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  • These Power of Attorney Forms are used by an individual to grant someone else the authority to make certain decisions on their behalf.

  • Power Of Attorney: Durable Effective Immediately
  • This Power of Attorney document authorizes one party (the Agent) to act on another party's behalf (the Principle) in a legal or business matter. The Power of Attorney becomes effective immediately upon signing.

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  • This combo package includes all of our most popular Power of Attorney forms, which are necessary to grant someone else the power to make certain decisions or handle certain matters on your behalf.

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  • FREE Living Will And Durable Power Of Attorney For Health Care
  • ... AND DURABLE POWER OF ATTORNEY FOR HEALTH CARE Date of Directive: Name of person ... Power of Attorney for Health Care Page 3 of 7 2. CREATION OF DURABLE POWER OF ATTORNEY ... create a durable power of attorney for health care. This power of attorney shall not ...
    State: Idaho   Category: Health Care

  • FREE Power Of Attorney
  • ... the old Power of Attorney. The new Power of Attorney, or the Notice of Revocation, ... in this power of attorney by completing a subsequent power of attorney. Additional Provisions ... the statutory form power of attorney. If the power of attorney is one which ...
    State: Alaska   Category: Court Forms - State

  • FREE Power Of Attorney
  • ... POWER OF ATTORNEY IN FACT _______________________________________ Name of Entity I, __________________________________, _____________________________________, of Name Title of ...
    State: Minnesota   Category: Court Forms - State

  • FREE Limited Power Of Attorney
  • ... Matter of: Case No. LIMITED POWER OF ATTORNEY To: (name address of agent/attorney- in ... authorized you to act as attorney- in- fact for the ... is authorized to execute this power of attorney. Signature_________________________________ Notary Public PRINT ...
    State: Iowa   Category: Bankruptcy