Free Robberies and Abusive Customers - Washington

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Date: April 23, 2008
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Author: WA State Department of Labor & Industries
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Tips for preventing injuries
Handling cash
Leaveaclear,unobstructedviewofthecashregister fromthestreet. Postsignssayingcashregistercontainsminimal cash. Storecashinadropsafe,limited-accesssafeor comparablesafecontainer. Don'tcountcashorclosethetillinfrontof customers. Practicethe"buddysystem"duringcashdrops.

Creating a safer restaurant or retail environment
Developaworkplaceviolencepreventionplan. Useittotrainyouremployees. Trainemployeesonwhattodoincaseofarobbery. Trainemployeesonhowtode-escalateapotentiallyviolentsituation. Establishapolicythatemployeesnotresistorpursueshoplifters. Establishareportingprocessforviolentincidentsandthreats.


Postemergencytelephonenumbers. Postlawsagainstassault,stalkingorviolentacts.


Scheduleatleasttwopeoplepershift.Minorsmaynotworkwithoutadult (age18orolder)supervisionafter8p.m. Don'trequireserverstowearrevealingorsexyuniforms. Keepbackgroundnoisetoaminimum.
Continued on reverse

PUBLICATION FSP0-919-000 [03-2008]

Entering and leaving

Havemorethanoneexitemployeescanreachincaseofemergency. Practicethe"buddysystem"towalktopublictransportationandparkingareas. Makesurebackdoorsarelockedatnight.Employeesshouldstillbeabletoexiteasily.

Security and lighting

Usealarmsandlocks.Makesuretheyworkproperly. Usesecuritysurveillancecamerasormirrors. Providea"panic"button,silentalarmorothermeansfor employeestocommunicatewithpoliceorsecurity. Provideadequatelightingandsecurityinparkinglots andotherareaswhereemployeesgoaloneatnight. Workwithyourlocallawenforcementtoidentifyany specialarrangementswhichmightbeusefulinaparticularlocation.

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ThefollowinginformationisavailablefromtheWashingtonDepartmentofLabor& Industries(L&I).
Workplace Violence: Awareness and Prevention for Employers and Employees: This guidebook describes four types of workplace violence, outlines steps to minimize and prevent violent acts, and discusses potential risk factors and prevention techniques. Includes a sample program and reproducible forms. Available only online: . L&I's Web site. Find useful information on workplace violence prevention and links to other resources at Restaurant Safety: Robbery Prevention and Awareness (Cómo Prevenir Robos), animated training video from L&I's video library online at [Video ID: V0947]; Or call 1-800-574-9881 or e-mail OSHA's Web site. Find additional resources on Violence Prevention at .

Does the late-night retail workers crime prevention rule apply to my business?
In Washington State, retail businesses operating between the hours of 11 p.m. and 6 a.m. must take specific crime prevention steps. The rule, WAC 296-832, does not apply to restaurants, hotels, taverns and lodging facilities, although the recommendations may be useful in these settings. To learn more about the Late Night Retail Crime Prevention rule, go to or call the L&I office nearest you and ask to speak to a safety and health consultant.