if it is known. ĚCheck off only one box, which indicates whether the proposed trustee was Named in the will or Not named in the will of the deceased. Numbered part of form 1. Petitioner Name is the name of the person filing the petition. Enter that person's name, telephone number and complete mailing address with zip code. If there are co-petitioners, enter the second person's name, telephone number and address information on the additional lines provided. Complete this section ONLY if the petitioner has an attorney helping with this case. Enter his/her name, telephone number, complete mailing address including zip code and Bar id number. Enter the Deceased's Name, Date of Death and last legal Residence city or town and state. If petition is for trustee not named in will and there is no provision for a successor trustee, enter the name and address of the person who was named in the will to be the trustee, on the lines provided. Check off one box -resigned, died, been removed, or refused to serve - that indicates the reason the named trustee cannot serve as the trustee for this trust. Enter the Lifetime Beneficiary Name, Address and Date of Birth for each beneficiary of the trust. If applicable, enter the Remainderman Name, Address and Date of Birth. A Remainderman is any person who might ultimately be entitled to a beneficial interest in the trust. List the overall value of the trust estate, by entering the total amount of Real Estate and total amount of Personal Estate on the lines provided. Add together the total amounts for real estate and personal estate and enter that Total amount of Estate on the last line provided.






Signature Section The petitioner requests that appointment be granted to, is the line provided to enter the name, address and date of birth of the person you are asking the court to appoint as trustee. Enter on the lines provided the Appraiser name, Occupation, Appraiser Address of the person you wish to have the court appoint to take inventory and appraise the trust estate of the deceased.

NHJB-2138-P Instructions (06/04/2008)

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The sentence prior to the signature section indicates that the person filing this document has provided copies to all attorneys, parties and persons beneficially interested in the case. Sign the form on the Petitioner Signature line, and date it in the appropriate space to the left. If there are two petitioners, both petitioners must sign and date the form. Order This section will be completed by the judge once the document is filed with the court and reviewed in detail by the judge.

Review the completed form for accuracy prior to filing it with the court. If completing this form on-line, some fields may be filled in automatically based on entries in other fields. If more space is needed for any question, please attach additional sheets of paper.

NHJB-2138-P Instructions (06/04/2008)

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