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BOE-576-B REV. 4 (11-99)


(Prepared by the State Board of Equalization under constitutional and statutory provisions.)



Abatement or Abatement District AC Acre or Acres ADD Addition ADR Appraisal Data Report AGM Area Grading Maintenance District ALA Alameda AMORT Amortization ANX Annex, Annexed or Annexes APC Air Pollution Control AUTH Authority AVE Avenue BA Basic Area, i.e., the original area plus any annexes which have the same tax rate BART San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District BC Basic Components, i.e., components other than those which are shown as segregated components BD Basic Divisions, i.e., divisions other than those which are shown as segregated divisions BLO Bond Levies Only BLVD Boulevard C College or College District CALIF California CC -- Contra Costa CEM Cemetery or Cemetery District CEN Center or Central CITY City or Town COE Central Office Equipment CLMD County Lighting Maintenance District CM Costa Mesa CO County or Company COM Community or Communities COMP Component or Components CONS Conservation or Conservation District CONSOL Consolidated CONTROL Control District COOP Cooperative

Customer Premise Equipment CR Creek Cents CTS CSA County Service Area CWIP Construction Work in Progress CV Chula Vista DBA Doing Business As DEP Depreciation DEV Development DID Drainage Improvement District DIST District or Districts DIV Division or Divisions DR Drive DRAIN Drainage or Drainage District E East or Easterly EDP Electronic Data Processing EL Elsinore Emergency EMER EQUIP Equipment ES Elementary School or Elementary School District ESTN Eastern EX Except or Excluding EXCL Exclusion or Exclusions FAC Facilities FIRE Fire District or Fire Protection District FLOOD Flood Control or Flood Control and Water Conservation District FN Folsom North FRA Fringe Area FT Foot or Feet GARB or GARBAGE Garbage Disposal or Garbage Disposal District GAAP Generally Accepted Accounting Principles GBSG Greater Bakersfield Separation of Grade District GG Garden Grove HBM Humboldt Base and Meridian


Hospital or Hospital District High School or High School District HTS Heights HWY Highway ID Irrigation District ILO Indebtedness Levy Only IMP Improvement or Improvements INC Inclusive INSIDE Within Incorporated Municipalities INT Interest JT Joint LA Los Angeles LIB Library or Library District LIGHT Lighting or Lighting District LMSV La Mesa-Spring Valley LSD Leased LSI Lakeside Irrigation MAINT Maintenance or Maintenance District M&S Materials and Supplies MDBM Mount Diablo Base and Meridian MEM Memorial or Memorial District METRO Metropolitan METRO WATER or MWD Metropolitan Water District of Southern California MID Municipal Improvement District MIN Mineral MISC Miscellaneous MOS Mosquito MT Mount MTN Mountain MUD Municipal Utility District MUN Municipal N North or Northerly NB Newport Beach NO Number or Northern NRD Not a Revenue District as defined in section 122 of the Revenue and Taxation Code HOSP HS


Ordinance or Annex by Ordinance ORIG Original OS Oceanside OUT Outside of Incorporated Municipalities Parcel or Parcels PAR PC Per cent PI Possessory Interest Possessory POSS POLICE Police Protection District PRD Permanent Road Division PRO Protection or Protection District Protective or Protective PROT District PUB Public PUD Public Utility District R Range RCD Resources Conservation District RD Road or Road District RDV Redevelopment or Redevelopment Project Area REC Recreation or Recreation and Parkway REC PARK Recreation, Park and Parkway RECL Reclamation RID Road Improvement District REPL Replenishment RO Rancho RTS Rights RT & DS Refuse Transfer and Disposal System RUR Rural S South or Southerly SAC Sacramento or Sacramento County SAN Sanitary or Sanitary District SANIT Sanitation or Sanitation District SB San Benito S BDO San Bernardino San Bernardino Base and SBBM Meridian

SBI South Bay Irrigation SC Santa Clara SCH or SCHOOL School District SD San Diego San Dieguito Irrigation SDOI SEC Section SER Service or Services SF Square Feet or San Francisco SMD Sewer Maintenance District SO Southern SP Special ST Street SUB Subdivision SUPVR Supervisorial T or TWP Township TEL Telephone TEMP Temporary TERR Territory or Territories TPL Tangible Property List TRA Tax Rate Area TRAN Transit or Transit District TZ Temporary Zone or Tax Assessment Zone U Union UNIF Unified or Unified School District U S MIN RTS Mineral Rights Reserved by the United States Government USOA Uniform System of Accounts VAL Valley VET Veterans W West or Westerly WATER or WAT Water or Water District WSTN Western WWKS Waterworks or Water Works Zone ZN % Per Cent $ Dollars # Number & And