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Court Name: Case Name: Case Number:
(if known)

Estate of

Interim (intestate or testate) 1. Petitioner Name Mailing Address Petitioner Name Mailing Address 2. Attorney Name Mailing Address 3. Telephone Bar ID# Telephone Final (intestate) Telephone

If interim distribution is requested, please answer the following questions. If you answer "no" to any question, attach explanation. a. Have all federal and state estate taxes and inheritance taxes been paid? Yes No b. Have all debts of the estate been paid? Yes No c. Have all specific legatees named in the will been paid? Yes No d. Balance prior to requested distribution $ e. Sufficient funds have been reserved for future expenses. Yes No f. Distribution is requested as follows: NAME OF RESIDUARY LEGATEE AMOUNT REQUESTED $ $ $ $ $


TOTAL $ If final distribution is requested, list the names and relationship to the deceased of all the heirs of the estate, and their respective shares of the estate. If any child listed is not also the child of the surviving spouse, check the box in the relationship column. NAME RELATIONSHIP SHARE/AMOUNT $ $ $ $ $ TOTAL $

NHJB-2131-P (06/04/2008) (formerly AOC 095-003)

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Case Name: Estate of Case Number: MOTION FOR ORDER OF DISTRIBUTION

The petitioner requests that an order of distribution be made to those persons named in such sums as are set forth above. I certify that a copy of this document has been provided to the parties who have filed an appearance for this case or who are otherwise interested parties.

Date Date

Petitioner Signature Petitioner Signature

Motion is granted and the court orders that distribution be made as specified in the foregoing motion, subject to payment of debts, taxes and timely filed will contest, if any, and all in accordance with New Hampshire laws. Motion is denied.
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NHJB-2131-P (06/04/2008) (formerly AOC 095-003)

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