Free Notice of Rejection of Order

This Notice of Rejection of Order is from a purchaser to the seller and states hat an order is rejected. This notice sets out date of order, goods purchased and purchase price. It also gives the specific reasons for rejection of the order. This Notice of Rejection of Order is in a simple to use letter format.

Disclaimer:This was not drafted by an attorney & should not be used as a legal document.


Date: ______________________
To: ________________________
Re: Rejection of Order
Dear ________________________,
On the ____________ day of ________________________, ________ we had placed an order: Order # ____________________ for delivery of the following goods _________________________ _________________________________________________________. We have made all associated payment in the total amount of $ __________________.
For the following reasons, we are hereby rejecting this order and demand immediate reimbursement of the amount paid by us: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.
If we do not receive a refund within ___________ days from the date of this letter, we reserve the right to take immediate legal action. Also, advise us as to the return of the rejected goods at your expense.
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