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D F mean _____ Looeeo A
(Noticc.Related.Cases2/2007) • RECEIVED `TT- COPY
N • TICE or RELATED A E é CU-g'i§,§,§,PL§§*ZJ,‘§§§SX“T
BY_—____-__-v_______ DEPUTY
Defendant CANO-SANCHEZ, Alejandro Docket N0: 04Q R01 103-001-PHX-FJM
Revocation Proceedings
Local Rule Criminal 5.l(a), refers to the matter of a defendant charged with a new crime and
currently on supervised release, stating the new case shall be assignedto the Judge presiding over
the revocation proceedings. _
Local Rule Criminal 5.3 [see Rule 42. l (a)( 1 ), Local Rules of Civil Procedure] , refers to reassignment Q
of cases when two or more cases are pending before different District Judges and such cases are V
related and would entail substantial duplication of labor if heard by different District Judges. In this
situation, the matter is to be heard by the District Judge assigned to the case with the lowest number.
The Probation Office for the District of Arizona hereby notifies the Clerk’s Office that:
(Check A, B 0r C)
' (A) __ A petition has been filed to revoke the above named defendant’s supervision. ,
The Clerk ofthe Court is requested to assign the new criminal case to the Honorable
Charles R. yle as revocation/disposition proceedings are pending in Tucson. The ii
current magistrate number assigned to this new case is 4:07-O6§10M-1.
(B) __ The above named defendant has entered a plea of guilty in Q and sentencing is
scheduled for Q, before the Honorable Q.
(C) ____ Apetition has been prepared to initiate supervision violation proceedings in multiple
cases. The Clerk of the Court is advised the criminal case with the lowest case
number is Q , which is assigned to the Honorable Q_. Violation proceedings are also
sought in case number Q , which is assigned to the Honorable Q.
(D) Petitions to revoke the above named offender's ,§upervision have been filed. These
related petitions, filed in Docket Q and Docket Q, are both assigned to the
Honorable Q.
\.;qy>g§Qy& Q; , J
U. S. Probation Officer Assistant Date
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