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Order: No Travel With Children

Case Number:

This form is attached to DV-140, Child Custody and Visitation Order. 1 2 Protected person's name: Other parent's name:
* If "Other," specify relationship with child:

Mom Mom

Dad Dad

Other* Other*

The Court Finds:
COURT There is a risk that (name of parent): _________________________ might take the children without permission .. .... .. because that parent: (Check .COUNTYapply) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .: all. that. .OF. . . Index No. a. Has violated -- or threatened to violate -- a custody or visitation order in the past : Calendar No. b. Does not have strong ties to California : c. Has done things that make it easy for him or her to takePlaintiff(s) without permission. He or she has: the child JUDICIAL SUBPOENA (Check all that apply) -against: Quit his or her job Sold his or her home : Closed a bank account Ended a lease : Sold or gotten rid of assets Hidden or destroyed documents Applied for a passport, birth certificate, or school or Defendant(s) medical records: ...................................................... d. Has a history of: (Check all that apply) Domestic violence Child abuse THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK Not cooperating with the other parent in parenting TO Taking the children without permission e. Has a criminal record GREETINGS: f. Has family or emotional ties to another county, state or foreign country Note: If item "f " is checked, atWE COMMAND YOU, that all business and excuses being laid aside, you and each of you attend before least one other item in items a-e must be checked also.

The Court Orders:

The Court makes the These orders are valid in other states and any country that has signed The Hague Convention on The Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction. 4 5

, the Honorable at the Court located at County of in room day ,from , at 20 o'clock the without permission. following orders to ,toon the and give of inas a witness taking the on theinpart of thenoon, and at any recessed prevent the parent children or adjourned date, testify evidence in this action

Post a Bond the party on whose behalf this subpoena was issued for a maximum penalty of $50 and all damages sustained as a The parent in must result of your failure to comply. post a bond for $ __________.
Witness, the Other Parent or Court Order , one of the Justices of the Do Not Move Without Permission ofHonorable Court in County, day of , 20 The parent in must not move with the children without written permission from the other parent or a court order.
(Attorney must sign above and type name below)

Your failure to comply with this subpoena is punishable as a contempt of court and will make you liable to


Do Not Travel Without Permission of the Other Parent or Court Order The parent in must not travel with the children outside: (Check all that apply)
Attorney(s) for This county California The United States Other (specify): __________________________ without written permission of the other parent or a court order.


Notify Other State of Travel Restrictions Office and P.O. Address The parent in must register this order in the state of ____________________ before the children can travel to that state for visits.

This is a Court Order.
Judicial Council of California, New July 1, 2003, Mandatory Form Family Code, 3048; 42 USC 11601 et seq.

Order: No Travel With Children
(Domestic Violence Prevention)

Telephone No.: Facsimile No.: E-Mail Address: Mobile Tel. No.:

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Case Number:

Your name: 8 Turn In and Do Not Apply for Passports or Other Vital Documents The parent in must not apply for passports or other documents (such as visas or birth certificates) that can be used for travel, and must turn in the following documents: _____________________________________________________________________________________ 9 Provide Itinerary and Other Travel Documents The parent in must give the other parent the following before traveling with the children: The children's travel itinerary Copies of round-trip airline tickets Addresses and telephone numbers where the children can be reached An open airline ticket for the other parent in case the children are not returned Other (specify): Notify Foreign Embassy or Consulate of Passport Restrictions The parent in must notify the embassy or consulate of _________________ of this order and provide the court with proof of that notification within _____ calendar days. Foreign Custody and Visitation Order The parent in must get a foreign custody and visitation order equal to the most recent U.S. order before the children can travel to that country for visits. The court recognizes that foreign orders may be changed or enforced depending on the laws of that country. Enforcing the Order The court authorizes any law enforcement officer to enforce this order. In this county, contact the Child Abduction Unit of the Office of the District Attorney at: __________________________________________________________________________________ 13 Other __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________




Notice to Authorities in Other States and Countries This court has jurisdiction to make child custody orders under California's Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act (California Family Code, part 3, 3400 et seq.) and The Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction (42 U.S.C. 11601 et seq.). If jurisdiction is based on other factors, they will be listed in item 13 above.

This is a Court Order.
New July 1, 2003

Order: No Travel With Children
(Domestic Violence Prevention)

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