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III\•|\l|$II\II" IJVV I»J\F|\»lIlI¤lIlS \lVI|\F\»\|\JI|GlI V12! una! rwvnvu ugug H;_yuu
· Case 1:05-cv-00033-GIVIS D0 |ed O3/O2/2007 Page 1 of 2
SMYRNA DE, 19977
Phone#: 302-653-9261
—~ I
Fooiliue occ Delaware Correctional center ‘ Followup Roooiroo w
Incident Location: Bkig,23 A Tier
Location Descriptiontwalkway between bldg. 23 and bldg. 24 ·
tolatod Conditions: 1.o2r200.2o1 Assault
_ 1.tJ5I200.225 Demonstrations ;Strtke) -
1.08I200.203 Disorderly or Threatening Behavior
wI2QQI215 insane o Riot
2.0t.·I2U0.10E» Faliing to Obey an Order
Description of Incident:
On May 31, 2004 at approximately 1-025 I CIO Hamrick, David and CIO Wood, James were prepairing to run chow in B chow
halt. At that time we heard a back up call over the radio from CIO Adams, Carlton. CIO Hamrtok and CIO Wood responded to
the walkway between building 23 and building 24. CIO Adams informed us that IIM Czuattlebau m, Vincent SBIIIQ was
refusing to go back to his cell and lock In. CIO Hamrick gave IIM Cluattlebaum a direct order to lock in. IIM Ouatttebaum
stated "fuck that I am not locking the fuck ln" CIO Hamrick gave IIM Ouattlebaum a direct order to turn around and be cuffed, `
IIM Quattiebaurn stated "fuclt that |'m not being cuifed." CIO Hamrick tried to apply a handcuff to IIM Ouattlebaunfs right wrist.
At that time lIIy1 Quattlebaum jerked away pushing CIO Hamrick's handIarm away. CIO Hamrick and IIM Quattlebaum started
to struggle with each other, with assistance from CIO Wood, CIO Adams and CIO Payne, Eric IIM Quattlebaum was subdued .
and handcuffs were applyed. At this time six other Inmates began to gather around the CIO‘s cursing and swearing at them
and stating “we aloft going to take this we are going to fuck you up". The inmates were indentitied as IIM Porter, Ruben SBIII
` , IIM Nelson. Craig SBl# ¤iIM Bames, Courtney SBl#Q, IIM Grosvenor, Jamah ,SBI# —,
_IIM Brock, Marcus SB1#¤and IIM Flowers, Damon SBl# g. CIO Phillips. Marvin and CIO Oney, Rastafari
\ ne and tried to get the inmates to goto the chow hall with the help of the other CIO's named above. IIM Porter went to the
‘ ....rilding 24 door and slamed It shut and saying "no one is going fucking anywhere". The CIO's had the door re-opened and
escorted the inmat t e chow hall with n urt r i cident. DSH _ _ _
Evicioooo Tyoo= NIA cate corrected; w
Discovered By 2% Secured By:&t
Restraints Used I handcuffs I .
mmediate Action Taken: -
Quattiebaum Handcufied and notitied Lt. Salas and Capt. Betanger of incident
z o r I,t.:I s.,. *.. ol - ~1 ‘I.I·Ir II II -I. Iolr? I.Ir,s i IIII é I
astafari, Oney N - NIA orre o n fficer _
taff _ ric, Payne G _ · NIA O CorporaIISgt. - Large Inst. _
taii · iarvin, Phillips _ NIA - orrecti nal Ofncer _ _ _ _ _ ____ _ ____
tatt arlton, Adams NIA orrectional _________ __
tart _ ames, Wood C _ NIA __ _ cer
taff _ _ avid, Hamticlt S _ NIA I orrectional Officer __ ____ _ _ _ ___
amone, Flowers E • = IA _ I _ _ _ ‘
@$ or<=¤o· Brook R [III to
, rooio I oooh- Grooro¤or*< .,...` Q --... I to I I . ,. I II IIIIII _III I I I
'- Roto o¤r¢¤or.Bor¤ool- I A II I II IIIIII I I
ois Noiooo 0 IA
uban, Porter I IA
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]`§}§{§' case 1:05-cv-000ss-GMS ¤;.e“"“"“" '“"“"'§Q“` “é"“" /02/2007 Page 2—6fv2 -—-—·———""""""""
SMYRNA DE, 19977
Phoneit: 302-653-9261
. »—.- ·· - *-- -. 5 1; -fi H .;=
. "" `* ` ¥ Q-;.
.. .- ‘ -·=- L
. .;:;- {A _ I
’ GPUTUUQ OHI¤¤f¤HamricI<, David S {Correctional Ofticerg Entered By:1-|amri;;|·; David S [Cgrrggtigngl 0{ncgq

X Approved |jDisapproved Date:O5f31f2004 APPVQVNI bi'? Taylor, Ramon {Staff Lt.lLt{
Comments: NIA
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