Free Referral Incentive Program for Hiring Employees Letter

This Referral Incentive Program is official notice by a company that incentives will be given to employees who refer others for employment with the company. This program sets out the bonus structure for an employee who refers another who is hired and stays a set number of days. This Referral Incentive Program is set out in a letter format and can be used by either a small or large company.

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Referral Incentive Program for Hiring Employees Letter
Date: ____________________

To: ______________________
Dear _______________________,
This is to notify you of a new program initiated by __________________________________. This program will help you, and your friends.
We believe that our organizations most valuable asset is our employees and good employees are hard to find. That is why we need your help. We are looking for bright, energetic people to join our organization. This new program is going to motivate you to refer someone to interview with us. If you know someone who is qualified and is interested in taking a position with our company, refer them. We have openings in the following _______________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________
If the person you refer is hired and stays at least _____________________ days, we will issue a bonus check of $______________ in your name.
Please contact us if you have any suggestions or questions.
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