Free Mechanic's Lien

This Mechanic’s Lien is filed by a contractor who has supplied labor and materials for a project on a certain property and has not been paid. This lien sets out the name of the claimant, the legal description of the property, the amount of payment and interest due and a description of the work performed. It also sets out the name of the present owners of the property on which the lien will attach. This Mechanic’s Lien must be signed by the claimant in the presence of a notary and recorded in the county where the property is located.

Disclaimer:This was not drafted by an attorney & should not be used as a legal document.





(Street Address)

(City, State & Zip)



I, __________________________________ of _________________________________ ___________________ (the “Claimant”) hereby claim a Mechanic's Lien upon the following described property: ________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________. (the “Property”)

The amount of __________________ Dollars ($__________), together with interest thereon at the rate of __________ per annum from the _____________________ day of _________________________, 20______ is due and owing to the claimant for the following work performed by claimant on the Property: ____________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________

The name of the present owners of the property is/are: __________________________ __________________________________________________________________________.

Dated this ______________ day of _____________________, 20________

By: _________________________

Name: _______________________

State of_________________

County of _______________

Signed and sworn to before me on this _____________ day of ______________________, 20______, by ___________________________of ____________________________ ____________.

Notary Seal

Notary Signature

Title & Rank

My commission expires: ________________________

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