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26 January 2007 F"—E¤ .___n.o0e::¤ ‘
.,__RECEIVED ______COpy
0 JAN 22;20u7 0
Richard Weare, Clerk BY DBDWCTOFAHRONA .
‘ United States District Court ’ "*‘·—-————-DEHNY
Sandra Day O'Connor U.S. Courthouse, Suite 130 `
401 W. Washington Street, SPC-1 ‘
Phoenix, AZ 85003-2118 _
RE: CV-02-1896-PHX—RCB
Subj: Second Formal Request Pursuant to FRAP 9th Cir.Ru1e 30-3 - 0 _
0n January 22, 2007 I forwarded your office a request for copies
of a document that is required for my excerpts of the record
on appeal. This request was made to the satisfy the requirements
of 9th Cir. Rule 30-1.3, 30-1.7, and 30-3. Your office responded
by requesting a $35.50 payment for said record item. I `
Presently I am proceeding on appeal in forma pauperis and without -
representation by counsel. 9th Cir. Rule 30-3 states:
In cases involving appeals by prisoners not represented
by counsel, the clerk of the district court shall upon `
receipt of the prisoner's written request forward to the
prisoner, within 21 days from the receipt of the request, 0
copies of the documents to comprise the excerpt of record. ·
9th Cir. Rule 30-1.3 Required Contents of the Excerpts of Record 3% l
states: I
(a) In all appeals the excerpts of record shall include:
-- . . . (xiJ any other_specific portions of any document, ‘ , z' i`
" in the record that are cited‘in"appel1ant's briefs and 0
necessary to the resolution of an issue on appeal.
District Court document #27, and the accompaning exhibits,are _;
referenced in appellantfs briefs and are necessary to the I
resolution of an issue on appeal. — a
Therefore, I am_once again requesting a copy of District Court 0
record item #27 and its accompanying exhibits from your office p
pursuant to 9th Cir. Rule 30-3 without payment of fees or costs.
Respectfully, l
Alfred P Shadid, #1141 3 I
ASPC—Douglas, Mohave ‘ _ a`
P.O. Box 5002 _ `
Douglas, AZ 85608 ,
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