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Date: February 6, 2006
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AO 442 gRev;·5!85-AZ) Warrant for Arrest FH- 5, : U ·LCr{) E[)—?
, - . ’ ‘ 1
· xv; ___ ECEIVED COPY
‘ Un1tcd States D1str1ct Co,;gBr0t62UU5 §
` District of Arizona
Y Dlstasct or Aeizoiuis
WARRANT FO ‘ it-te e
United States of America .
Juan De Dios Martinez, Jr. CASE NUMBER : CR O3-606-1-PHX-MHM
T0: The United States Marshal and any Authorized United States Officer
YOU ARE HEREBY COMMANDED to arrest Juan De Dios Martinez., Jr.
and bring him or her forthwith to the nearest magistrate to answer a(n) M
lj Indictment I;] information [I Complaint ¤ Order of*Court[J_`
D Violation Notice I:] Petition for Probation Violation
w Petition on Supervised Release
Charging him with violating the terms and conditions of supervised release.
i-if_W'E;AFllE District Court Executive { Clerk of Court
l\iarne`of lssuing"Qi=ficer Title of Issuing Officer
E; ji` ; t February 1, 2006, Phoenix. Arizona
]STgn_ ure-of Issuingfbfficer Date and Location
(Byi.__[3_eputy C|erk·`_g.:;:
aan i=l_}§ed- Y ·‘ A
This warrant was eceived and executed with the arrest of the above-named defendant at:
QXF uhh
D2 : Received Name and Title of Arresting Officer Sign ur Arresting Officer
. M ab-
‘ `\¢ .
D of Arrest K5 J $4 : ___
°[email protected]·a~t B M D 5*** te. — ~ ·
AO 442 (Rev.5/85-AZ) Warrant for Arrest Y
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Case 2:03-cr-00606-MHM

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