Free Poor Attendance Complaint Letter

This Poor Attendance Complaint is from an employer to an employee who has been absent for a number of days. This letter sets out that although employee’s performance is up to par, repeated absences are not acceptable. This Poor Attendance Complaint letter informs the employee that if attendance is not improved, further disciplinary action will be taken.

Disclaimer:This was not drafted by an attorney & should not be used as a legal document.


Date: _______________________
To: _________________________

Dear _______________________,
It has been observed that you have been absent for a period of ___________________ days. Though your work is excellent, your poor attendance record is overshadowing it.
We sympathize for your poor health but our job requires regular attendance. We are facing lot of difficulty in scheduling the work due to frequent absenteeism.
We have already discussed this issue with you on several occasions. Now you must improve your attendance to meet our company policies or else we will have to take further disciplinary action, which may also include termination of your employment.

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