Free Termination Letter (For Cause)

This Termination Letter for Cause is from an employer to an employee who is being terminated for a certain cause. This letter sets out the name of the company, the employee and a detailed reason for termination. This Termination Letter for Cause also requests that employee return all company property in his or her possession.

Disclaimer:This was not drafted by an attorney & should not be used as a legal document.


Date: _________________________
To: ___________________________

Dear _________________________,

RE: Termination of Employment
We regret to inform you that effective ____________ day of ___________________, __________ your employment with ______________________ will be terminated for the following reason(s):

We request you to return all the Company’s property, including but not limited to, laptops, PDAs, cell phones, credit cards, printers, documents, files and any other written or electronic Company information.
The HR team is available to discuss with you any questions or concerns you may have. Please contact him/her at your earliest convenience, and he/she will arrange termination matters with you.
I sincerely regret that this action is necessary, and wish you only the best in your future employment endeavors.
Yours truly,
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