Free Lay-Off Announcement Letter

This Layoff Announcement Letter is from company management to its employees to announce temporary layoffs. This letter expresses gratitude to the employees for their dedication and also sets forth any company benefits which will continue to be provided. This Layoff Announcement letter can be tailored for either a small or large company.

Disclaimer:This was not drafted by an attorney & should not be used as a legal document.

Layoff Announcement Letter

Date: ___________________

To: _____________________

Dear Employee,
Due to the downslide of our economy the smooth running of our business is been badly hampered. We are afraid to inform that we are left with no other alternative except to announce a temporary lay-off to all of our staff members. We are hoping that you also understand the precarious situation we are passing through.
We would like to express gratitude for all the dedication and hard work that you have put in. we will continue to provide ____________________________ benefits during the layoff period. We will provide you help in finding jobs during the lay off period. We may resume operations in ______________________________.
Thank you for your continued commitment and hard work.

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