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Glossary of ECF Terms

Adobe Acrobat Application universally used to create and view PDF documents. Adobe Systems Inc. created the PDF software. AP Abbreviation for: Adversary or Adversary Proceeding(s) Attachment Any document(s) to be filed as part of one event, but that also exceeds 4,000 KB (4 MB), must be broken up for filing into a Primary Document that also has attachment(s). Attachment(s) are the smaller pdfs that must be created for any portion of a document which is over 4,000 KB (4 MB). Each attachment must also be no larger than 4,000 KB (4 MB), and there cannot be more than 15 attachments per Primary Document. If there are more than 15 attachments, the document must be filed as multiple documents. The certificate of service filed with the document showing service on interested parties must never be an attachment by itself; it must always be the last page of the pleading portion of the Primary Document. See ECF Filing Basics for procedures regarding the filing of attachments. Automatic E-mail Notification An ECF feature that permits any user to receive notification of the filing of a case or document via e-mail. Users can choose to receive separate notifications throughout the day or an end-of-day summary. BK Abbreviation for: Bankruptcy

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BNC (Bankruptcy Noticing Center) and EBN (Electronic Bankruptcy Noticing) The BNC is the entity authorized to provide centralized noticing for all bankruptcy courts. If requested, the BNC can work with parties so that they receive BNC notices either by mail, fax, or e-mail (PDF format) via the electronic bankruptcy noticing (EBN) feature. For more information see: Browse A Windows operation of navigating through directories to select a specific file. Browser A software program which provides a user-friendly interface to access information on the Internet. The browser programs interpret Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) documents delivered from Web servers. Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer are popular Web browsers. Category A category is a classification of similar document types, e.g., Motions/Applications. Category selections appear as hypertext links under the Bankruptcy and Adversary menu selections found at the top of the ECF page. Check Box Check boxes are designed to allow users to chose items from a list by clicking on the box next to the item. More than one item can be selected. Once selected, the box will contain a check mark or an "x". Default A default is a common suggested value displayed by ECF on a screen. If correct, you may accept it; if incorrect, you can type over it and enter a new value. Document Type A "Document Type" describes a specific type of document or event, e.g., motions, notices. Each document type has its own unique set of characteristics.

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Drop Down Box An alphabetical list of selections to choose from. Drop down boxes are used throughout ECF to list party names or docket events. When you see the selection you want to make, click on it to highlight it. To select more than one party name or docket event, hold down the control key, scroll to the next selection, click on it to highlight it, and continue as needed. EBN (Electronic Bankruptcy Noticing) - see BNC ECF Electronic Case Files (ECF) is the Court's new electronic filing system, and the Federal Judiciary's next generation case management system. With ECF, external users can file/view cases and documents as well as pay filing fees electronically via the Internet. Event Menu selection from a category used to file a document. Hypertext Link A URL imbedded in an HTML (hypertext markup language) document most often underlined. It permits the user to move from one area (or topic) to another in a Web based program. Notice of Bankruptcy Case Filing An ECF document that is generated when a new case is opened. The notice contains all the substantive information of the case. The Entry Date appears on the court seal displayed on this notice. When the petition is electronically submitted by an attorney both the date and the time of filing appear on the notice. This official document can be used to give notice of the bankruptcy stay to creditors.

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Notice of Electronic Filing An important feature of ECF is the Notice of Electronic Filing. This is an electronic document produced by ECF which certifies filing of all documents and claims with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court. All parties requesting electronic notification will be sent this certification via electronic mail. Review the parties section at the bottom of the notice to see who received electronic notice and who will need notice via regular mail. PACER Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER) is an electronic public access service that allows users to obtain case and document information from Federal Appellate, District and Bankruptcy Courts, and from the U.S. Party/Case Index. To receive this service, register with the PACER Service Center on-line at PDF - Portable Document Format PDF is a universal file format that preserves the fonts, images, graphics, and layout of any source document, regardless of the application and platform used to create it. These files are viewed using Adobe Reader. ECF requires that all documents submitted to the Court electronically be in PDF format (and preferably in "text-based" format). You may use word processing software such as WordPerfect or Microsoft Word to create documents and then save them in PDF format. Primary Document Any document(s) to be filed with a docket entry that total 4,000 KB (4 MB) or less make up a Primary Document which is to be filed as a single pdf. Any required local bankruptcy form(s) must be the first page(s) of the Primary Document. Affidavits, declarations, and certifications [but not Memoranda as they must be separately filed] are also considered part of the Primary Document, and are not considered attachment(s), unless the entire pdf would exceed 4,000 KB (4MB). The certificate of service filed with the document showing service on interested parties must always be the last page of the Primary Document. See ECF Filing Basics for procedures regarding the filing of a Primary Document. Radio Button A round selection button used to choose one item from a list. Click on the button next to the item to make the selection.

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Style Guide The preferred style practices for creating docket entries and adding party information for all users of the ECF system in the District of Oregon. These preferred style practices will assist users in searching ECF for data and party information. URL Universal Resource Locator (URL) is the naming convention used to find Web pages. A URL is similar to a street address. The URL for the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Oregon is:

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