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OMB Number 2900-0090 Estimated Average: 15 min.

The Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995 requires us to notify you that this information collection is in accordance with the clearance requirements of section 3507 of the Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995. We may not conduct or sponsor, and you are not required to respond to a collection of information unless it displays a valid OMB number. We anticipate that the time expended by all individuals who must complete this form will average 15 minutes. This includes the time it will take to read instructions, gather the necessary facts and fill out the form. The form is used to assist personnel of both voluntary organizations, which recruit volunteers from their membership, and the VA in the selection, screening and placement of volunteers in the nationwide VA Voluntary Service program. The volunteer program supplements the medical care and treatment of veteran patients in all VA facilities. PRIVACY ACT INFORMATION: The information requested on this form is solicited under the authority of 38 U.S.C. 513 and will be used in the selection and placement of potential volunteers in the VA Voluntary Service Program. The information you supply may be disclosed outside VA as permitted by law; possible disclosures include those described in the 'routine uses' identified in the VA system of records 57VA125 Voluntary Service Records-VA, published in the Federal Register in accordance with the Privacy Act of 1974. The routine uses include disclosures: in response to court subpoenas, to report apparent law violations to other Federal, State or local agencies charged with law enforcement responsibilities, to service organizations, employers and Unemployment Compensation Offices to confirm volunteer service, and to congressional offices at the request of the volunteer. Disclosure of the information is voluntary, however, failure to furnish the information will hamper our ability to arrange the most satisfactory assignment for you and the Department of Veterans Affairs. NAME (Last, First, Middle Initial) ADDRESS (Street, City, State and Zip Code) DATE

Telephone Number

Email Address (Optional) ASSIGNMENT PREFERENCES 1. 2.

Date of Birth


ORGANIZATION MEMBERSHIP(S) Unit, Post, Chapter, if affiliated)




EXPERIENCE AND TRAINING (special skills/abilities)

RESTRICTIONS, LIMITATIONS OF SERVICE (Health concerns, medications, allergies, etc.)

AVAILABILITY (Days and times)

IN CASE OF EMERGENCY PLEASE CONTACT (name, relationship, phone number)

Monetary Waiver: I hereby waive all claims to monetary benefits for services rendered as a volunteer worker on a "without compensation basis" for an indefinite period. I understand that this waiver applies only to remuneration (compensation) for specific services rendered in the VA Voluntary Service (VAVS) Program and is not related to any other VA services or benefits to which I may be entitled. (NOTE: VA has entered into this agreement by the authority of 38 U.S.C., Section 513. This agreement may be canceled by either party upon written notice.) I hereby accept the volunteer appointment(s) as outlined above.

Volunteer's Signature


I hereby appoint this applicant as a VA without-compensation employee subject to the provisions on this application. The above individual has been provided basic and assignment specific orientations which have been documented in the official volunteer folder located in the VA Voluntary Service Office. ___________________________________________________ VAVS Program Manager - Appointing Official Signature OFFICE USE ONLY 1. SUPERVISOR 3. ORIENTATIONS COMMENTS 2. SUPERVISOR PHONE NUMBER 4. UNIFORM NAME AND TITLE OF REVIEWER DATE ________________ Date




NOTE TO STUDENTS AND PARENTS: The VA medical center is a federal building, and, as such, must be open to the public. Our employees, patients and volunteers come from diverse backgrounds. Eligible veterans are entitled to services offered by VA, even if they have had problematic incidents in their past unless the law specifically disqualifies them. Our job is to provide veterans care and to protect our employees, patients and volunteers as that care is provided. STUDENT VOLUNTEER: If accepted, I agree to adhere to the policies and procedures of this VA healthcare facility and to respect the confidentiality of information pertaining to the patients and their treatment. If a patient, staff member, volunteer, and/or visitor is abusive, makes inappropriate gestures, advances or conversation, that is in a manner which makes me feel uncomfortable, I will immediately inform my supervisor or a VAVS staff member. Signature____________________________________________ Date _________________ PARENT/GUARDIAN: The above named student has my consent as parent/guardian to serve as a Student Volunteer in this VA healthcare system. I have read the above agreement as signed by my student and understand their obligation to the program if they are accepted into the VAVS Student Volunteer Program. I also grant permission for my child to receive emergency medical treatment if injured while volunteering. Signature____________________________________________ Date __________________
NOTE: Completion of this application does not guarantee acceptance into this program.