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State of Minnesota
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District Court
Judicial District: Court File Number: Case Type: Civil

Plaintiff (Creditor/Debtor),


Request for Hearing and Notice for Hearing on Exemption Claim(s) (Minn. Stat. 550.143, subd. 8; 551.05, subd. 6; 571.914, subd. 3)

Defendant (Creditor/Debtor).

Garnishee (Third Party)

I hereby request a hearing to resolve the exemption claim which has been made in this case regarding funds in the account of at the
Debtor Financial Institution ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Address City/State/Zip

I believe the property being held is exempt because:

Debtor Address

Telephone Number

Hearing Date: Time: Hearing Place: ____________________________________

Note to both parties: Bring all documents and materials relevant to the exemption claim and objection to the hearing. Failure to do so could delay the court's decision.




Rev 12/03

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