Free Performance Review Form

This Performance Appraisal Evaluation is designed for use by an employer when evaluating an employee’s job performance. This form includes the employee’s name, date of evaluation and job title. It also includes evaluation topics such as cooperation, attendance and punctuality, attitude and job skills. This Performance Appraisal Evaluation can be tailored for either a small or large company.

Disclaimer:This was not drafted by an attorney & should not be used as a legal document.

Performance Appraisal Evaluation Form

Employee Name:________________________ Evaluation Date:____/____/____
Title: __________________________________ Department: _________________________
Report Type: ____________________________ Period: _____________________________

1. Cooperating with coworkers ____
2. Attitude____
3. Adaptability to schedule ____
4. Work extra hours ____

Attendance and Punctuality
1. Promptness ____
2. Attendance record ____
3. Extends when Required ____
4. Days Sick:______
5. Days Tardy:______

1. Sees when something needs to be done and does it ____
2. Seeks help when required ____
3. A self-starter ____
4. Achieves overall goals____
5. Makes practical, workable suggestions ____
6. Commitment to self-improvement ____

1. Finishes all assignments ____
2. Meets targets or deadlines ____
3. Handles obstacles to meet goals ____
4. Adapts to changes as necessary ____
5. Consistent performance ____
6. Personally accountable for actions ____

1. Offers assistance ____
2. Contribution ____
3. Sensitivity and consideration for others' ____
4. Accepts constructive criticism positively ____
5. Shows pride in work ____

1. Demonstrates good judgment____
2. Analyzes decisions____
3. Ability to work under pressure ____

Job Skills
1. Job knowledge ____
2. Skills ____
3. Ideas or technologies ____
4. Other (specify):

1. Oral Communication ____
2. Written Communication

Interpersonal Relationships
1. Positive relationship with management____
2. Positive relationship with other workers ____
3. Is a team player____

Organizational Skills
1. Performs tasks in an organized and efficient manner ____
2. Handles multiple activities simultaneously ____
3. Makes effective use of time (not merely busy) ____


Employee Signature:________________________________

Supervisor Signature:______________________________
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