Free Employee Anniversary Congratulatory Letter

This Employee Anniversary Letter is sent to an employee to congratulate him or her on the anniversary of employment with the company. This letter commends the employee on their contribution and commitment and extends good wishes and success. This Employee Anniversary Letter is perfect for either a small or large company.

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Date: _________________________
To: ___________________________
Dear ___________________,
We would like to congratulate you for completing successfully _______________ years in our Company. Itís been a very wonderful working experience with you and your contribution and commitment to our organization is commendable.
Your loyalty, dedication and excellent work make the success of our company today. You have been an inspiration to all the team members, and we appreciate your service for so many years. Thank you for your support during both the bad and good times of our Company.
Keep up the good work and we wish you success in the years to come.

Your Name
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