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Case 1:01-cv-00591-FMA

Document 234-3

Filed 05/05/2005

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9 318r

the nqnpr of subiect -anyrra.t of land upor yhich ir is requird. or cou$e to the like regltrtions. ss requiredfor dil,ihes,srd ieid qosn rn sedronshereinbefore enumeratal.
tc. s., I r7r?. c. L, t lrrr: R. s., , 36i. ! f.j

| 3184

Map of ditch or reservoir to bc filed. 17. Every person, associsrion or corporation hFreatrer .sEc. coDslru.fing.or enltrrgiog sny rpspr!orr or rcs.rvorrs or corstnc,trDg, changrog the to.ation ot, or entrcging aDy ! . . 'for d i t c h , canar or. reedpr ror aDv ditch or rpsr;rr, tb , purpose I furnishing a supptJ of puter lor domesrrc. o irrisatjon. Power, store, or ior any oth.r usp, tskiDe sata; fron aoy streim, shell. nrrhin sirt) d,ys sfter t b " e. o m m c n c e _ Denr oI_su.h .onslrucl'oni .hsnge of Io.u,ron, or enj6rsmert. ma{e a r,ling io lhe offi( of thp stah ensine.r for cgnh ioecific . I B r m . r n s u . h f n r m a s s h a l l s e ms u f f r . r F n t o n d sariFfact; to ine s(ote cn&neer, and ac.ompanrt'd by rhe proper fps. as Dro_ vroed by-statutc. ot a m&p, on tracinS clodi o; orher mat;risl sqapFd _tor pe.m3rcot r..o.J and presereation, made wirh b.r_ manent-rnk. ahowingtl. porot of locationof rhe hesd$te. the mule ot su.h d'tch o..anal. or rhe high eater lin. of suih reser vorr m rpsdBorrs,_ d thF roul,.of 'hc fecdcro. fpeders rn to, and ort.hes or cnnats_trom. su.h rcsprvor or reserroin, the lpsnl Eu}F u n r s r o n ao l t h p t a n d u p o n w h i . h s u . h s t r u c t u r c s a r e built or to oe Durrt, r{ on surveyed lan,ls, 'he narnes ot the omcrs ot Ftrch jT-",", 1"1 f!"h .nu.Eca. dr6tances a,d corncrs by rercrFn.c ro r c t a l s u b d r v ' E r o b si. o t r s u r v F y . dh D d s , o r t o n s i u r a l i o b i e c t s -i f on uDsurvrJod land8, as rrl .t"arly dcBisnat r\F t^cation-of su.h structur4{rnwr rrr', a a, No 531, I I
..:..UoD.3206' i2l, rnd 1132'l


as tqurled above. a m-3 $sDsred within s'it) dt

mr ieit u''t n co-mPlete o( th comPletron ! upon

tIIo rtstdnent, emeDdrng rD and accePtance itrition the onsioal liliog.

3184, StotemoIrlt Eltar SEc. 20. Such tal behrlf r' !ronsin whose aro tne c a corporstloD tbc leqal title of sucha' dulv ;uthorized asenl o Pisins his offioal title isp ;nd siatementshsu oerion rnaking the surve' ihe administrutionof oat
ll-.w! 191\ S. B. No

3182. St*eErebt sttoched to maD. S"...'8,. UloD or artrchpd iu, h map shaltbp a sratFment to , .aseof snv drr"h,.ansl of t;"der: /r'sl- Ih poiDtof to.anoD rhe headgdte rhc propo6ed of of Stonn-.Th" deprb,sidrh. SBde and rengrhof cachdirch, canal or feeder propoaed: Tnnd. The ca;ryiDqcapaciiJof each dir.h, csnal or rccder . In ctrblc fPet Der sconal: Foltllh ihF rime of Eork ou such srruc_ . rure6,FhI4h,rmp mav bc thp dateol th/.ommnDccmFnt rhe ot ilrrpl:-.lhprLor or of rhe .omren"emcDr d.ruat coustrucrion. of frln I ha cdtimaled of ti. Droicct. ro8t In tI",r.e ol a filrng oD " r.s",Jori=ir".rhe starpmeor shtl , aboqlha h.rght ol lhe propoFddam.rbc csrimatcd cost,wi{h rhF "lfi" ipat lip1li'-: sioreduD fo and th. surfsc. rrFa ror rach foor in ripprh or wat.r l: and rlrtudinq lhe hish warerrnark. 3183. _StatemeDtin css of enlargment_Temporary msp, .u.. 'y.,.r'l case.or .hErs".FDtsrspnFnr "!reD;ion, of , , jhdlt !how the ma p-r r.quirpdabov.,rpfenine supb srar"mpoL io rhe
paLe. dennd seauon ?026 r

9186. Stat6 [gir6er , dupliosto-Du Sc. 21. Th state bent, and if he shall Jit cient aDd datislsctoryfo the dsirng nade, he shal cptedfor filiDg iD the ( t b e . . . . . d a yo f . . . . . . signaturard th seolof causeto be Prepared a I durabl, on cloth or o-thdr sheetof the Jiling, so ena of and 6hall forward, 8ar ninoty days from the tin such blue Drint or repr( and recodlr of the c6u struchue, or in whicb t
tlaws 1e11,s- B . No

?186. Certified copy r Sn. 2:. A cert'f filed in the state englr in any court hflvtng jul clftimlnts to make such are shonn and descriled

Case 1:01-cv-00591-FMA

Document 234-3

Filed 05/05/2005

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the ovDeru[ any tmcr of lsnd upotrFhich ir js requircd. subject or lo.lhe likc lcgulalioos,ss rcquired tor ditches,ard iaid oovtr rtr ect'on6 hereiokfore enunemtcd.
IC.4.. I r?l?:c L., Ir3?/:R .. p 36i. ! 6.j

6blctut beforesuch chal re'l dro' t! inlorrnstroD 6uith and fifth. refer;t rdditio!_ therclo shdl rrr -biiaa"a

S;81. Urp of ditch or reser.voir to bc tileat. I7. DverJ persoD, sssociarion corJ,oratjon or hFreafrer ,src, .otrstruchtrgor enlargiDgrny lpservorror rcscflorrsor corstructrDg,, changrDg. lhc - Iocrrion of. or entargiBg any "for caDal or. tpcdpr for anv dit(h or rcir;,., rhe puryos of lurnishing s suppty ot sster for dom3$c. irricetion. poper. sroragF. tor lnJ orhpr use, rakinc qa[e; or fron aDy Dat-urrlatream,shall. 'ilhin sirty dars aft"r rh"e conmence_ mpnt or su.h corstruction, change lo.arion,or nlsrsmenr. of maker frling iD the officeof rhe statoenRinpr for "achipecific crard-'n su.h r"rm as shallseFm suffrcieDt and sstisfsct;ry ro th. statepnginFer. lod sc.ompanird the prop.r fees. oro_ hy as rrdrd by-Fratutp. ! map. on tracingctor[ oi other material of aaspred.lo-. permaneDt rFcorLt and pres.rvation,made ,ith DeF maDFnr- 3hosingtbc pornrof location the hcadqat".'the rnk, of rorle or Eu.hdrtchor c8bdt. tbe high watFrlinp of su'ch or rsrvorf or reservor6.-lnd rout,.ot the fcpder fFedprs and the or to, orrch?s mnrls from, such r.sruoir or reseNoirq, or ihe lpslt sub_ orvrs'on3 thc land upon whi.h su.h srructures buiit or of are to oe Durrr,rr oD survcyedtaDrls,thp ntrmesof rhe orncrs of Fxch coursps. d,sr!n.Fs sDd .ornFrs by Ipfercncero l::!,". subdrvi6io,s, rpgar 1'g i!"h if oo survpycd laod6, to nar;rat obiccrs. or if rards, a! vi .rearlr dFsisnare rncarior'of su.h rhc ;l":till"^"

Wlenever, i[rough rne ' of loDgPeriods tine, it s olaiDanlslo lrle a comPn
$ Equired above' a m.a 'rithrn stxtY dr Fspord upon the completreo oI !

to tbc orisinal

mr il#i't'"t ; comPreti
sntrdiogtho stirtnnt.
tn iaetion and accePtrnce tbe oriSinsl filinC - -, -tr,i-. rer1. s:B No


' I


31E4. Stsiem6nt3 mull SEc. 20. Such 8i&t in perons i'hos beholl i or a corpo*trotr are tne th. legal ti|e ol such 3t dulv authorizrd asent o sitinq his orficial htle. shsll iap ;rd st&lemeEt pe$otrmsklng the 8urle: lhe adniDistrrtion of ort
tl.w. 1e11, s s- No

fmr and irea for,sch fooi;n .r,prh :ip_"lii:ll orpd to and r\" surfa,c m sarcro lllil up in-tudrnq hish wstcr ih" rnark.

c 3 6 co l a n y d i ' . h , c a n a l o r f n . d e r ; -Ttu poiot of lo.arionof t}le bpadsare f o rhe propoGed ^.-..-Il:,, Spco'td . The depth, widrh. F.sdF aDd tengh of cach dirch, cAnal or feeder Drodsd: Irird-The cairyiDg calla.iiy of each dit.l, cansl or fecder r D c u D r cl e e t D e r 3 c o n d I Pot;;.ih-i'he iine o? cornrnencenent ol work on such struG trr6. *hi.h lime ms.vb. 'hc darp 0f thp .ommpD.cmenr l Lhe o s u r v c r s _ i h F r " h r .o f o f r h p c o r n n !n . F m " D r o f J c r u a t . ^ n c t r u c r i o n . Flrl-The e66nstd cost of the Droiect. I n r h p . d r e o f a f j l i n g o n a F " e r ; o r ; s i t p , r h " . r a r c m a o rs h o l l . s h o w t h e . h p i g h lo l r h e p r o p o s p d r r n . t h c p s r i r n a r " d. o s t , p i t h r h F d

3182. st,temeDtattsched to maD. Ser.18.. Upotr arra.h.d iu"tr m"p shalt & (tarFment of to bp s. o \ { r D g',n l h F n 'r . 3 a, No 61r. ! r ) r r o r r . M o r s h r . . n d n . . r $ . ! ; c r , o n r 8 2 0 6r 2 r , . , d 3 1 r tJ ,

3186. Stat6 engmoer , SEc.21. The state nent, and if be shall lir cient and iatisfactory fo the cldrnE nade, he shal for-filiDgio the I cpted,.....dal or,,.

signaiureand lhe sealof caD6e be Dreptmd a I to on cloth or o-therdurabl, sheetof the Jiling, so n. of and shall forwsid, sai ninety days from the tiD such blue p nt or repr, and rceorder of the co'.r struchue, or in which t
tlaws 1911, s B,. N0

318:|.. SlateDreutitr caseof nlrrgernnt_Temporary msp. S"" ,9 raseof chAnge. "irlarg" .rreniion,-,ucb or -- srArnmaot ,.t,1 shrtt showihF matterj,.qurredrbov., r,ferrine ro rh.

! iKffi llll "? *Ti.I:",li:"",.1,,"" ,",;,

?186. Certified copy . Sa. 2:. A cerlif filed in tbe state engu in any court having jur claimrnts to make such are shown'nd dcscribed

Case 1:01-cv-00591-FMA
! ?l3I ch it is rcquircd,sDbjeet red for ditchs'and hid Jiled. or coryorstion hercafter or r reservoirs const ct. enlarging any- ditch,

Document 234-3
! 3184

Filed 05/05/2005

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for domestic, inigation, rl use, ttrking water fiom leys altr the comroDcelocation, or enlargmetrt, )ncineer for each specilic Lciint and satisfact-oryto the propo. fees, as procloth or other material eFation, made vith perion oI ihe hadgate. the Pater lin oI sDch reserfecder or feedrs to, aDd resrvo;N, ihe legal substructtrrcs are built or to cs of the o{nem of such comers by .eference to or to Dniural objecfs, if qnote the locstion of such

srructurpbeforesDchchaDge erlargFnpnr,trnd shall then stab, of also.the iotormalioorequrrcd the abo{eitems scond, in rhird; fou-rthand fifth, r,fecring to rhe strucrure os enlarged,and ii addirion thereto,shdl sraredeliEirelyrhe rD.rpas in-caDaciiy{o be addcd to tbe original caprcrtJ by eiriue of such enlai-gemiur. Whenewr, tbrough the Decer$rytor "xtended sorleJs FquiriEg torg penuds trmc,rr sbrlt bc impncric8ble the ctaimaot ot for or .laiDrnls Io file mapand stat,nrent wirhin sirty days. as Fqurrefl aoove.a m3p aDd Etatement complptt 3! mn be as prepsred wrthrn s,rtJ daJs dhEll be filed, sith s further slate. o.tri that a completemsp and sr.alement vil be filed Iskr, and upoa lhe complplioEof such s'rreeya tutl and detsilcd Esp and statement, amnding tho8e lilst filed. shalt be o{fered for ;raninanon atralaccepttroce the sarnem!!trcr ss h.Fin proyrdedtor ro tne ongloal lrnDg,
(Lew. 1e11, . B. No.533, | 3.1 s

3184. Statementr ftust be sigled rDd slgortr io. SEc. 20. Such statement shali be sigled by the persod or pelsons vrhos in behall it is mad,or in cases wherean aisocirtion or s. corporahooare the pariies intere6ted. sigrarure shrU be lhc -sisned th. legal titlc of ,u.h sssocidt'oo corporaron, o. I bv some duly aulhonad agenr or offrcer, who shalt siSa his oer" name, gieiDghis olficral title. fhc truth of rhc nsirrs shorl in tle map and Btstemeoc shell be sqoru ro by the eogirerin chars,or p.rson mahDg the suNey, beforesomeofficer regal)yqualified for the administraiionof osths
ILrr! 1911.S. B. No.6t3, I r.l

nsp shllt Ie s slaiemnt ' hcadgate ol the propoed and length of each ditch, sch ditch, canal o! fcder nt of vork on such Etructle commencemeni o{ the .nt of Dctual conshuchon. t ir'siie, th, statemcD"hall ne eslinated co6t, vith tbe ,rea for each foot in dcpth

3186. Statr eDgiDser exaJnino maF sDd ltstotlDtr_Batlm dupltcste-Dupllcato fil6d with recorder. The iratp etrgineer shaltexamlDe map snd sl0terhe . ment, rnd 't he shsll fiDd tho dat! therein contained be suJtiio cipnt and "atisJacroryfor a cte&rpr!*Drarioa of facis.oocerniDc the clarms made. slall endors rachshest rbe hiins.,Ac' he on of iD the office of rhe stste pngineer Color;d;o; of r l . . . . . d a l o r . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 'a o dl t r a c h h e r e th l s i o srgralure.lEdtbc sealof rhe starepDgrnar.s oftice. He sha[ then causeto be prcprred a btu. prjDtJo. otbc! surt ble reproducrioD. or clotn or othcr materiatsdspredro the purp&p, of each sne( tne.nlrng, sopadoGcdr or prth a oegarive together prrnt thcre or and sndr 6ardprint8ro tbe.)aimaDr who shalt,vithjD .romard, nrtrety dry8 rrom ihe tima arat,,.l the dstr of conmDclDerr, ss tile suchblua-printor reproducrion rhe orri.e ol rb" c"";;; i;;; io aad re.ord.ror ih.counly $hrchrhr headgste the pioposad rn ot 'D whr.h tre prdpoEed res,reoi, shalltie.

rent-Tempolory m&p.
fgmeni o. exiension, s'rcb fed above, referring to ihe

3J86. Ceftified copy evidEDce-Diligent con3tr-uctioE. tJ'us ... .snc..J:. A cprlitied.opy ot rllp map and sr.atpment nrr4,n rhe dratepngrneer-s ufrircstrallbe prima FvideDce In any .ourl hav,ng jurisdr.tiooof rhe in|?nt of the clai4ant o! crsrmaDrs roakesuchcoostrucrron ro urru?e ro snd suchriqhrsss 0raqhosnirnd,l."ffibpdIn themrp ,Dd starFmpDti p,rrrd6;. That

t e t l , s . B _ . N o .6 3 i , t _ 6 1

Case 1:01-cv-00591-FMA

Document 234-3

Filed 05/05/2005

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t 3187


Dothing herein contained shail be so coNtrueil as to alispense lrith the n+.essity dne diligeDcc thc constru.l.ion sucl projects, for in ot or io ihe injury ot ihosa hsriDgright8prior to ihoe the chimol sr\Ei And, prar,;ded, furtner, That nothiDAherein coutriNd shall be so conslnrd to prcvent a proper adjudicatioqof dgbb iD ss sccordaoce rith eristDg Blalu1e3 goeemiagsuch stliudicrtio!.
tl-rr! r90r, D. rtr, | 6.1

c?r"liss( b|'d of countY sball i" to bernrde i Fi , '': tlree dhint4reEt{dPe!8oD ti.'"Y*l'" l-'iflf^' 6 &gist then, snd in the : ffiae thsn one contrtYw l. ouatY wheresucnmPn
c boerdof countJ-comm vould b n -3s. ' ldtRsted in one coun he rnaae ' 6 ountY wherein aucnrmP

3187. oobplirlto! wil,h lormar oct. SBc.?3. All pl6ts and ststements other docuEsEte or heretofore filed or recordedin sutotaitirl complilDce rith ihe prcyisioDs or Equircmests ol seciion 2 ol &n rct entitled, '(Ar trct ir provido Ior tlie extension ihe }ight ol w&yfor ditches, o{ crnsls rnd'feeders of rgerroirs in crtsin cass, rquid.g registrstiodof rll such ard heraftornrde or enlrrged,"rpprored Febru&ry11, 1881,shrll b takeD,deemed Nnd held to con8titutea complimcerith the pmvisionsol tlis sct. tbr. rr03,p 2tr. | ;.1
ts.cdon r or th. erov|ltod or thtt rdt|o! *.r.

Pro ,' iiUri ""a the same

ii onL to 'i"" tt'" tin"
JGty fo" 'tich tleY
Fla.. for_ haring

leclrd tllerebY-IJiDE s'i 8Ddehax caur rnDoiEt2d' rii e,tirnatesot th Prt the v'


D&AINAqE. 3188, P6tldor to artsblbh or 6Dlsrg6 drai!. SEc- 21. \Yheneversny prson, coopsDy o! corpomtioD desi.6 the conEtruction, or of eDlargemut xtandion s ditch, drrin o. wsier cotrrs fhe purpose draining snd reclaining sped for oI or marshv lend, thev shall file with the board ol coutrtycomDiscioneE of the county or counti$ in which sDchimprovemnto! inplovem.ntElre to be locsted,a petition sig!d by one or rnore of the land ovnersvho own or rcpr$ent the naror po ion ot the land Nlich nould be sllected by the proposed improvemeDt.
IInr'! i303, p ?09. t r.l



iDpmvement8 ' and

ialormation- saa rne,

ildt land holdereof th

bt pelsonal 'rvjce tveD eDil Dersonal BeNrce or srid ian,t holderr a' nr through the rntil i and siid notice 'n 6ome we of [ot lesEthon tour w r0or.D. 1l0 l flrr

3180. Conto 6 ol mtttion-Plsi. SEc. 25. Said ietition shsll set lorth the necessity tnd lor probablebenetitB such ditch, drain or w8ter coulse,tosethe! of ,ith a liEt ol tle landcaflectedby the proposed idproyament,rnd whciher srcb lands 60 aflecicd ar in on or nor counties,and thercin Daning th county or countieswheresuch land is located, rnay pr$, rnd tbe namesand or throngh which said improyement addnsss the os,ners such land6,tnd there shrll be attachd ol ot to 6aid peiition a plat shoving oplrrorimetely the lomtioa, direction, si,3 and length oI said dmin, ditch or water course.
II!*. 1903, o, '10, I r l

3190. BoDd ol rptitlorer. SEc. 26. Tlie ptitioneror petitionersehall giv a gtrodand sufficient bond, payableto the county or countieand opployeal b! the courty clerk,conditioned, casesaid draiD,ditch or water in is t! coulse frorn any causewhatsoeyer noi constructed, pay I i'xpenss incurrd Iy th county o. cotntie olt Accountof Eaid prcposeo rrnFoYemenrs.
tl|r. 190r, F. ,10, a 3.1

31!2. Esting-Evttl SEc.28. All Per8o at the tine Npcified f su( viewersand lre8etrt. drernat to the DroPosed as objcti;D6 shsll to u inProvement' oronased i'ieoi".s'ppo;nted tY e county wherint lart meeiat omepomt 0gt' of the different count( lnattels and things req provementjs in a sinr boad of conntYcomm appointda coPYof 6: shueil so as to requrr bv this sectioirto aPI uless it vould be rn( to tbis Fection be a ior the dif{rent co ntres-

3191. Board ol viewsB-Duti*-Ileariag-l{otice. SEc. 27. when such petition Dlat and bond al lild the

3193. whetr imProv SEc 29. Il th r


1$01, p- '1r,

Case 1:01-cv-00591-FMA

Document 234-3

Filed 05/05/2005

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r 3194 , to the board ol countl 36incurred shal be Paid ,der their bond. al. ,entsshsil be lound fe8sircd by o$nels represerthe board oj vievers shrll )iono$, and shau include oD of t}tc method to be shru submit llsns tnd rnd fix and lecommenil rt ol tand sffected,which to Inetit, accruiDg rt any Denon intertd porr a;d finding of the rt the shi of appealto rPon suchmdtiarspassed

1195 lo be assessed alrounts against eash. with aU clealits lor vork or rhe damases.due owDer eachtra.t. qith the Det asse6s!0ent oJ ot and Ir'pas$ssor sqsessorsiD morP each, or if ihan ooecouotv shau pnrer rhe ssid nt a#ssment aaarnsr eachot Lhespypraltl;c|s ot land lvinx wirhinl"rs corntr ;n ihe samc msonpr for oth.r larps, ss rnd ih- counb-treosure.of c0ch counu !'here such improvneDt o. pa thereo{is to be rnnde,shalt cott;ct the sameand reirnburse the cornt} for all noneys expended eipenses incuned slbiect or to the risht of atperl tothe itistrict cou ;s to rnatte$ hereiri as ot in cxses appealfrcm disallovance clajmsby bosrd oI couDty of

! 3198

**"" .,.",jilr
3198. Acceptalce-Voucbels. by or .SE.. 3"4. tlpoo tho propcracceptancF the engineer js ,t engrnaers F,rchrmp.ovcmenL in morc rhrn oDecountvthe oi board "o Inlv cornmission.rqer.b no,rn,v ot whnre euchimirovement is locatcd,sbalt csnse vorchcr ro be dmwn upon the Jountl & trersurcrror t\p rmoun,s d,,pon,ontrF.r..for dsm;g.sand othFr erpense8.
, t r r r w s 1 e 0 3p 2 1 3 ,I r 1 . l

sr. ht rBreementof the , Firh of s portion of the xrch srid orvner6haugiYe of r perfofinonce his Prodvertise for bidlr-Boltl. t or div;sion ot the York )r so sllottcd, the countY nent to be iDsertedir I lion in the vicinity for 3 xt sh&ll bc a notice to ihe shall call for bids on the ndrtions of thc bo!!d of to thc lowest responcible ihei..ospective counties, rch of the sveral Po.tio!8 hidilent shall file r sood lor county cornnissioners rt. d-county treasuror col-

3199. CoDpensationof ngineelsst d viewers. Src. 3;i. Bach of the mcnberso{ the board of v;ewcmshall moif, th,ir j,n.!ssrrv.\pcns.s ,nd .hr+ d. ers per da! for s r r v i , . - . 0 n , r l j p . n g r c o r . s h n l r . c c i r "r h o i rn + . e x i r vc r i c n s e s t ind s'v ,l"ll'F pcr dor fnr pochday necpss,rity emptoyid. (Law3
r90r.o. 2r3. I 12.1

3200. Right of eminlt dolcrh. Src. 36. The sht ot omi.cnt domsinsbalt extendto rll rlnpmvom.nt'3 constmclcd undertbis !cf.

3201. DispositioD ws,teralrained. of

rr 3*3 t903 r, 21!. ! B.t ts.. chart.r i' Domajn I

s r . . 1 ? . A l l w r r . r s g a t t - , . r a lh t . s , . h d r 0 i n a q Fi m p r o v p m e n t .l'il1 l" rhe rronn ! of tllos. I'om shnsr tandstF ssm; is tdken L r s u , h J r a i n r s a n o n a l .r n , t r h p s s m s h s l t b p D r o , a r . d l m o n s rh ,l,f'ercrr I'rd I'old"rsfrom sl",,h "x.h qarer'ia takcn rocnrjl r n g r ^ . r h n m l o l r l . ^ r m p r o v ^ o , , . ns $ F s r d i g a i r s ' , a . h o n F . t j t r . J w em r , n j , r . ! r { j RESERVOTRS Rservoirs-Right to water-Right of we,y-Conatem_ hation-ErhbatrkmEts over teD feet submit to county board. Src. 38. Persons desirons to construct and maintain rese., ! o i E . . r o r r h F p u r D o s "o l " r o r i n g w a r F . d h a l l h a v p r h e r i g h t r o l a k , I r o m a n v o f t l ^ e n : r t u r e ls t r . 0 m s ^ t r b F e r a r ea n d s t o m - a w a v Any unapp.op ated water not n,reded tor innediate use for do: mcstic or illiqatjng purposesi to constrDct and mrintain ditches tor car.ryrng such warr to dnd from srch reservoir, and to con, dmn lrnds lor srch .escrvoils rnd ditches in the sane nanDer providad by law for ile condemnstion of taDds for sht oI vay 3202.

'e L. comlleted and ac' shall onntY commissioners and )ther cxpenses, diYido ond affectd,iD their rclennined by lhe boa of iI sssesoror a6ssso$ in lands affccted, the tot'l

Case 1:01-cv-00591-FMA

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t 3203

t 8?08

for ditchesrPraridd. No resedoir with embankmnts s dam or eiceeding ion fet jn height shall b xnadewithout lillt submittiDg the plsns therof 10 the countl conmissioners of the coutrty tr {bich it is situeted,and obtaining thir tpproysl of such Platr3.

9208. Waisr, cobmislio


out3203. CoDductitrg watr itr letural strerttrs-Toking Allowsnce for seepdgo-Eov SEc.39. Tha ornels of sDy reselvoirmsy corduct the water of thercimm into and along sny of the natural streme tlrc 6t3ts ordioary high e8trr bdr not so as ro rors" thF watprs ther.of aboee mark. and may take th. sam. out again at aoJ point d$irFd, Eith out regsrd io the pior righis of othrsto watr {rom said stream; ihe bnt d; ailowrnccsh0ll [c madc lor elaporationand secPage, of anount lo bc deicrDned bI the comnlissioners irrigation of the then diEtrictj or, if tlrerc arc no suchcommissioners, by th county of cornmissioDers tb count! in vhich the watr shall be taken out
t G s , I 1 ? ? r r , a w sr ! i c , D r o i , | 3 9 l fs.. rl3o !.crlon 3125l

3204. Liebility of owtrels fo! alNinege. shall be liable lor sll Sr:c. a0. i'!e oenerEof the reservoirs or drnlligesarising from leakagc overflowof the wateB therefrorn of or br floodscansed brorking of t}e cmhankments suchreserLl
IG. s, ! 1?2ij; Inws 1 s ? 9 ,D 107. ! {n.l

3205. oonstrDction of reservoirs-JtateenSllrerrupwirc. Sr.. 41. No r,."rvoi. of a cafscilr of morc thao s.vcoi!-five millions cnbic Ject of \rafcr, or having a dam o. embeDkmeDtin of aJicers ten fet iI rcrrical Ieighi, and covarirg ar ara of more thaD 20 lcres shali }ereafter be constructed in this state, {cept the Dlans and srecific'tions of the stlne shall first be spproYed by rhe irnr. "ne;n,.r r"d th^ slsl. cnsinr'r shall t.l ar 'oDsullirg .nsin"pr,l',rrns rl,a.oo"rru.non rhri^nr, and shall hse. rurhorilY r o ' t e o u , r c t h c - n r a L c f l au ! d J o a I h P r o r l i o f . o n J r u c r i o n r o b e L done io his --aiisfaction; and no qork shall be deerned conplete under the Drovjsionsof this act Dntil the state enginer shall giYe in ihe owncrs of such strucfurs 3 wriitn staterneDt of tha \ro* of construction and the fult completion the.eo{ togethel qith hii rcceDtanceof the Bame,shich statement shall Epecily th dinno ooli *nd ' rpaciry ol su.h rF"preoir r res"reoits 3206. Cost of inspectioD 4nd suPervilioD Pqd by omer. s S E . 4 ? T h e o m " r s o l 5 u . h r F " e r l o i n 6 h n l l p a y t o s a r ds l a t ' e n e ; o m r h i s a c l , , n l e r n , 0 s p si r . ! r m d i n m a k i D s p P r s o D ailt r s p e ( t r o ' o . n l r r v c d n l l a | St ; r d a r r o . 1 , r p e n . p 6I o r n y d e p u t J a P p o i n t e d a b v h i m t o a t t e n d r o s u . h s u p . r r i s i o DF h e n n 4 e s s r r t l ! e n p l o J c d
Ilavs r3es, p. 31{, ! 1l

&109. ComPlsiDt thal SEc 45. UPon c( three or Inore Pers( bt l6c6rion fhat hotr ghrction Dr damege rD ol the break rg ot rne thte, that said resErvo toitrs I led qith wotcr it sirll be the dutY. o 6eid rservoir rnd 6er impourd tbeFiD .rr 6ha[ Iind tbat ssrd r tstt to such an extr1 to imnneAiatelY cause Yoir, to such an eiten ss.Ie. 1{ waier it t[er the sane to bP disconl
fles Ir99 P lr5

ga10. Etrghr Eal

5207. Etrgitreer deterbine amount of wster to be stored. the sha[ annuallydetermine SDc.43. The ststeengineer !.nount of Fater Fhich it is iafe to impounditr the seremlresr-

p. Irr*1 13i19, 3r{, a ?l

SEo. 46. The 3 Dowerdto u8e sun ieq"i.a oJ hin l" tt' s[-ot ihe Poqers,c-onJ 4 ot bhis act. lt, a elrmhed bY said sta 'terson or Persoas,sr itren to a point in e haYe detedined to I


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c.R.s.A.37-92-r03 $

West'sColoradoRevisedStatutes Armotated Currentness Title 37.WalerandInigation WaterRights andIrrigation Water Right Detemination andAdministration warr Right Determination Administsation and Refs & Ar:nos) EfuislqZl E!a!LL General(Refs& AnnosJ -f $ 37-92-103. Delinitions Ac used tlusanrcle. ,n unless contrr the orherws requrres: (8) "Person" meansan individual, a partnership.a corpomtion, a municipality, ihe state of Colorado, the United publicorpnvate. Stales. anyolherlegalenliry. or

CREDIT(S) Lawsl975.H.B.ll9l,$ l; taws l9?9,S.B.481,9 Laws1986,S.B.156.9 Amended l,aws 5; l. by 1992. 5.8.92 92.I l. efi April 16.1992:LawsI995.H.8.95-ll5l.{ 4. efl:April7. 1995:Laws1996. H.8.96-1252. l. elll I March l9q6: Laws 25. 2001. 305.d 2.ff.June5.200l:Laws:003. l16. l I.eff Auq.6.l00li !q!d Ch. Ch. 2003. Ch.204. l. efT. Aorill0.200l. {

@ 2005 Thon$D/West. No Claim to Orig. U.S. Go\4. Works-


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c.R.s.A. 37-87-125 s


West'sColoradoRevisedStanrtes AnnolatedCurrentness Tide 37. watr andlrrigation Water Rightsand Irrigation and E Reservoirs Waterways in Anicle 87. Reservoin (Refs& Ainos) -f S 37-t7-125. Noticeof intent to corslruct impoundment rtructue Any personproposing10constmct a rcservoir for the purposof storing water, other dDn a reservoir specified in seclion 37-87'105(lJ a livestock or \raterlant asdescribed section in 1549-103.C.R-S., notice shallsubmit thereof to lhe state engineerp.ior to the begirning of any construction. Such notice shall include tlle location of such proposedreservoirwith referenceto sction,township,ard rangeand the dimensions the reservoir,the dam, ard of the spillway. If any rcseftoir is constructedwithout the notice required by this section,the state ngineermay prohibit lhe storageof walr in suchreservoiror direct the withdrawalof *ter from suchreservoir. The provisions of thissection shallnot applyto stsuctures in section listed 37-87-114.5. CREDITTS) kws 1984, H.B.1052. 12. N

No @ 2005 Thom-soniwest. Claim to Orig. U.S. Go\4. Works.


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\ &S:a$t
Page I

c.R.s.A. 37-41-101 |

c ColomdoRevisedStatutesAnnotatedCunenhess Wesfs
Title 37. Waterand lrrigation Waler CoNervationandIrrigation Disticts and E Cons.vation lrrigation Disrricts (F (Refs Annos) Article41. InigationDistrictlnw of 1905 & i $ 37-41-101. Irrigltion district--orgsnization-purpdes (l) If a rnajority of the owners of the land within any district, whetherresidentsor well as the ownersin lhe aggregate a majority of th landsin suchdistrict desireto provide for the irrigarion of the sameand of drainagework. or bolh. necessary mainiain the irrigability of rhe land wilhin the district. they may proposelh to orgadzation ofan irrigation dislrict tmderthe provisionsofthis article. Whenso organized, eachdistrict shall have lhe powers conferred upon such irrigation di$tricl except that where ditches, canals,or reservoirs hav been constructed before May 3, 1905,suchditches,canals,reservoirs, franchiss. the landswateredlhereby.shall and and be exmptfrom the operationof this article, exceptsuchdistrict shall be formedto purchase. acqure, lease,or rent suchditches.canals.andrservoirs and their fianchises. prior ro May 3. 1905. or may 12)An imgationdistrictmay alsobe formedin order10cooprate, a disrrictformed cooperate,with the Unjld Statsunder the federal reclamationlars or any other federal laws enacledby the of congress the United Statesvhich do not conflict with the constitutionand la\lli of the stareof Coloradofor the purposesof lhe constructionof inigalion works, including alrainage works necessary maintainthe irrigability of to the land. or lbr the acqubition, purcha^r, extension,opration,or maintnance constsucted of works. or for the assumplionas pnncipal or guarantorof indeblednss the United Slaleson accountof dbtrict lands. When so to cooperatingwilh lhe United States, only in suchcases, landsof th distict in thcir cntircty shall becomeand but the remainliable to assessment lry annuallyuntil paynent is rnadofall contractobligatior$ due by the drstncrto and theUnitedSlates. (3) Excptwhencooperaling',Iriththe United States, liabilities of an inigation district shall be a chargeupon the the land ratably, and uxes levied to pay such liabilities shall b locsl or speisl improvementassessments. Such a district shall also havepower to take over the assets assume liabiliries ofwater users'associations and the organized for cooperation theUniledStates wilh under provisions the ofthe actofcongress approved June17, 1902(32 Srat., 388), lfNll and acts anendalory lhereof, in casea maJorityof the lands of eachassociation shall be within such disrrct, subject to the provisiorlqthat th sharholdrs suchassociation, vote as provided by rheir anicles of of by incorporationand bylaws, shall assent and agreethat suhassti and liabilities be so takenover. Entrtrnen upon public landsof the United Slateswilhin the proposeddistrict boundaries shall be deemed be lhe ownrsof lands to within the distncr for the purposeof becomingpetiiionersfor the organizationof such irrigation district and shall sharcall the privilgesandobligationsofprivate landowners wilhin lhe districl. (4) All contractsbetwenirrigation districts snd the United Statesshall b recordedin the office of the clerk and recorder of the county in $4ich the offlce of the irrigation district is located; excepr$at, where lhe district is locatedin more thanone county, said contractshall be recordedwith the clerk andrecorderof eachcounty in which the district or anypart thereofis located.


See 41!LlllJ!,rL111 etseq.

HISTORICAL AND STATI'TORY NOTES 2004 Main Volune Dedvation: @ 2005 Thonson/West.No Claim to Orig. U.S. Govt. Works-


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Page 2

c.R.s.A. 37-41-l0l $ La$r 1905, H.8.87, l. ! Rev.Sl.1908, 3440. $ Lawst921, H.B.238, 1 $ Comp.Laws 1921, 1960. $ C.S.A.1935,90,$ 37?. c.

c.R.s.1953, $ r49-1-1. c.R.s.1963, $ 150-l-l.

@ 2005 ThomsoD/West. Claim to orig. U.s. Gol' No


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Page I

c.R.s.A. 37-41-125 $

c ColoradoRevisedStatutesAnnotatedCunenhess west's
Tille 17. Waterand lrrigation Waler Conservation Imgatioa Districts and g Conservation Irrigation Disricts and Irrigation District Law of 1905(Refs& Annos) E:lOidsj! .a g 37-41-125. Construction--contracts (l) After adopting a plan for the consrucdon of canals,reservoirs,and works, th board of diectors shall give publishedin eachof the countiesinlo notice, by publication therof.for not less lhan twenry da)6, in a newspaper provided a newspaper publishedtherein,and in suchother newspapers which any such irrigalion districl exteods, is as it may deemadvisable,calling for bids for the construction said work or any ponion thereoi lf lessthan the of whole work is advenised,then the portion so advenisdmust be panicularly describedin suchnotice. The notice shall set forth that plans and specificationscan be seenat d|e oIfice of the board, and that the board vill receive sealedproposalstherefor,and that lhe contractwill be lel to .he lowestresponsible bidder, statingth tim and the placefor opening proposals, the which,al saidlime and place, shallbe opened public. As soonas convenient in theraflerlhe board shall let said work. either in porlions or as a whole, to the lo{st responsible bidder, or il may rejcl any or all bids and readvenis for proposals,or il may proceed to construcl the work under its oM (2) Contacts for the purchase ofmaEnal shall be awardedto th lowestrsponsible bidder. The penons to whom a contract may be awarddshall enter into a bond, with good and sufl;cient sureties,to be approvedby the boed. payableto said distnct for its use,for not lesstlun ten prcentof lhe amountof the confact price, conditiondfor the faithful performanc said contract. The work shall be done undcr the direction and to the satisfactionof the of engineerin chargeand b approvedby ih board. The provisionsof this seciionshall not apply in the caseof any conrraclbtweenthe district and the United States; exceptthat, before any conract for construcrionwork shall be enteredinro belwnthe United Statesand the disrict. plansand specifications work shall be coveringlhe proposed prepared and filed with the secrerary ofthe distsicr. HISTOzuCAL AND STATI,ITORYNOTES 2004Main Volume Derivation: H.B-87. 23. Laws1905. $ Rev.St.l908,3462. i La*s l9l?. H.B.l4,$ 12. Comp.Laws 1921, 2001. $ C.S.A.1935, li 400. c.90, c.R.s.1953, r49-1-24. $ c.R.s.1963, 150-1-24. $

@ 2005 Thonsortwest. No Claim to Orig. U-S. Go!,t.Works.


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\v^,tIlri t cllTs.


t,*-i','1",,lt*"-+""i fr *p ,;i*tft*;ffi

l;llril# lfllti'#lf' l f}:!'; :t*il $i{:tii*rii W[ Iitii

ru$*r*t*mffi ltfr :iitiirtriiriiliilffi Hllflq ri'ili,'i*ll."l:


,,;x,lu'n; iiiil:iifl,;'ll,;1, 1ll,ill,"l,:i llil;i';ill'"lili;li :lilIilitl

,t ilrir;i ,;;*' ; rf ;:ll;'31', rlilffi i:'. :-*i**,

Case 1:01-cv-00591-FMA

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\\-ATl)ti tit(i uTs.


ru$[r**t"ffit*[*1f j-1:[1*;il[ r;r#r itiiili*;ki:ili iti [r1
,." ,,,",litl''L.

','ffi:',"lm1i11ifr.;iryg5 "[uit1;
r:, r' !,, ,;,.,


-**l+iri-*' [.l{ffii*'ffi**i:irri*

r jr -*i-i;:['+]'t,',d[i$ii * t,rr] i-- r-, l+:i

i*diii'i"'l',1$J+;l"*i* 1,;;$a+*1ffi

"i'r ;r';H;* l;*,* ;,,,'l;i,,ti,;irifiri" i,rxi

-,' fi'ii*T* li fif[*i#i-ii;1iii$r il o,1lTl1,1,3i,iiij,:ill:lli
" 1,,1,?n;

;r,:ulriil, riiilrilir'l;'"i,,y ,,1*li';, *r'"i ;*ilri,ti* *1*-:*H,,
l'1,;1,'lli;;;,'illlr",:lll;li ;lllliiill

,.,fi[ r-ft ffi r+1;;f1I tir :''|1|t **ffi ;lrilr ;lrl;ril,Wr.r-;,i.1.,,*

Case 1:01-cv-00591-FMA

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efit**[**q*,ffixffi |ir;rruu'.g,1'",;ffi irii*krlkj,liit,ro'l:*:f
Ti ;*,"r'r 51i+1ilti :,,,,,;;,];,:\r;: lllt'"l|l;,j";';ffirlr

$ 734. Maps ro b6 ffted. Itartr

urffi3'ffi rrtt**g;ilrir iit frfi$q4,fr':.;fttld* r+n,,'{I[ ni,rr **

il'""" li;:r:,xrn;i,:iiti, t*il ,ruW r ilijrj, ii,',::ii,g illid,,ti1,i*l r

*ilrili|:ffiiite$$+i ffi iiltrriii*"::hn'ir"lr+:rt*:*ilifru llrl'iril

ffifitjW Ht:-iirtfi

Case 1:01-cv-00591-FMA
''. r ' l | .i s

Document 234-3

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\\'i1'titi ti tu 'Js.


'l'Lc enginecr ury re,luire, in add; S 737. Requiremenk ot.plans, r ; o D t o i l r r , , r : r t s a n r l t ) l ^ t s r b o \ ( , l . s c r i h c { I ,a l , l a n s l r o w i n g c r o s 3 - 6 e ' c l i o D s rl jt srlliri.rl rnrnrl!, of lnints lo slrow lhr difelcnt torms $hich the , l i h . h . N h , u c o r r l ' l , r r r l ,$ i l t l a k . . r D r l s h o n i n g N I r t p r o j ) o r l i o no I t h o \vtrlr. is r0 i!, .onrctcrt jn rx(rraii(trr flnd lrhrt rroportion to be coD' v.rcd iu lill. 'l'lrrse rrlus shtrll lr'(lra$n on a horizontrl and rcrtical s"ah ,r, or, ir(h lo Irvfntt'Ie.r I'lrns ot aDx d{ms, cfibs. rmbaDkments ,'r olh(r |r,'lx's(l n1'rks lo obstfl!l ary.ivcr, sh.nnr, lako or potrd, or ,,tlrf v)rf,{ o, rfritrr sl|l,l,ly, slnll l,l] (lfErrD on s longitrdin&l scaleol r o t l ( s s 1 h f l D o n , r j u c l t o t \ o h u n ( l r { r ( lf . , 1 , n D d l o r c r o s l J - s e . l i o n o n a s n.rh,'l rot l,ss llrrn or!,ir!.h 1,,lrv,rrty fBl; atd nhell show 1vhtrl l , e t r r i r l i s i D t 0 D d r ( lt r ) l r . ' r s , t l N n t l t ) l r c e r l i D s u e l ' $ o . k . ' l ' i r ' r t u r , l ) r u ! I l , r s t o n 0 o r o t h e r n r r t t r i f l l r x r r t l ( . r l L r l ln s e d i r s u c l N o r l r ! s l { r l l b c s ] r o r v n lll (lelail on r t)lrD, tlrc s(rlc of \hifh FlrAllnot l,c lcss thtn one inch l. totrr 'l'i!j nrat* of trll lnrlrrsrrl reservoirsshill sl'orvthc surfrcr ,'f th,, sron,r(l nuder $ slt r, ^ll1ltr s,rllicitut nnuber oI lin.s or levcl sh.rll l r s h o { ' l s o t l r t r t l l r r ( o n t c r r l s , ' f t h c r u s c r l o i r . o r l r n s i n n r a y l J ea p p r o x i "rrtcl] .li'leDri'r.,1. lf thc lorfls shrll l{j slorvr l,v co,rtour lin.s thoy N h n l l l ) . o D : r $ t ' t r I ,$ r f i j c i o ' t l ) l n f ( ' i t o s h o w r e r t i c & l l c v e l s n o t e x c e e d i n s liv,, fp.t, trD{l sitL nll !r(lr r.!$voir rlans therc shall l)e Iu.Dished e I ' l r n . ( ' r t x s f t r l , r o I ' r o t l { r s B1 l , s l ' o n , , i r 0 h l o f o u r f e c t , s h o w i n g t h c 'n.1lo,l ,,l l,d'vi,lirA ,r rvnsn,lrry li'r srrfh rrsrrfoir, rn(l nr(tho(l of , l f r w i r c o f I l l , , $ r r , f l r o r i ! I r h f , * , r v , , i ro r l t r r s i n .l l l l ( r ' s t c ( i n F i t r c c r , 1 , . n , , i, l r , ! , \ s r r l [ . r r r y r r ' 1 L r i r lI h , s 1 r l , r i i s s i , ) n , ) l r t r t , l r l ,t]) 1 , ! D s ; t n r l fo srr'(iiif{tioIs L,r Iis At)t'r^nl. llr 'rny rlso r.,tu't{, th,l liling oi liri(i r ,torrs ',f f ,,,l tr'r(l r,s, rvoir Nlff.rr l l , l s 1 l , - ) ,h . 1 5 , q 2 r R . S . 1 8 1 ) 1 r , 8li,S 1'l.l { 927: L. l9('7..h $ 738. Certincat6 to apprcpriel,or. I lx,r rl l).;!s ,,u,lr to rt,t,,!tf r , , I h ,. si I t i s | : | , I i , , | | o l l 1 , . h ' r r d , ' l f ( ' n t f , ) 1 l, l r r l r r y n t , t ) r o l ) f i e t i o|ta s r | l ! r ' I r r l , . , l ( , 1 i , , r f , , , r , h r r ! r N i l l , s l r ' l r n t ' l ' l i , r l i o n , r . D , lt h , l , : t x l ( , m e D r l r r tl l ! . f t { ' r l , \ ' l l ' { s l : r l , r r r r . l i , ! ! . fr,r s I ! l l l ! : l l ! d r r l y o l l l ' i , l x r r x l o l ! : o n t r o l ,l , ] , t l , , h A r , l o l i l s t r k s j ( l . r t , r t l e s l r d u r d f r t l r r 3 c a l o l t h r s . . r r l n r - r , t , , $ ! , 1 b l b c . o u t r l y r : l e r k t r e ( f i i f i , l a t e o f l h r | s t r r n ec l r t r r & t . r : , s t l , n t , l , s , r i l l . l i , r \ 7 ? 8 ,s h i , l s r i , l r c f l i l i f { l f r h r l l h . r ( , , r { l f , l i n 1 I c , ' l ] i r , , , ' l l l , , , o r r l ' c l , r k ^ s l ' . , , v i , 1 , !i l" s r i , l s + c l i , " , l l , . l 8 ! l 1 r { ) 1 , , , l8 . |

\ :tr'i li s. lrlt,9. 1r2rl.l s

l'lrr l,rioritl ,)l s|l.h at'l11,ttrirtio'rshrll $ 739. Date of pdoriiy. , l a t ( .I r o r , l l , r I i l i x ( , , r t l r d r t ' r , l i ( h 1 i oi n t h . . r t s i n r ( l r ' so l i i . r . u , . r 8 0 0 . 9 1 , D ,'l|. 8, S 37; li. s. IrJ99, l)29.1 \ 'l'Le or'trer of ,'rri,'s of eny $ 740. Mrintensnc oI he8dgates. , l r r c h , ' r . r r u l s l r r l l r r { i n r a i n ,l o r l r r s n l i s f a c t i o n f t l r c d i v i ! i o n s u p c r i n o h D , l r n t o l l l l , i ( l i f i s i , ' n i r 1 l I i , i h l l r r i r r i ' r n t i o Dw o r k s , r r o l o i i r t . d , a rrl,slnutial [e lsrt, ,rl lltr |dirtt !vl,fre t|e wnltt ia divetted, whiclr s h f l l l l r r ) f F r . I r o u s l r l r c l i , , r l l a l . i L . a n b c l o c l < e df l x d k r t ) t . c l o s e d L y ,l! Nrl.r roDrnissii)nrri rll(l sr(h ow cri slrAll corstrr(]t nnll Dnintaia $ l i c n & r I r i r 0 ( l b " 1 , t f i rd i ! i s i o D s t l t ' f t i n t , i n ( ] c n t , f l u r t r c so r o t h r i r I n c a s u r j n g ) , t . r v i c c sn t s u c h l , o i n t s n l o D s s r t i r r l j l , i h ^ s n r a y l ) e n { r f s a r y f o r t h e p u r t t o s c o f a s s i s t i r ! r t l ' c r , f l . n ' r c o r n m i s s i o D c ri ! l d f t c r m i r i D g t h e r D r o u n t ,t \!alrr tlnt is to l)( dilr cd into slid (lit.h frorn th. str.Atr, or trkcn Irorn it l)y tl!! yarions rscla. Ary anrl evcrv orarer or nt|naser of ,r r r : s o v o i r . l o r a i r t l ^ , , r o s s0 r u l n n l h ( L c . l o f o D r t u r n l s t r c : t t j l , s h t l l b c ' f , l u i k l 1 , )c { ' r s l r r ( t { n d n r i n t n i n . { h , D r c , t r i r . r l h y t l e i i i v i s i o n s r l ) c r Intcn,l0Dt,!r llurnr.f nrnsruins nr!ne of a Plan io l)e rU)roved by


Case 1:01-cv-00591-FMA

Document 234-3

Filed 05/05/2005

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the stdto 0nArucfr, [cl,)w srr(l' resrrroif t a lJoiut trot lo ,l)icc(d i'00 feet (hslaul the!clror,, ,utl ,, rlrtrr(i,,r Intrsrrrjr* tl,i\j!,i nl,o\c suclr f e s e r v o f o u e e c l ru D d c y e r y s l r r d n r o r s o r r e 0 o l ! r r | t ) l y ( l j s c l d r s i l s i u t r dueh reservoir, for trrrpoae oI $sistiDs t)re watsr oorsdrissioncf or superiuterdent i! dcl(irnrirrrrg llr(' rrrouot ('I rvrt() 1,, rvhitil, l'f!,r al)l,roprjEtors ol,c cntitled and tl,r,rraftlil di!\:rting il li)r'sucl I)rior appro priators'use. When it nay lr. nerfssrry for tl'o t)rohriliox of othcr watel r s e r a ,t h c d i v i s i o us u l ) ( i r i r l c r r l , l | lh i r s r u r l l ! , r ; t y t o r . ! l r i r , l l , r i , , , st i , 1 , , . rlrslrllctl .rlo||g tbo linc of nny dil(:lr. ll nrv surll ,)urx.f (,f ow|l',rs ol frigation works sl&ll relLrscor n(glinil 1o constN,]l rr)d I,ut in sud, h e a d g a t c s ,f l u l t l e s o r r n c e s r r r i n gd r v i o s a l l { l r t . x r l t r y s ' r ( n i o t t o d o s ( ' I ' y d i v i s i o n s u p e r i i t t o n d , i t r t ,i r s h r l l I ) c t J , ( ! ( l r r l y o l t l ( \ ' r t ( 1 ( i o m r n i s s i o n c . o f t l e d i s t r i c t i n w l l i c [ s u c h ] F o , l f i r t c i s l o . r L t e ( l ,i ' t r o r d r r o t ' l h t , i i v i s i o n s u t , c d n t c n d d r l . ,t o c l o s c s u c h r l i l . I t o l l i j t , r s r a c , . l ' \ \ ' r l c r , n r t t l r h , r s r t r ' { - ' s h l l l n o t h e o t ) e n c ( lo r l r l r y w r l , , r d i ! c r l . , a l h r ) ' r ' r l , l s o r t f ( r , ) l N i l t ) t t y , u l l ( l , i I t I c I ' , l r : r l l i , l s I r r : s c t i l r r l [ y l l l t v l i r r l l r , r , l r r r r i r r gr t l r c e ( l g r t c s l o w { u l l y t l o s e ( 1 ,u u i i l l h c r q r t u i ' c n m n l . s ' l t h ( ' r l i \ i s i , , ' r s r t ) c r i i n t . n d e D i r s l o s u . l , I u ! l g r r e , l l r r r r r so r r r r r r r s r | | i r r ! c r i , r ' l r r r r , , h r ' r l. , r r n t ) l i r 1 lw i l l , , r n ( l i l r r y , , $ r ( 1 r , . ) r ! r r , , r g , r , ' l { r , n r \ , ' i f L ! . u ( r r l t r , , r o s s h c h i r l , , 1 & n a L u r t r lB t r , : r o rs h a l l n f s l , r j t , ' f r " l ' u s e l , ' l , u t i u s u ' j l l t L r r c t t s u r i u g , j v j c ( it r f l , c r t e n r l t r y s ' n o l i r x r l o ( l o s o l ' . y l l i l ( l i y i s i o ! s n l l c r d i u n i t r d 0 n l . ,l h 0 w s l e r c o n ' h i s s i o n , ! . s l n l l , , l r ' r l l ( l s l r r i { a rr . t r l , l , , r o n t l , , ol sl|ih r.Brfvoir A",l th(' srr.e shall !,,n I'..1,'sf,l Irel,,f ttnirltirB ('i l | | . l a w f o r ( . h r r r . t i r r . io r i n l e r l c f i r g r v i l I h . r ( l s r l . s , r n i j l l l i , l r , { t t i r ( t r ! , n l r o l l h r , l i ! i s i ( r r s u t n , f i n l c u ( 1 , ! nr s t , ) s i , l , , , , f r s r r i r . ! i ( 1 , ! i c , . s r r . l , r ' t r r t ' l i ( !$ i l h . l l , , I l l l r ( l l l l . , h s . \ l l i . l i S l s l r l J . : r : i t r l , l 1 ' l ) 1'.' l l l \ r r ' . 11 , . l l ) 0 ? , ' h . 8 l ; ,\ l t . l , r $ ? 4 1 . R i g h t s l i m i i e d t o u s e . l i i a l , r sL ) t | | ' r s , . r ' l \ a t , , : l r r l l l r . i r , r i t . , l r o i l r c s l f i , , l r r l t o N o r r u . h l l , ! r , t l a . r r r a yh r r , " . s s a r i l r r N r l r ' , , ri f r i s ! t i , ) t ' o f ( ' l l , r f l , , r r , 1 i , . i rtl, u r t " , s ' si , s l l , ' r { } i r i { 1 . ; , , , s t [ , l i v , : , ' l l l r t i , , r r f y i D l tt a l ) n , , i l yo f 1 | l . ( l j 1 , , r r , l a l l l l r , l , a h , r ' r ' , ' l r l , , t r r t , l r r o r l s,r nlrl)rot'rirt,rl sll1lll h: rll,'\\1rl 1,, f,rr irr rl,, rntllrrl :1nrr,, |lrtr $ ' h i ' r hs u c h { l i t c l rr l r t \ v s s s r t ) t ) l y( ' l n i t r ' f , n , ! l s l , r l l r ! ) l h . , . , D s i , l , r , r l t r s h l r v i s l ! r ' ! r l l l r l ' t I i i t . ( l t h , l r ( i l , . t 'i iL r ( l i D , r i , i h , , , \ \ , , , , ., ,' f , ' w r t ' r s o f a r r y r u , 1 l |, l i r , : 1 ,f ,r t r r l o f r , s , r v , , i f r l ' a l l l ' r i l 1 , , , r s , .l J r . \ ' r l , r l l , , , r , f r o t n I o f i r r i g a t i o n o r o t h r f L , i x , , l i i : i a ll , I r t n s . s r h f i r F r r y l i v , s l r ! 1 , t s i v c y c a r s , l I o y s h a l l L , ! , ' o u s i r l f r ( 1r1 I r v i n s n l ' n n , l , , r u ll l r , s { r r . , r o r l s sbnll lorl,ril rll \{rtlx rights, fas.rrrrlA rttl(l t'rj!il.qc\, rt)tJtrrle.Nl lIffet(', ard th0 v{tor fornrerly rt)l)r('trfiat.(l l,r ll(||l [,rr 1,. aaairl npprot,rirtetl J,,f ifrig.rtion and otll, r l!'n,lti,,i,rl t,url!)s,r, ll,, snuc l|s r l s L r u hd i t i : h , c r n a l d r r . ! r t . v o i r h u l r . \ i f l,c,{, r,'ritflrrrtrlr d.itho s l n l l t l r c o w n c r o r o w n e r s o I s r ( l l ' l i r , l , r j , u r t r l, , f r , . s r r \ r , i r l r t v r n r t r riSht to rcceivc ffom otI*s rrn)' (,yirlty fof ll,r rrr, ,,l !vil,r car.ic'l t l r c f r b y , h ! r t { r y c r } s u c I o r v n , r ' o r o r v r o r l L , l v i r r s : , s | r t ' l r s o r r v r l . ,r nnd lufnisling tbc same to otherr f|1, rry (lit.l,, rarr|l or r,rsc}voirar h e r e i n p r o v i { 1 . d , s l , ^ l l b c { r D s i ( l { x r \ l , x , n r D r , , ,f r f f i r r s ,.l slLlll l4 sul, jc.r.d to thc s;unc lnw! tLal qo!(rn r,)nrDor ,, ll,. lrriB, ,.h 5i) r i 1 4 ; I t . S . l l l 9 9 , $ 8 1 , 5 ; I / . 1 ! , 0 i , . h . r t l ) i J , . 1 J ) l ) 7f,l r 8 l ; . \ l l . l 8742. Lega,lAtandard. ,\ cul)ic foot dl'$rt,,r ltr,f r'!!,r!l oi iix! shall be the leeal standard for thc rtrersnrencrt of nater ir tlris stdtp, l l o l h 1 o . t h e p u r p o x eo f d c l e r m i r i n g I I f t l , , \ \ ' ( , l r r { t . r i n r i l r r a l s t r . . r m s , r n ( l f o r t h . I u r p o s c o f d i s t r i l n r i . i n s.n l . r t l , . r . l f , ) , r . l f r 1 8 1 1 r ) ! J L l rl ,

\ 38; Ir. S. 1899, 068.1 $



Case 1:01-cv-00591-FMA

Document 234-3

Filed 05/05/2005

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wY sT s 41-3-301 w.s.1977 S 41 3 301

Page 1




(a) Any pereon, corporation/ associalion, or organizalion, of any nalure ehateoever, hereafEer intending to ator:e or inpound, for beDeficial uses, any of the unappropliated \raEers of the state of wyoming, 6ba11, before comencrng consrruction of any works for such purpose, or performing any work in connection wiih said proposed construction, make an application to the state engineer:, for a permit !o coDslruct a reservoir. The applicalion must eet' forth lhe name and post addresa of the applicant; office lhe aource of the waler supply; the nature of the proposed uae; the location and deacription of the proposed work; the tine wilhin which il i propoaed to begin conatruction, and the time iequired for the conpleiion of conslruclion. tlaps and plans shatl conform with the prowiEions of In case of reservoils where the storase is for srock purposes only !!. . 4f 1 !fq, (20) acre-feel and lhe capacity does not exceed lwenly and the heighl of dan doeg (20) fee!, nor exceed twenly the state engineer nay issue a pelnit wilhouE rhe filing of a map on tr:acing cloth; howewer the state engineer nay reguire cellain infornation be subndtled on special forma !o be furnished by him (b) For reservoir pernils polluLant issued in conjunction with the national discharge eliminalion EysEem (NPDES) for mining operations, the EaLe engineer pronptly review the appticatior shall and advise rhe applicant in {riting if it (30) days. If lhe applicalion within complele, thirly iE compleEe, or ig resubnitted to the aaLiafaction of lhe atate engineer, it shall be approved or (as) daya of ttris deterrnination: denied within forty five rcompleleh means that Ehe application (i) For lhe purpose of lhis sul]section conEain6 all lhe e6aeniial and neceEsary elemeD!6 and is acceplable for furlher with the prowiaions revier for subalance and conpliance of this chapler.


( L a w E1 9 0 3 , c h . 5 9 , S 1 ; C . S . 1 9 1 0 , S ? 4 3 ; C . S - 1 9 2 0 , S 8 6 4 ; R . 5 . 1 9 3 1 , S 1 2 2 1 5 0 2 ; r r a r a ,ra 4 1 , c h . 2 4 , S 1 ; C . S . 1 9 4 s , S 7 1 - 5 0 1 ; r . S . r 9 s 7 , S 4 1 - 2 5 ; r , a w s 9 r . 9 8 0 ,c h . 5 7 , S 1 . )


2005 Thomson/west. No clain

!o orig.


Govi. works


Case 1:01-cv-00591-FMA

Document 234-3

Filed 05/05/2005

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wY sT s 41-4-501 w . s . 1 9 7 7 S 4 1 - 4- 5 0 1

Page r-

lloM llc STATUTES 19? 7 TrT],E_-4!. WATER. CTAPTER 4. BOARD OA CONTROL; ADgI4IC+TION OF WATER RIGHTS. PERMIT FoR APPRoPRIATIoN; PRoCEDI'RE. 4!!!MEI {_ 4EII_q!4_lp!io! 41-,1-501 Pelnit rquiled I to colstructloa of dltches, canala otb.r dlatrlbutlag l'ofks, coutaatB of aDplic.tiop; url.vful tliv.rsior of P.!r prollbited,

o! o!


Any person, association or corporation hereafEer intending to acquire lhe righl lo lhe beneficial use of lhe public rater of the state of wyoning shall, before conunencing the construction, enlargemenl or exlension of any ditch, canal or other works, distributing or perforning any work in connection with said construction, or proposed appr:opriation, make an applicalior !o lhe state engineer for a permit to nake such appropriationSuch applicalior nust se! forrh the and post-office addregs of lhe applicant, the source of the eater: eupply, lhe nature of lhe propoeed use, the localion and description of lhe proposed ditch, canal or: other within rork, lhe line which it' is proposed to begin consLruction, lhe time required for completion of coDstruclior and lhe lime required for the compleEe applj.cation of the water to the pioposed use. Any person who shall wilfully divert or uae \rater to the detriment of others withou! with law shall conpliance be deened guilly of a misdemeanor, and on conviction ttrereof, sba1l be fined in a sun Dot exceeding one (5100.00), hundred dollare or by inprisorunent in the county jail for a tem nor exceeding six or by both such fine and imprisonment; and the poaseseion {5) nonlhs, or use of wacer, excepl when a right of uEe is acquired in accordaDce wilh ]aw, shal] be prina facie evidence of the guilt of the peraon uaing it. S {Laws 1890-91, ch.8, 86, S 13; c.s. 1910, 5 5 ?1-234; W.S. 195?, S 34; 1895, ch. 45, S 1, R.S. 1899, S 121; C.3. 1920, S 835; R.S. 1931, S 4 1 - 2 0 1 .) 91?; Lawa 1907, ch. 1 2 2 4 0 4i C . S . ! 9 4 5 .

2oo5 Thon6on/we6c. No Claim to Orig.

U.S. Gowt. works.


Case 1:01-cv-00591-FMA

Document 234-3

Filed 05/05/2005

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wYsT s

4 1 - 4- 5 0 7



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WYOMING STATUTES 19 7? TITI,E 41. IIATER. CHAPTER 4. BOARD OF COMIROL; AD.tUDICATION OF WATER RIGIITS. ARTICLE 5. APPLICATION FOR PERMIT FOR APPROPRIATION; PROCEDWE. Haps asd platr, whr !qui!d S {1-4-507 vitb .pplicltiop, requlraat5r copleE, duti6! of state 6ngia.! s.r.ra1ly.



(a) Each appticalion for a permit to appropriate eaters for beneficial uses under a project portion en'bracing lhe major irrigable of an enlire drainage basin within lhe limics of this slale which ha6 been approved by eilher state or federal agrencies for developnen! and consEruclion in subdivigions aa lhe resuft of prelininary invesligations, nusl be acconpanied by a nap or plat in duplicate, the original of which shall be on tracing linen drawn on a scate to conform to the regulations of lhe state engineer/ showing the approxinate location of all streans/ proposed reselwoirs, main canals and the other data required under the lerms of w.S. 41-l-101, with lhe approxnnate location togelher and area of the ]ands !o be ilrigated and approxinale capacity of each of the reservoirs !o be conelrucled. It shatl be the duty of lhe state engineer lo approve any such appticatior made in which conlemplatea confornity her:ewilh Ehe application of the eater of a drainage portion basin to lhe beneficial use of a rnajor irriga-ble where the propoEed lhereof use does not tend to impair the value of exialing rights, or Eo be otherwise provided, detrinenral lo the pu.blic nelfar:e; however, that any permiE for approprialion of walers for beneficial uEes upon the irrlgable lands designated in such a drainage basin project applicalion, must be conditioned for the su.bmission lo the state engineer of detailed mapa, plana and apecitications applicabte to a single subdivision of lhe projecl and the approval tbereof by tbe state engineer, prior provided !o lhe cohnencement of the conEruclion of any euch aubdiwiBion; further thaE such subdiwision napa, ptana and specification8 ahall conforn to the requirements hereinafter aet forlh ae applicalrle lo olher applications not portion embracing the major irriga-bte of an enlire drainage ba8in. (b) Every olher application for pernil lo appropriate lraler for beneficiaf uae6 must be acconpanied by a map or plat in duplicate, showing accurately the ]ocation work. The original and exter! of lhe piopoeed of lhese naps or plals musl be dra$n on tracing linen, on a acale to conforrn to the regulalion of lhe state engineer; lhey must 6how lhe location of the headgale or poinl of diversion by courses and distances from 6one government corner; lhey mus! hon the aclual location of the or: watei line dilch or canal, of lhe reGervoir, and nusl Ehow, wherewer section government line6 are croased, the dislance !o lhe neareat corner. The map or plal must 6how the cour:6e ot the river, strean or olher Gource of supply; the location lands propoaed to be recfaimedi the poaieion and aiea of all and area of all ieserwoirs or basins intended to be created for the puryoEe of sEoring water:; the locaEion of the intsersectsion with all olher dilches. canals, tateralc or reserwoirs which are caused by lhis work, or lrilh which connecLions are made, The6e maps musl contain the name of lhe propoEed work, and, eheie possible, lhe nurnber of the pernit. They must in addition, have the name or names of the applicant or giving and the cerEificate of the surveyorr lhe dale of survey, his name applicants

(Lawa 1890 91, ch.

8, S

35; 1895, ch.45,


2; R.S. 1899, S

924; c.s

1910, S


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'734i C.S. L920, S A42i R.S. 1931, S S 7l-245i W.S. 1957, S 41-207.)


LanE 1939, ch.68,


1; C.S. 194s,


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wYsT s 41-4-510 w .s . 1 9 7 7S 4 1 - 4 - 5 1 0
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WYOMING STATT/TES 1977 TITLE 41. WATER. ARTICLE 5. APPI,ICATION FOR PERMIT FOR APPROPRIATION; PROCEDURE. plats; adautlo!.l lpfornatlon, 5 41-4-510 c!oe! sctioE plapg of obEtructious, !.6.troi! rp.cificrltopar fl.Id aot.a.

cuPrER a. !94EL9F cNrct;


The engineer may require, in addition Lo the nap6 and plals above described, a plan 6howi!r9 crosa Beclions at a sufticienl nunber of points ro shollt the different forns when conpleted, which the ditch, will lake, and showing whaE proportion of tbe waeer is to be conveyed in excavalion and whal proportion to be conveyed in fill. These plans shall be dram on a horizontal and verlical scale of one (1) inch to (20) fee!. twenly Plans of any dams, cribs, enbankments or other proposed work ro obslruc! any river, slrean, lake or pond, or olher source of waler supply, 6ha11 be (200) draMr on a longitudinal acale of not lees than one (1) inch to lwo hundred feet, and for cros sections on a acale of not leas lhar one (1) inch to lwenly (20) feet; and shalt show what naterial is inledded to be used and placed in such work. Tinber, brush, stone or other material except earth used in such sorks shall be shovrn in delail on a plan, the 6cale of $hictr ahall no! be le8s tban one {1) inch lo four (a) feet. The naps of all proposed reEervoirs shall sho$ the Burface of the ground under water, and a aufficient nuiber be hown of tines of tewel shall so that the contents of the reservoir or baein nay be approxirBtely delernined. If shall be aho{n by contour the levela lines lhey shall be on a scale sufficienlly (s) feet, Large to shos wertical levels nol exceeding five and with all such p]anB lhere plan, reserwoir sharl be furnished a on a scale of not lesa than one (1) inch to four showing the metbod of providiDg a uasteway for 6uch 14) feet, reaervoir, and method of dra$ing off the $ater fr:orn euch reservoir If the or ba6in. plans scate engiDeer deens it necessary he nay require lhe subnission of complele foi his approval. and specificatione He nay al6o require lhe fiting of field noles surveya. of canal and reEervoir (Lawa 1890 91, ch. 8, S a6, S 14; C.S. 1910, S S 71 248; W.S. 195?, S 3 5 ; 1 8 9 5 , c h . 4 5 , S 2; R.S. 1899, S ? 3 ? ; C .S . 1 9 2 0 , S 8 4 5 ; R . S . 1 9 3 1 , S 4t-270 . ) 921i Lava 190?, ch. 122-414i C.S. 1945,

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liY sT s 41- 4 - 512 w .s . 1 9 7 7 S 4 1 - 4 - 5 1 2

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197 7 TITI,E 41. WATER. CIIAPTER 4. BOARD OF COIIIIROL; ADJUDICATION OF WATER RICHTS, ARTICLE 5. APPLICATION FOR PERMIT FOR APPROPRIATION; PROCEDURE. Fiaal proof of rp!!op!i.t:or, 5 {1-{-512 d!!e ot prlority. The priorily of such approprialion shall dale from the filing of the applicaeion


( I r a w 61 8 9 0 - 9 1 , c h . 8 , 37; R.S. 1899, S 929; C.S. 1910, S 739; C-S- L920, S 850; R.S. 1931, S 122-419; C.S. 1945, S 71-250; w.S. 1957, S 41-212.)

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