Free Share Purchase Agreement

Share Purchase Agreements are used by a purchaser and a seller of shares of a particular corporation. This agreement sets out the number of shares to be sold, their price and warranties made by seller regarding the shares. It also sets forth the closing date for the transaction.

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Share Purchase Agreement
__________, referred to as SELLER, and ______________, referred to as PURCHASER, agree:

PURCHASER shall purchase from SELLER ___ shares of Class ___ shares of ______ stock, issued by _________________________, in consideration of:

A promissory note in the amount of $________(______________& ___/100 dollars) secured by a pledge of the stock and/or  $_____ (______________&___/100 dollars.)

The shares purchased are not registered with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, or the Securities Commission of any state.

The PURCHASER represents that it is qualified under the relevant rules and regulations of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission and the Securities Commission of any state, which may have jurisdiction to purchase these shares.   Purchaser represents they are an accredited investor or investment group as defined by current investment US and state laws.

The PURCHASER further represents that it is not purchasing these shares with an intention of resale, nor will it take any actions that may result in it being considered an underwriter of the shares.

Purchaser understands that as private securities this is a speculative investment with substantial risk that it is willing to undertake even though it may lead to a total write-off of this investment in question.

The PURCHASER further represents that it has had adequate opportunity to obtain any information relevant to the decision to purchase, and has also had adequate opportunity to consult with advisors of their choice.

The PURCHASER agrees to execute the Shareholders Agreement dated ________________ as a condition of this purpose and herein ratifies its total acceptance of that Agreement.

This is the entirety of the agreement between the parties.  Any disputes must be brought in the city of __________ in the state of _______________, and no other.

Dated: ____________________________


_______________________                                      _______________________________

Purchaser                                                                     Seller


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