Free Employment Agreement Simple Version

Employment Agreements are used to set out the relationship between the employer and employee. This agreement contains the basic duties of the employee, his or her salary and company benefits. It also sets out the employer's expectations and usually contains non-compete and confidentiality clauses.

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Employment Agreement
 This Employment Agreement ("Agreement") is made effective on ___________, by and between ________________ (“Employee”) and ___________________ (“Employer”).

Employee will primarily perform their job duties at ______________________.

Whereas, Employer desires the services of Employee, and Employee is willing to be employed by Employer, the parties therefore agree as follows:

1. Employment.  Employee shall provide the following general services:  __________________.  Employee accepts and agrees to such employment.

2.   Best efforts of Employee.  Employee agrees to perform faithfully, industriously, and to the best of their ability, experience, and talents, to the reasonable satisfaction of Employer.

3.  Compensation of Employee.  Employee will receive an annual salary of $__________, payable in accordance with Employer’s standard payroll procedures.

4.  Confidentiality.  Employee recognizes the importance of protecting Employer’s intellectual property, trade secrets, and business knowledge.  Employee will not divulge this vital information items ("Information") which are valuable, special and unique assets of Employer.

5.  Term and Termination.  Employee employment under this Agreement shall be for an unspecified term on an "at will" basis.

6.  Compliance with Employer Rules, Policies, and Procedures.   Employee agrees to comply with all of the rules and regulations of Employer.

7.  Return of Property.  Upon termination of this Agreement, Employee shall deliver to Employer all property, which is property or related to Employer's business.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF the parties have executed this Agreement as of the date first written above.

_________________________                                              _______________________

Employee                                                                                Employer




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