Free Contractor's Lien

Contractor's Liens (also known as Supplier or Mechanic's Liens) are used by contractors or subcontractors to secure a claim against a property on which they have worked and have not been paid. Filing a contractor's lien will ensure that the property owner pays all parties for the work which was performed. This lien remains in effect until paid in full.

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Contractor’s Lien
City of ___________
County of _________
State of ___________

Name:              __________________________

Address:          __________________________


The Undersigned, _________________________________________ herein referred to as (“Claimant”) hereby claims a contractor’s lien for labor, services, equipment and/or materials as described below regarding certain personal property located at; ______________________________________________.

Services performed:


Company information that performed services:


Legal Owner(s) information to personal property:


Subtotal Due: ______________

Credits: ___________________

Offsets: ___________________

Interests: __________________

Total Due: _________________

Claimant, _______________________ hereby executes this Contractor’s Lien on _________ at ________ by _______________________.

I, the undersigned, declare I am the ______________ of the _____________, Claimant as named in the foregoing claim of the Contractor’s Lien; I am authorized to make this Verification for the Claimant; I have read the foregoing claim of the Contractor’s Lien and know the contents thereof; the same is true of my own knowledge.  I declare under the penalty of perjury.


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