Free Pre-Incorporation Agreement

This Pre-Incorporation Agreement is used to determine the specific details about your corporation prior to filing corporate papers. This form contains worksheets detailing the name, officers and directors of the corporation. It also contains checklists to refer to so you can ensure all questions are answered before your corporation is filed.

Disclaimer:This was not drafted by an attorney & should not be used as a legal document.

Pre-Incorporation Agreement
1. Shareholders' Names

______________________________________ agree to the following terms and conditions.

2. Incorporation

The Shareholders will form a corporation under ______________________________  law. The Shareholders will file the articles of incorporation as soon as possible after the execution of this agreement. The Corporation will do business as an _____________________

3. Corporate Name

The corporation will be called ____________________________________________ The Corporation may also do business under the assumed or fictitious name of __________________________, which will be registered as required by law.

4. Corporate Stock

The corporation will issue a total of ______________ shares of common stock to the people listed in the next paragraph. All shares will have equal rights in voting on matters submitted to Shareholders. No additional shares will be authorized or issued unless all Shareholders agree in writing.

5. Stock Subscriptions

The Shareholders subscribe for the following shares of stock: ___________________________


Payment is due upon incorporation. The corporation will issue stock certificates to the Shareholders as evidence of stock ownership.

6. Board of Directors

The Shareholders will constitute the initial board of directors.

7. Officers

The initial corporate officers will be:

President: __________________________

Vice President: ______________________

Secretary: __________________________

Treasurer: __________________________

8. Place of Business

The corporation's main office will be at the following location:

9. Bylaws

The Shareholders will create and adopt bylaws that include all of the terms contained in this agreement.

Dated:  _________________________________________________________________

By:       _________________________________________________________________

Dated:  _________________________________________________________________

By:       _________________________________________________________________


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