Free Assignment of Mortgage – Absolute

This Assignment of Mortgage is between the party assigning the mortgage (assignor) and the party to whom the mortgage will be assigned (assignee). This assignment effectively sets forth all the assignment terms including the original parties to the mortgage, date signed and mortgage recording information. This Assignment of Mortgage must be signed by the assignor and assignee in the presence of witnesses.

Disclaimer:This was not drafted by an attorney & should not be used as a legal document.

Assignment of Mortgage

This Assignment of Mortgage (the “Assignment”) is made and entered into this __ day of _________, 20____, by and between ________________________ of __________________________________ (the “Assignor”) and ____________________________ of _________________________________ (the “Assignee”).
For good and valuable consideration, it is agreed by and between the parties that the Assignor, its successors and assigns hereby assigns and transfers to Assignee its successors and assigns all rights, title and interest held by the Assignor in and to a certain mortgage executed by _______________ to ____________________________________ on the ______ day of _______________________, ________ and recorded on _______________________________________________ in the office of ____________________________ in book ________________________________.
The Assignor hereby warrants that it has full rights and authority to enter into this assignment and that the rights and benefits assigned hereunder are free and clear of any lien, encumbrance, adverse claim or interest by any third party.
This Assignment shall be binding upon and inure to the benefit of the parties, their successors and assigns.
This Assignment shall be governed by the laws of the State of ___________________, applicable to agreements executed and to be performed entirely therein.
Signed this _____________ day of ___________________, 20________.

Witness Assignor

Witness Assignee
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