Free Mechanic’s Lien Release Form

Mechanic's Lien Releases are used to verify that there are no current liens against a property or project. This release sets out the property location and identification of the contractor and any subcontractors.

Disclaimer:This was not drafted by an attorney & should not be used as a legal document.

Release of Mechanic’s Lien
STATE OF _______________                                 §

COUNTY OF _____________                                 §

___________________________, referred to as HOLDER, is the owner/claimant of that certain Mechanic’s lien, acknowledges payment in full of the same, which was recorded at __________ _______ Book, Book ___, page __ of the ____________ County, State of __________________, and consents to the release of the property from the lien and satisfaction of the Mechanic’s lien on the record.

Dated: ________________________


Holder of Lien

______________________________________, having being duly sworn to tell the truth, acknowledges the execution of this release of Mechanic’s lien for the purposes stated herein.



Notary Public

My commission expires: ___________________

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