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Workers Compensation Insurance Organizations

Injury Description Code Nature of Injury
Code I. Specific Injury i.e., Glasses, Contact Lenses, Artificial Appliance, Replacement of Artificial Appliance Cut Off Extremity, Digit, Protruding Part of Body, Usually by Surgery, i.e. Leg, Arm Chest Pain (Heat) Burns or Scald. The Effect of Contact with Hot Substances. (Chemical) Burns. Tissue Damage Resulting from the Corrosive Action Chemicals, Fume, Etc. (Acids, Alkalies) Brain, Cerebral Bruise - Intact Skin Surface. Hematoma To Grind, Pound or Break into Small Bits Pinched Nerve, Slipped/Ruptured Disc, Herniated Disc, Sciatica, Complete Tear, HNP Subluxtion, MD Dislocation Electrocution Removal of Organ or Tumor Narrative Description

01. No Physical Injury 02. Amputation 03. Angina Pectoris 04. Burn

07. Concussion 10. Contusion 13. Crushing 16. Dislocation 19. Electric Shock 22. Enucleation 25. Foreign Body 28. Fracture 30. Freezing 31. Hearing Loss or Impairment 32. Heat Prostration

Breaking of a Bone or Cartilage Frostbite and Other Effects of Exposure to Low Temperature Traumatic Only. A separate Injury, Not the Sequelae of Another Injury Heat Stroke, Sun Stroke, Heat Exhaustion, Heat Cramps and Other Effects of Environmental Heat. Does not Include Sunburn The Abnormal Protrusion of an Organ or Part Through the Containing Wall of its Cavity

34. Hernia

Workers Compensation Insurance Organizations
Injury Description Code Nature of Injury
Code 36. Infection Narrative Description The Invasion of a Host by Organisms such as Bacteria, Fungi, Viruses, Mold, Protozoa or Insects, With or Without Manifest Disease. The Reaction of Tissue to Injury Characterized Clinically by Heat, Swelling, Redness and Pain Cut, Scratches, Abrasions, Superficial Wounds, Calluses. Wound by Tearing Heart Attack, Heart Conditions, Hypertension. The Inadequate Blood Flow to the Muscular Tissue of the Heart. A Systemic Morbid Condition Resulting from the Inhalation, Ingestion, or Skin Absorption of a Toxic Substance Affecting the Metabolic System, the Nervous System, the Circulatory System, the Digestive System, the Respiratory System, the Excretory System, the Musculoskeletal System, Etc. Includes Chemical or Drug Poisoning, Metal Poisoning, Organic Diseases, and Venomous Reptile and Insect Bites. Does NOT Include Effects of Radiation, Pneumoconiosis, Corrosive Effects of Chemicals; Skin Surface Irritations, Septicemia or Infected Wounds. A Hole Made by the Piercing of a Pointed Instrument

37. Inflammation 40. Laceration 41. Myocardial Infarction

42. Poisoning - General (Not OD or Cumulative Injury)

43. Puncture 46. Rupture 47. Severance 49. Sprain or Tear

To Separate, Divide or Take Off Internal Derangement, A Trauma or Wrenching of a Joint, Producing Pain and Disability Depending Upon Degree of Injury to Ligaments. Internal Derangement, The Trauma to the Muscle or the Musculotendinous Unit from Violent Contraction or Excessive Forcible Stretch. Swooning, Fainting, Passing Out, No Other Injury Strangulation, Drowning Cerebrovascular and Other Conditions of Circulatory Systems, NOC. Excludes, Heart and Hemorrhoids. Includes, Strokes, Varicose Veins - Non Toxic

52. Strain or Tear

53. Syncope 54. Asphyxiation 55. Vascular

58. Vision Loss 59. All Other Specific Injuries, NOC

Workers Compensation Insurance Organizations
Injury Description Codes Nature of Injury
Code II. Occupational Disease or Cumulative Injury 60. Dust Disease, NOC 61. Asbestosis 62. Black Lung 63. Byssinosis 64. Silicosis 65. Respiratory Disorders 66. Poisoning - Chemical, (Other Than Metals) 67. Poisoning - Metal 68. Dermatitis All Other Pneumoconiosis Lung Disease, A Form Of Pneumoconiosis, Resulting from Protracted Inhalation of Asbestos Particles. The Chronic Lung Disease or Pneumoconiosis Found in Coal Miners Pneumoconiosis of Cotton, Flax and Hemp Workers. Pneumoconiosis Resulting from Inhalation of Silica (Quartz) Dust. Gases, Fumes, Chemicals, Etc. Man Made or Organic Man Made Rash, Skin or Tissue Inflammation including Boils, Etc. Generally Resulting from Direct Contact with Irritants or Sensitizing Chemicals such as Drugs, Oils, Biologic Agents, Plants, Woods or Metals Which May be in the Form of Solids, Pastes, Liquids or Vapors and which may be Contacted in the Pure State or in Compounds or in Combination with Other Materials. Do NOT Include Skin Tissue Damage Resulting from Corrosive Action of Chemicals, Burns from Contact with Hot Substances, Effects of Exposure to Radiation, Effects of Exposure to Low Temperatures or Inflammation or Irritation Resulting from Friction or Impact. Narrative Description

Workers Compensation Insurance Organizations
Injury Description Codes Nature of Injury
Code 69. Mental Disorder Narrative Description A Clinically Significant Behavioral or Psychological Syndrome or Pattern Typically Associated with either a Distressing Symptom or Impairment of Function. i.e. Acute Anxiety, Neurosis, Stress, Non-Toxic Depression All Forms of Damage to Tissue, Bones or Body Fluids Produced by Exposure to Radiation

70. Radiation 71. All Other Occupational Disease Injury, NOC 72. Loss of Hearing 73. Contagious Disease 74. Cancer 75. AIDS 76. VDT - Related Diseases 77. Mental Stress 78. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Video Display Terminal Diseases Other than Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Soreness, Tenderness and Weakness of the Muscles of the Thumb Caused by Pressure on the Median Nerve at the Point at which it Goes Through the Carpal Tunnel of the Wrist

79. Hepatitis C 80. All Other Cumulative Injury, NOC

III. Multiple Injuries 90. Multiple Physical Injuries Only 91. Multiple Injuries Including Both Physical and Psychological