Free Notice of Conditional Acceptance of Non-Conforming Goods

This Conditional Acceptance of Non-Conforming Goods is in an easy to use letter format. The letter sets out the purchased goods, the reasons they do not conform and conditions for acceptance. This Acceptance of Non-Conforming Goods also gives a date when the goods will be returned if the non-performance conditions are not accepted.

Disclaimer:This was not drafted by an attorney & should not be used as a legal document.


Date: ____________________
To: ______________________
Re: Conditional Acceptance of Non-Confirming Goods
Dear _____________________,
On the _____________ day of ________________, _____, we had placed an order bearing number _________________ for the following goods: __________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ (“Goods”).
The said Goods were found to be non-confirming for the following reasons: _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.
Although the goods are defective, we are accepting the goods on the condition that : _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.
If you do not accept this proposal within ____________ business days from the date of this notice, we will reject the Goods and return them back to you.
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